Why you should add makeup brush drying racks to your stock

The hunt for products that meet the customers’ demands is endless. There are market trends, customer demands, and above all eagle-eyed competitors. Only those with a proactive approach toward business survive in the cut-throat market. This is especially when you operate in the cosmetics industry.

We will discuss in this blog what a makeup brush drying rack is and why you need to add this to your inventory. We will also explore the branding and marketing opportunities associated with these makeup brush drying racks that can put you ahead of your competitors.  

What is a makeup brush drying rack?

The makeup brush drying rack is where the makeup brush users hang the brushes for drying. You may have listened to the term “rack” used for the shoe rack. Shoe racks provide support to shoes so that they are organized. Makeup brush drying racks do the same for makeup brushes but only when the brushes are to be dried.

The makeup brush drying rack is usually made of acrylic plastic that resembles glass. There can be two or more sheets for one drying rack. This makes the makeup brush drying rack portable and easy to carry. The user can assemble and organize the sheets when she is to dry the brushes in the rack.

The sheet in which the users hang makeup brushes for drying has pores in it. It also has an additional rubber layer that firmly holds the brushes. Other sheets act as a stand for the main sheet. The makeup brush drying rack comes in different sizes that suit the different needs of the customers.  

There is a whole process for washing and drying makeup brushes. Sophisticated users wash and disinfect their brushes regularly, almost once every two weeks. And they ultimately need these makeup brush drying racks. So, there is demand.

Why do customers ask for a makeup brush drying rack?

makeup brush drying rack

There has been a lot of awareness about using makeup tools recently. The users of today are super cautious and well-informed thanks to the fast methods of communication. Those who update makeup tool kits and accessories care for the hygiene of that tools the same way.

The washing and disinfection process for makeup brushes might be of little interest to you as a wholesale buyer. But we do feel a need to describe the process briefly so that we can know our customer nature and requirements.  

For makeup brush washing, the user fills a container with lukewarm water and adds baby soap or some shampoo to it. She then soaks all her brushes into that container. Once the strains on the brushes are absorbed into the water, she rinses the brushes under the tap. She ultimately requires a makeup brush drying rack for two reasons.

First, the makeup brush drying rack help brushes dry quickly and in an organized manner. Second, and more important, drying makeup brushes using a rack won’t let bristles fall off or deform their shape.

The user can hang makeup brushes either upside down or downside up. It depends on her preferences. But most prefer to go with upside down. The ferrule enters first the pores of the rack. Bristles just don’t come in touch with the pores. The rubber firmly holds the brushes.

So, it is clear that the customer needs the makeup drying rack. And she will demand it from you as per her needs. Some customers don’t have a large collection of makeup brushes and a rack with 12 pores work for them. Some racks have 26 pores. Professional beauticians will demand even bigger racks.  

Should you add makeup brush drying racks to your stock?

There has been a demand for makeup brush drying racks. And you can give it a try for sure. However, it is all up to you. You have come a long way hunting for a product that suits your customers. No one can have a better understanding of your customers.

Anyways, there are other benefits of adding these racks to your stock. You can stamp your business logo onto custom makeup brush drying racks. It will increase your branding. Having branded makeup brushes, makeup brush organizers, and makeup brush drying racks in your stock can put you ahead of your competitors.

There is also an option for you to sell your products in collections. And makeup brush drying racks can be a welcome addition to your collection package. It must not imply that makeup brush drying racks can’t be sold independently. We can provide you with makeup brush drying racks of different sizes with your business logo.

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What we can do for you?

We are a qualified makeup brush manufacturer and deal with other cosmetic accessories. We offer highly personalized products to our business partners. Feel free to reach out to us for any of your suggestions or inquiries. Nothing pleases us more than turning your intuitive ideas into reality!

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