How do we make sure that the bristles don’t lose or fall out of makeup brushes

Usually, there are a lot of procedures and a long supply chain behind every manufactured product that the customers don’t know. This is why they don’t know the limitations of a product they use. Some of your customers might have complained to you about loose and falling bristles.

They may be right on occasion and cheap quality makeup brushes do annoy customers. However, there could be some issues that relate to the material of the bristles. Manufacturers are not the ones who are always to be pointed fingers at.     

We will discuss in this blog how we make sure that our makeup brushes bristles don’t get loose and shed away. We will then discuss how and why synthetic fiber bristles are better than natural hair bristles as far as their shedding is concerned.

For that, we will need to look at the makeup brush manufacturing process briefly.

Makeup brush manufacturing process    

The bristles are either synthetic or natural. Synthetic bristles are manufactured and usually procured from vendors. Natural bristles come from the skin of certain animals. The animals are generally goats, sables, pony. Both types of bristles are good and it depends on the needs of the customer which one she chooses.

The handle of the brush can be wooden or plastic made. The wood is usually dyed and colorful. This is the area where a brand logo is stamped.

The third part of a makeup brush is a metallic ferrule. The metal can be nickel, copper, aluminum, or iron. Sometimes it is plastic-made too.      

So, these are the materials that makeup brush manufacturers need. The bristles are grouped together as per the size of the brush and then glued in the ferrule. This ferrule then combines with the makeup handle. Some procedures in this process are automated and some require human intervention and labor.

The fact that bristles will fall out of the makeup brush or not depends on the quality of the glue that sticks the lower tip of grouped bristles to the ferrule. It also depends on how the glue is applied.

How do we make sure the adhesion of the bristles to the ferrule is perfect?

We apply hot glue for that. A glue stick is electrified and melted which then forms a highly adhesive glue.

A group of synthetic bristles cut and straightened as per the size of the brush to be made is inserted into the ferrule. (Goat hair bristles won’t be straightened and we just cut them as per the required sizes). The lower tip of the bristles usually reaches a certain point of the ferrule and the rest of the ferrule part remains vacant. This vacant part is then filled with hot glue and dried up.

On drying, the lower tip of the bristles sticks perfectly to the ferrule. We make sure that bristles are packed closely and are not loose through our quality assurance tests.

For goat hair makeup brushes there are some extra tasks for us. We don’t want goat hair bristles to fall out of a makeup brush when it is in the hands of our end customer. So, to make sure only healthy goat hair remains in the makeup brushes, we rotate them using a machine until they shed away all the existing broken hair.    

But still, there are some limitations that you must be informed of. Synthetic fiber makeup brushes are better as their bristles don’t fall out when compared to natural hair makeup brushes. This is when the glue is applied as per the manufacturing standards.   

Why are synthetic makeup brushes better?

Synthetic fibers can be polyesters, nylon, or other material that mimics natural hair. Synthetic fiber makeup brushes are a cheap alternative to natural hair makeup brushes. These are even better in many cases.

The goat hair makeup brushes are prone to shedding. Natural hair makeup brushes also don’t retain their shape. Natural hair has a cuticle that makes the hair pick up the powder and pigments. The same cuticle also picks bacteria that reach the inner bristles. The bacteria don’t go away even after washing. Moreover, natural hair soaks water and liquids. That is why cream and liquid makeup can’t be applied with natural hair makeup brushes.

Synthetic fiber supply chains don’t hurt the ecosystem. Synthetic fiber makeup brushes are vegan and cruelty-free products in addition to being inexpensive when compared to hair makeup brushes.   

Then why do we still need hair makeup brushes?

Natural hair makeup brushes are expensive but still, they have their own consumer base. As each type of brush has unique features, natural hair makeup brushes also have some features that attract customers.  

The unique features that natural hair makeup brushes possess depend on the source from where they are obtained.  Goat hair is soft and can be fluffy. The brushes that artists use usually have goat bristles as they apply the paint precisely. Makeup artists use makeup brushes that have goat hair as they are better for precision work.   

One characteristic that all natural hair share is it has a cuticle. Cuticle makes hair porous. That means that the natural hair absorbs the powdered makeup and applies it evenly on the face. In this sense, natural hair makeup brushes are considered better. However, preferences matter at the end of the day.

Where does QueenBrush Come in?

We offer many products to our business partners that are personalized to their needs and preferences. Our quality assurance team does well through multiple quality checks to enable us to come up with the best we can offer. But please be mindful that goat hair bristles fall out in certain cases! Please send us an inquiry now, we can provide a free sample.

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