The flat top makeup brush is ideal for liquid foundation

Applying makeup is a skillful art. So, you need the best tools to achieve the perfect cosmetic makeup. Makeup brushes play a significant role in ensuring that. While we have various makeup brushes to cater to different jobs, the flat top makeup brush is ideal for applying liquid foundation. This article discusses the different categories of flat-top makeup brushes for achieving an airbrushed look and delivering flawless results.

Everything you must know about the flat top makeup brush.

Let us begin by discussing the brush structure before looking at the different types of flat top makeup brushes.

The Flat Makeup Brush – Structure

Synthetic bristles are preferable over animal hair.

As the name suggests, the flat makeup brush has flat bristles. Generally, the best flat top makeup brush manufacturer uses synthetic bristles to produce these makeup tools. First, the advantage of synthetic fibers is they are comparatively less expensive than animal hair. Secondly, synthetic fibers are the most convenient to maintain. Finally, these bristles absorb the correct quantity of liquid makeup product and ensure uniform application across the face.

Metal ferrules add to the sturdiness and stability.

Metal ferrules are always better than plastic because they offer better stability to the brush and hold the bristles tightly. Therefore, flat top makeup brush wholesale buyers prefer metal ferrules. The flat top makeup brush bristles are glued tightly into the metal ferrules to ensure they remain packed and deliver an excellent liquid product application to contour your face beautifully.

Wooden handles look classy and durable.

Makeup brush manufacturers always recommend using wooden handles when using metal ferrules to hold the bristles. While plastic handles are good options, wooden handles are preferable because they are durable and look classy simultaneously. In addition, wooden handles benefit users by offering a better grip and a lower center of gravity than plastic handles.

Other Categories

Traditionally, flat top makeup brushes have wooden handles, metal ferrules, and synthetic bristles. However, the flat top kabuki brush or the makeup brush No. 55 magic foundation brushes differ. So, here are the different types of flat top makeup brushes.

Different types of flat top makeup brushes

Flat top makeup brushes have multiple uses. Therefore, these brushes are available in multiple sizes for different purposes.

Flat top foundation brush

The flat top foundation brush is ideal for applying bronzer, cream, or liquid foundation. Some flat top makeup brushes have angled bristles that help hug the curves and planes of your face to ensure a uniform makeup application. In addition, the flat bristles allow you to apply the liquid product in small, circular motions to reach every corner of your face.

While a dense, rounded brush provides a thick coverage, makeup artists prefer to use the flat top foundation brush to apply lighter foundations. These brushes are also ideal for allying tinted moisturizers. In addition, the flat top makes the application quicker and more comfortable to give you a flawless airbrushed look.

Flat top magic 55 foundation brush

The magic 55 foundation brush is unique for applying blush and loose foundation makeup powder on your face. The soft bristles pick up the perfect quantity of powder and blush to deliver a seamless foundation application. In addition, the flat top bristles hold onto the product, and do not spray them all over your face as you move the brush gently across it.

Flat top kabuki brush

The kabuki brush is another excellent makeup tool for applying liquid and powder foundation equally efficiently. While the rounded kabuki brushes are excellent for powder applications, the liquid or cream foundation requires a flat top kabuki brush. The flat top enables smooth and uniform distribution of the products to deliver fascinating results.

Flat top eyebrow brush

Eyebrow makeup applications require excellent precision. The flat-top eyebrow brush should be perfect for defining your eyebrows beautifully. The flat bristles allow you to sketch thin lines on your eyebrows. Depending on user preferences, these brushes are available with straight or angled bristles. The flat-top eyebrow brushes are slender and light, making them convenient to grip and sketch precise eyebrows and enhance overall beauty.

Flat top concealer brush

The flat top concealer brush is another excellent makeup accessory to have in your makeup kit. This brush is perfect for contouring and concealing the blemishes under your eyes and making your eyes look sparklingly beautiful. This brush has small bristles tightly packed into a metal ferrule to make applying eye concealer around your eyes and nose lines easy. The best aspect of the flat top concealer brush is that it is ideal for liquid, powder, and cream products.

What to look for in a high quality flat top makeup brush

Makeup brushes should be comfortable to grip because it simplifies the application considerably. Users should look for the following features in a flat top makeup brush.

  • The flat top makeup brushes should have soft but firmly packed bristles to enable convenient makeup application. The eyebrow and concealer brushes have firmer bristles to allow for effortless contouring.
  • Metal ferrules and wooden handles make the brush easy to grip because of the perfect center of gravity to lend a beautiful balance, allowing for an excellent makeup application.
  • The best flat top makeup brush manufacturers, like Queen Brush, use high quality synthetic bristles in their products to make these brushes durable and cost-effective.
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