Makeup brush mermaid and unicorn makeup brushes – Unique and beautiful

Having cosmetic makeup is an exciting activity that makes you look beautiful and enchanting. Why should you use old-fashioned makeup brushes when you have exciting makeup products to enhance your beauty? So, people’s tastes are changing today, with almost everyone preferring to purchase attractive-looking makeup brushes and accessories to make their cosmetic procedures exciting. We shall discuss two high-quality makeup brushes, a) mermaid makeup brush and b) unicorn makeup brushes, in this blog.

What are mermaid makeup brushes?

Everyone knows what a mermaid looks like. A mermaid is a mythical character, with the upper half of the body as a beautiful woman and the bottom half as a fish. Mermaids have always caught the attention of beauty lovers because of the character’s mysticism. Something about the mermaid makes it a fascinating mythical character in the universe.

Mermaid brushes get their name because these makeup accessories have handles shaped like the mermaid’s body. The scaly appearance with the beautiful tail fin makes these mermaid makeup brushes bewitching. Besides, the manufacturers color these brush handles seductively to enhance the oomph factor by several notches.

Mermaid Makeup Brushes – The enchanting structure

Mermaid makeup brushes are available in almost all categories, from foundation to powder brushes and eyeshadow blending brush to lip brushes. Usually, these accessories have plastic handles because molding plastic into any desired shape is comparatively convenient. On the other hand, it is not possible with a wooden or a bamboo handle because it can result in wasting a lot of raw materials.

The handles have scale designs, as seen on the mermaid’s body. The tail is shaped beautifully and gets a different color to stand out as the most attractive part of the brush. These brushes have metal ferrules to hold the synthetic hair fibers. While most manufacturers use synthetic hair, some might use mixed hair. But since most people prefer synthetic to animal hair today, manufacturers use synthetic hair more.

Mermaid Makeup Brushes – Soft and beautiful

Manufacturers make these brush bristles smooth and soft to suit all skin types. In addition, these non-shedding fibers are odor free and ideal for applying all kinds of makeup products, including creams, liquids, and powder. Usually, these brushes have multi-colored bristles, with the tips having colors matching the handles.  

These brushes are available in various sizes and serve multiple purposes. The elegant fish tail-shaped handle makes it perfect for gripping. Besides, it enhances the attractiveness quotient. The scale design on the handles adds to the brush’s utility and beauty. Metal ferrules are perfect because they are sturdier than plastic ferrules. They hold the bristles better and do not allow them to shed.

So we have seen how beautiful these mermaid makeup brushes are. Let’s discuss the unicorn makeup brushes now.

What are unicorn makeup brushes?

Similar to the mermaid, the unicorn is a mythical character. However, while the mermaid symbolizes beauty, the unicorn signifies strength. A unicorn is a unique mythical horse-like animal with a long horn protruding from its forehead. This horn symbolizes the unicorn and makes it look amazing.

Makeup brush manufacturers have taken inspiration from the unicorn’s horn and designed special makeup brushes. These brushes have handles in the shape of a unicorn’s horn. Queen Brush can manufacture all the unicorn makeup brushes in this market.

A similar unicorn makeup brush is in this link:https://queenbrush.com/product/qb-ms0611a/

The Unicorn Makeup Brushes – The Structure

The unicorn makeup brushes stand out from other makeup brush designs because of the unique handle design. The handles have a twisted design that looks enchanting and feels beautiful to grip. The unicorn has a similar twisted horn design.

Manufacturers use plastic to design these beautifully twisted handles. It is impossible in a wooden handle because creating the twisted design requires special skills that could make these brushes expensive. However, plastic is advantageous because the only thing you create is mold. Once the twisted design is ready, you can manufacture as many plastic handles as you want without incurring any additional cost.

Unicorn makeup brushes also have synthetic hair, like mermaid brushes, because more people nowadays prefer synthetic to animal hair. But, manufacturers can arrange for mixed hair brushes if the buyer informs them in advance.

The unicorn makeup brushes look beautiful because of their tapered handles with twists and turns that make them comfortable to grip. In addition, the metal ferrules are perfect for holding the synthetic bristles and preventing them from shedding.

The most exciting aspect of these unicorn brushes is that they are available in multiple colors. Besides, they are also available in all categories.

A welcome change

Using the same traditional makeup brushes can be boring. So, manufacturers like to invent new ideas to make them more attractive. Designing cute-looking brush handles like a mermaid’s body or a unicorn’s horn enhances excitement, especially among the younger population. So, these mermaid and unicorn makeup brushes are the trends worldwide.

Another advantage of these brushes is they are light to carry and comfortable to use. These makeup brushes can be perfect travel companions because users can take them anywhere they go. Secondly, cleaning these makeup accessories is never an issue. The synthetic bristles are the most comfortable to maintain.

The plastic handles make it easy to clean. On the other hand, water on wooden handles can make them soggy and attract mold and fungus if not dried properly.   

An exciting gifting option

Finally, these attractive-looking mermaid and unicorn makeup brushes are perfect gift items. These makeup accessories are generally available in packs of 10 or 11 brushes, one each from every category.

Wrap it up

We have discussed mermaid and unicorn brushes in detail. Queen Brush manufactures these brushes, and interested buyers can order their consignments wholesale. However, we would love them to specify the color they prefer on the handles and bristles. Accordingly, we can arrange to manufacture the accessories and ship them to the destination.

So, if you are looking forward to bringing back the excitement to your makeup procedures, mermaid and unicorn brushes should be your ideal choice. These brushes are indeed beautiful and simultaneously serve their purpose.    

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