How to buy makeup brush sets wholesale

Users can buy a single makeup brush. They can also buy makeup brush sets. Manufacturers and retailers are bound to cater to their needs so they buy makeup brush sets wholesale.

A makeup brush set is a kit that includes all the essential makeup brushes in a single makeup brush package. There is no certain amount of makeup brushes that a makeup brush set must contain. There can be many and of different types and sizes.

On Amazon, Ulta Beauty, Sephora, or any other retail store, you may see different makeup brush sets. Some makeup brush sets would contain 8 pieces, some would contain 14, and some would have even more than 30 pieces. That implies brands and sellers customize makeup brush sets as per their customers’ preferences.

In this article, we will discuss some basic makeup brushes that are essential to a makeup brush set. We will then discuss how you can personalize makeup brush sets and what role we could play for you.  

Makeup brushes that are essential to the makeup brush set

The makeup brush market is not a small one. There are hundreds of makeup brushes available in the market. There is a separate makeup brush for a specific purpose.

It is no wonder that there isn’t any authority that defines the makeup brush shape, dimension, and size. These are makeup artists, beauticians, customers, and entrepreneurs that do the designing work to introduce their makeup brushes in the market.

Same way, the brands, and sellers identify how many and what makeup brushes are to be collected in a makeup brush set. But still, there are some makeup brushes that a makeup brush set can’t afford to miss.

Foundation brush

Foundation brush, as the name suggests, applies foundation makeup. A foundation brush is helpful for liquid and gel foundations and gives a lighter coverage as compared to other foundation makeup brushes.

Kabuki brush

Kabuki brush is a foundation brush. Its bristles are dense and fluffy. Kabuki brush gives full coverage. Historically, Kabuki theater actors in 17th century Japan would use Kabuki brushes for applying makeup.

Foundation powder brush

A Foundation powder brush is good for powder foundations. It gives lighter coverage when compared to the Kabuki brush. Anyway, it is also a foundation brush.

Stippling brush

The stippling brush has dual bristles. What this means is that a stippling brush has two sets of bristles that have different lengths. That makes a stippling brush unique.

Concealer brush

The concealer brush is a unique makeup brush that hides blemishes and dark spots from the skin. Hence, it is also a must-have makeup brush.

Fan brush

The fan brush makes sure of the uniform application of makeup across the face and applies the highlighter. It gives a perfect airbrushed look to the user.  

Contour brush

A contour brush is a unique makeup tool. The contour brush has an angled brush head. A user achieves defined cheekbones and facial structure through a contour brush.

Blush brush

A blush brush applies the blusher and makes sure the makeup is uniform and seamlessly distributed.

Eyeshadow brush

Till yet, we have been discussing face makeup brushes. Eyeshadow brush is the first eye brush that we are going to discuss. Eyeshadow brush applies makeup to the eyelid and adds to the beauty of the user.

Eyeliner brush

The eyeliner brush is a thin makeup brush and is used for precision work.

Brow brush

The makeup procedure is incomplete without defining eyebrows. A brow brush is exactly used for that purpose.

The things you need to know before buying makeup brush sets wholesale

You needn’t copy other brands’ makeup brush sets collection. If you are a makeup artist or have some related ideas, that will be a big plus.

It will be always better for you to do homework and research to finalize what makeup brushes you want to include in your custom makeup brush set. You can also check our pro makeup brush sets here. In that case, you will only need to send us your brand logo. We have defined everything else in detail.

Anyhow, for your custom makeup brush sets you have to define many things for suppliers. Let us discuss what those things could be.


Bristles make the head knot of a makeup brush. The bristles can be goat hair or synthetic fibers. Hair makeup brushes are expensive. Synthetic makeup brushes are mostly preferred. For your makeup brush set, you have to define whether you would want hair bristles or synthetic bristles.   


The ferrule is the part that holds the makeup brush handle and bristles together. The material for ferrule can be aluminum, copper, brass, and plastic too in some cases. You need to define the ferrule material to the suppliers.


The handle is the third part of a makeup brush. It is where the logo is stamped. The handles are wooden but can be plastic-made too. You need to define handle material to the suppliers.

Makeup brushes dimensions and color scheme

Once you know what makeup brushes you want to include in your custom makeup brush sets and have figured out the materials for your makeup brushes, the next thing is to define makeup brush dimensions and color scheme.

You can also ask our professionals to help you design the makeup brush mockups for brushes to be included in the custom kit.   

Packaging and branding

Makeup brush sets wholesale order requires you to define what makeup brush package you will want. There can be PU bags, leather bags, or metal boxes. So, you need to tell the suppliers what kind of packaging you want for your makeup brush sets. The packaging helps you brand your business a great deal.

Request For Quote

It is convenient for the suppliers to send you a quotation when the requirements are clear. You can request suppliers to quote the price with your clear requirements. After vetting the supplier’s profile and seeing the samples meet your criteria, you can place the order.

What we can do for you

We are a Shenzhen-based qualified makeup brush manufacturer and export private-label makeup brushes across the globe. You may download our catalog to see the exciting range of products we offer to our B2B buyers. Also, you can send us an inquiry right now for your custom order.

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