How to buy luxury handmade makeup brushes wholesale

Making makeup brushes can be complex. A makeup brush user usually does not know what skill, labor, and machinery are behind the product. Though the automation processes have made the job relatively easier for makeup brush manufacturers, human intervention and skill are crucial for each makeup brush.

Making handmade brushes is pure art. The use of machines is minimal in that case. Craftsmen and craftswomen spend substantial time learning the craft. Handmade makeup brushes reflect their passion, hard work, and commitment to the craft.

In this blog, we will learn what luxury handmade makeup brushes are and how they are made. We will also discuss what you need to define to suppliers for your handmade makeup brushes wholesale order.

What luxury handmade makeup brushes are

Luxury handmade makeup brushes are high-quality makeup brushes that are typically made with expensive materials and attention to detail. They are often made with natural fibers such as sable, goat, or squirrel hair, and may have handles made of materials like wood or acrylic.

Luxury handmade makeup brushes are typically more expensive than regular makeup brushes, but they are also generally of a higher quality and may last longer.

Craftsmen and craftswomen through their skillful hands make hair knots as per the makeup brush molds. It is natural for these brushes to be expensive because of the high-quality material and skilled labor wages.   

Luxury makeup brushes are often used by makeup artists and enthusiasts for their precision, durability, and ability to apply makeup smoothly and evenly. However, they may require extreme care.

How handmade makeup brushes are made

To be honest, not everything is handmade in handmade makeup brushes. We do not want our readers to have a misleading understanding of the manufacturing process for handmade makeup brushes.

The handles and ferrules are made using automated processes. For luxury handmade makeup brushes the handle is wooden. The handle is dyed as per the color scheme. And usually, there are multiple layers of coating for luxury makeup brushes.

The ferrule is a part of the makeup brush that holds bristles and handle together. For luxury handmade makeup brushes the ferrule is aluminum, copper, nickel, or brass in material. (Please note that aluminum offers a wide range of color choices)

The actual task done by hand for handmade makeup brushes is making hair knot. The brush makers group the bristles for a makeup brush as per the given dimension, length, size, and density. This group of bristles is called a hair knot. And making a hair knot is not an easy task.  

For luxury handmade makeup brushes the bristles are natural. There are many types of bristles and each bristle type behaves differently. We are not passing any verdict, but goat hair bristles are mostly preferred.

Now that we have seen what luxury handmade makeup brushes are and what materials we require for them, let’s discuss the process step by step.

  • The brush makers prepare the molds as per the requirement. The mold defines the density, length, shape, and size of bristles.
  • The brush makers then start grouping the bristles for hair knots and weigh each hair knot. They also tie strings to each group of bristles (hair knot) so that bristles don’t scatter.   
  • Each hair knot is trimmed and set using hand tools such as scissors, tweezers, and others.
  • The ferrule is what holds bristles and handle together. It is a hollow tube that has two open sides, one for the hair knot and one for the handle. The brush makers then put the hair knot into the ferrule and remove the bristles that are weak or not in uniformity.
  • The adhesive glue is applied to the ferrule tube from the other side that is yet open.
  • When the glue has been dried, the brush makers confirm that all bristles are properly glued. They do so by removing the unattached bristles.
  • Lastly, the brush makers stick the handle too in the ferrule.  
  • It’s time for logo stamping and quality inspection. And there can be many methods for logo stamping. 

What you need to define for luxury handmade makeup brushes wholesale

1- Bristles material

You have to define the material of the bristles. Luxury handmade makeup brushes usually have natural bristles. These bristles have natural color. So, the color choices are few. However, we can dye the natural bristles but it can cause the brushes to lose their quality.

2- Ferrule material

Before requesting a quote, you need to specify the ferrule material. The ferrule can be copper, aluminum, nickel, stainless steel, or brass in the material.

3- Handle material

The handle is mostly wooden for luxury handmade makeup brushes.

4- Makeup brush customization

You need to specify to the suppliers about your makeup brush customization. You have to define your makeup brush dimension and color scheme to the suppliers. It will be better if you send them a makeup brush mockup. Also, there is an option for you to request a quote for handmade makeup brushes set.

5- Packaging and label design

You also need to define how you want your products to be packaged. The packaging gives an opportunity to brand a business well. So, tell the suppliers about your packaging needs. And send them your label designs too.

6- Quantity

The suppliers will definitely want you to tell them the quantity in which you need handmade makeup brushes.

Request for Quote

The process becomes smooth when buyers know what their ideal products look like. With clear requirements in your mind, you can approach the makeup brush suppliers and request them to quote a price for your order.

Suppliers profile vetting

It is obvious suppliers make or break the business. You need to be particular in choosing your partners. Make sure they possess the related certifications and they have state-of-the-art production facilities with a robust supply chain.

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