6 reasons behind the shift from goat hair to synthetic hair in makeup brushes

The makeup brush’s quality depends a lot on the quality of its bristles. Animal hair, especially goat and sheep hair, has always been the most favored globally because of its high quality. Luxury brands still prefer animal hair brushes because the makeup effect of good animal hair is excellent. But, they are expensive. So, we also manufacture makeup brushes made of synthetic materials, like nylon wool and artificial fibers. Today, brands generally prefer these fibers because of their low production cost and without substantial change in quality levels.

Therefore, the question on everyone’s mind is, “Why is goat hair used less and synthetic hair used more on makeup brushes?” Let us explore why goat hair makeup brushes are less preferred by buyers globally

1. Scarcity of raw materials

The position was different 30 years back in China as one could find goats and sheep in almost every Chinese home. There were no environmental issues and practically no Greenhouse effect. Therefore, the temperatures used to be lower than what it is today. It resulted in better-quality goat hair. Besides, there was no shortage of healthy goats and sheep. So, the lack of scarcity of animal hair made it cheap and readily available.

However, things have changed over time. Rapid industrialization and technological improvements have led people to abandon animal-rearing activities and take up better-paying jobs. So, it has led to a shortage of goats, sheep, and other animals. In addition, environmental issues have affected temperature levels. The rise in temperature levels has an adverse effect on hair and wool growth in goats and sheep. As a result, the quality has decreased substantially. Besides, it has become challenging to produce goat hair in the required quantities for making makeup brush bristles.

Therefore, the scarcity of raw materials has reduced the manufacture of animal hair brushes. As a result, the prices of high-quality animal makeup brushes have increased substantially.

2. A shift toward synthetic products

Technological improvements have made it feasible to produce synthetic materials like nylon wool and artificial fibers for manufacturing cosmetic brush bristles. Today, synthetic hair is available in plenty as it is manufactured in large quantities. Besides, it has become easy to control its quality, making it convenient to produce excellent quality synthetic hair. In addition, synthetic products are cheaper than high-quality animal wool.

Therefore, the preferences have shifted from natural to synthetically manufactured products. Simultaneously, one can say that synthetic hair can deliver excellent results and equal the performance of animal hair brushes. Therefore, when you have a cheaper and more accessible alternative, it is natural for consumers to choose synthetic hair brushes rather than go for expensive animal hair cosmetic accessories.

So, the general trend for makeup brush brands is to prefer synthetic hair. However, some brands demand animal hair brushes alone, and we cater to their requirements. Nevertheless, cosmetic brushes made from synthetic fibers have a thriving market.

3. Challenges in processing animal hair brushes

Animal hair brushes require high levels of quality control measures. For example, goat hair can have an offensive odor if not appropriately processed. In addition, animal hair undergoes an elaborate processing routine to make cosmetic brushes convenient and comfortable. Therefore, the process becomes expensive, resulting in animal hair brushes costing considerably more than synthetic products.

So, makeup brushes made using synthetic materials are preferred over animal hair products.

4. Increase in Environmental Awareness Levels

Global awareness levels regarding vegan products and cruelty to animals have increased manifold. Though removing goat and sheep hair for making makeup brushes does not amount to cruelty towards these animals, the global perception is different. Today, customers value environmental protection more than the earlier generations. Secondly, people are averse to choosing animal products when comparable synthetic hair brushes are available as a vegan and sustainable option.

It explains why consumers choose the synthetic hair makeup brush option rather than opt for cosmetic products manufactured using animal hair.

5. Comparable Quality at a Much Lower Price

Traditionally, nothing can equal or better the performance of animal hair makeup brushes. Natural hair is softer and makes blending a pleasure. The advantage of natural hair brushes is that they contain cuticles to help them lift and absorb makeup powder pigments easily. Therefore, it allows for seamless application across the face and creates a natural and non-blotchy appearance. In addition, animal hair brushes are excellent for removing excess makeup powder from the face.

On the other hand, high-quality synthetic fibers are equally convenient to apply because they gravitate towards each other, enabling a smooth, precise, and streak-free application. Synthetic fibers are best suited for angled and sharply cut brushes. These brushes are excellent for liquid products, like gel eyeliners, foundations, and cream blush. Synthetic hair brushes do not soak much makeup and become clumpy because they are comparatively less porous than animal hair makeup brushes. Moreover, synthetic fiber brushes come equipped with additional components like peptides, anti-aging collagen, niacin, silk, and antioxidants to ensure a seamless and smooth application.

Our synthetic hair brushes are made with great care and have high-quality bristles that mimic goat hair. So, consumers get comparable quality at substantially lower prices.

6. Benefits of Synthetic Fiber Vs. Natural Animal Hair

While elite brush brands still prefer animal hair brushes, makeup accessories made from high-quality synthetic fibers are available without much noticeable change in quality. Here are the benefits of synthetic fiber versus animal hair that should explain why goat hair is less used than synthetic hair for making makeup brushes.

  1. Vegan consciousness – Our animal hair brush-making process does not involve any cruelty towards animals. However, if you are concerned about animal welfare and prefer vegan options, our synthetic hair makeup brushes should be the safest choice.
  2. Allergy-free – Many people can be allergic to animal hair products. So, synthetic fibers are the ideal alternative.
  3. Easy to maintain – Synthetic fibers are comparatively easier to clean than animal hair because of less bacterial buildup. Besides, synthetic hair dries faster than animal hair.
  4. Best for cream-based makeup – Our synthetic brushes do not have cuticles or pores on the fibers, making them the best option for use with cream-based makeup products.
  5. No loose fibers – Our products made with synthetic fibers are compact and do not leave any loose hair on the skin after the makeup application.
  6. Affordability – Finally, our cosmetic makeup products, made using synthetic fibers and nylon wool, are considerably less expensive than the corresponding animal hair products. However, we never compromise on the quality aspect under any circumstances.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed why goat hair is less used than synthetic materials for manufacturing makeup brushes. However, we consider our animal hair brushes to be of the highest quality. But, the trend is gravitating toward synthetic hair brushes. Quality-wise, they are nearly equal to animal hair brushes. So, Pricing and Utility-wise, synthetic fiber brushes are in higher demand.

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