Find out the basic steps to design your makeup brush mockup

The procedures to manufacture makeup brushes have evolved with the boom in the cosmetics industry. If we study the makeup brush history, we will know that the material and procedures were limited. But now we see a long supply chain and sophisticated methods behind makeup brushes production.

There are so many types of makeup brushes that are available in the market. Even we as manufacturers sometimes feel challenged catering to the evolving demands of the end users. Many cosmetic lines and makeup artists introduce regularly new makeup brushes that serve a specific purpose. All that starts with a makeup brush mockup.   

What is a makeup brush mockup?

A makeup brush mockup is a design that visualizes and simulates how your custom makeup brush will look.

The design and packaging industry has evolved a lot. Brands today spend a lot on marketing and branding. It has just become a crucial part of any good marketing strategy.

Also, the design tools have made it possible for us to first create a visual image of an idea before we turn that into reality.

So, a makeup brush mockup is the visual image of the makeup brush that is yet to be produced.

You must have taken mockup exams in school. Mockup exams are a practice for the official examinations. In the same sense, a makeup brush mockup is a practice for the real makeup brush.

A makeup brush mockup defines the length of the makeup brush. It illustrates what would be the length and shape of the bristles, handle, and ferrule. A mockup defines in detail what will be the shape of the makeup brush. On top of all that, a makeup brush mockup details the color scheme of the makeup brush.

Parts of the makeup brush that need to be illustrated in the mockup


Bristles form the most important part of a makeup brush. These are the strands that apply makeup on the skin of the user. Makeup brush bristles can be organic or inorganic. Organic bristles come from animal skin and are expensive. Inorganic or synthetic bristles are used more and are manufactured artificially.

The hair bristles are brown in color but not necessarily. They can be bleached and dyed too for customization requests. On the contrary, more color choices are available for synthetic bristles.

The density and shape of bristles in a makeup brush differ according to the type of brush. The same goes for the length of the bristles.

Bristles make the brush head. The brush head top is flat, round, or angled. In the makeup brush production process, we have molds that shape the bristles according to the set density, length, and shape. For custom requests, we first craft the mold before we start makeup brush production.  

A makeup brush mockup illustrates the shape, density, and length of bristles. For your mockup, you need to keep all these things in mind. However, feel free to reach out to us with your completely unique and novel designs.   


The ferrule is part of the makeup brush that keeps the bristles together. Ferrule protects the makeup brush from splitting.

Ferrules can be metallic – made of nickel, aluminum, copper, and brass. However, there are plastic ferrules too. Some brushes like the Kabuki brush may not have the ferrule at all.  

Ferrule length generally ranges from 4 to 6 cm. When designing a mockup, you will need to keep these things in mind.

Brush handle

The handle is part of the makeup brush a user grips when applying makeup on her face. The brush handle is made of wood. However, there can be plastic-made handles or bamboo sticks too.  

Brush handles can be dyed and are colorful. The length of a typical brush handle is about 9 cm. However, there are great variations related to the brush handle length.  

How to make a makeup brush mockup?

There are so many makeup brushes already available that can serve all of the needs of your customers. However, if you want to be a pioneer and emerge as a brush leader in the cosmetics business, you need to have ideas with a strong vision.

Everything begins with an idea. And there are many designers that you can collaborate with to turn your idea into visual images. You can prepare the mockups yourself too if you know to design.

The tools by which you can prepare the makeup brush mockups come mostly from the Adobe family like Illustrator and Photoshop. However, the tools aren’t limited to them.

The step before you create a digital design is to prepare an outline on paper. It will specify what shape you want and what will be the dimensions of the final product.

Then you have to give that outline a digital shape using design tools. By collaborating with professionals, you can also see a 3D image of your custom makeup brush. You can find some makeup brush mockups here.  

Logo and Branding

You won’t want your makeup brush mockups without your business logo. In fact, you can not only create makeup brush mockups but also design product packages. We recommend you use CMYK colors for your designs. It is because CMYK colors are preferred for use on printed materials.

To cut it short, by preparing makeup brush mockups, you can see how unique your makeup brush will be. And by product packaging design, you can see if you will be able to leverage branding for marketing purposes.

What can we do for you?

We have an in-house team of designers that will listen to your rough idea, and interpret the idea behind your words. You will get a mockup design for your makeup brush within 2 days. If you like to go on with the mockup design, we will prepare the sample within 7 days. Send us an inquiry now and we will be pleased to help your business become a competitive force.    

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