Are all makeup brushes cruelty-free and vegan?

Consumers have become consciously aware today. They are particular about the ingredients that go into manufacturing the products they buy. The world has seen movements where people boycott animal fur products because manufacturing involves subjecting animals to cruelty. When you do not wear animal fur products, is it proper to use products containing the same fur to apply makeup to your face? So, consumers ask these questions when purchasing makeup brushes.

  1. Are makeup brushes vegan?
  2. Are makeup brushes cruelty-free?

This article discusses these aspects and suggests the best alternatives for makeup brushes containing animal fur.

Vegan makeup brushes vs. Cruelty-free brushes

Before we proceed further, let us define cruelty-free and vegan straight and understand the difference between these two commonly used terms.

Generally, cruelty-free refers to the process of animal testing. So, if a specific product has not been tested on animals during production or at any other time, it is considered cruelty-free. However, the true definition extends much beyond this concept.

Makeup brushes made from animal hair are not necessarily tested on animals. So, does this make them cruelty-free? There is a divided opinion on this matter. Much depends on how the hair is obtained from animals.   

Generally, manufacturers do not obtain animal hair by themselves. Instead, they procure it from third parties over whom manufacturers cannot control. Though they certify getting hair by gentle means, it is not easily verifiable. So, one cannot guarantee that the product is strictly cruelty-free.

On the other hand, vegan refers to the ingredients that go into manufacturing the product. So, a makeup brush made from animal hair might be cruelty-free, but it is not vegan. So, a vegan brush does not use animal products, including hair, in its manufacturing process.

So, are makeup brushes cruelty-free?

It is a very controversial subject, and it can be challenging to draw a line. Many manufacturers claim that they obtain their animal hair requirements without harming animals. They compare it to animals getting a haircut. However, it is a grey area. So, let us see why natural animal hair makeup brushes are not necessarily cruelty-free.

  • Usually, these brushes are manufactured in countries with lenient or no animal welfare regulations.
  • Besides, there is no regulatory authority protecting fur-bearing animals from being poached for their hair.
  • A significant fact is that most makeup brush manufacturers do not know how and from where their third-party vendors source animal hair.
  • Animal haircut is a polished term. Usually, force is necessary to obtain animal hair. Therefore, it amounts to cruelty.
  • Finally, we should remember that animals do not give us hair, but we take it from them.

So, the popular opinion is that cruelty-free is a vague term. Therefore, one should go for vegan makeup brush options. Consequently, the top-rated manufacturers concentrate on synthetic possibilities and do not encourage animal hair products.

Can makeup brushes be vegan?

Yes. Makeup brushes can be vegan. We have discussed the vegan definition earlier in this article. So, any makeup brush that does not use animal products at any stage of its production is vegan.

Earlier, animal hair was the primary source of raw materials for manufacturing makeup brushes. Fortunately, high-quality synthetic fibers are available today to provide a viable alternative to animal hair. Let us compare animal hair with synthetic fibers to understand why switching to synthetic is an excellent choice.

Synthetic Fibers – A Better Option

Synthetic hair constitutes 100% artificial fibers like polyester and nylon. The advantages of synthetic fibers over animal hair are as follows.

  1. Natural hairs have cuticles, whereas synthetic fibers do not. Therefore, synthetic bristles are soft and smooth. The fluffiness allows them to pick up less product than animal hair. So, they ensure smooth makeup application without wasting the product.
  2. Another advantage of synthetic fibers is that they are ideal for all products, including powders, creams, and liquids. Natural hair is best suited for powder products. However, they do not deliver comparable results with liquids and creams.
  3. Makeup products tend to stick more to natural hair than synthetic fibers. So, cleaning natural hair brushes is comparatively challenging. On the other hand, synthetic fibers do not react with most solvents and dry faster than animal hair. So, it is a better hygienic option than animal hair brushes.
  4. Compared to animal hair, synthetic fibers tend to be firmer. However, modern technology enables the manufacturing of more flexible versions.
  5. Animal hair brushes carry an element of risk because they can carry disease-causing germs and bacteria from sick animals. However, manufacturers follow stringent sterilization processes to eliminate bacteria at the initial stage. Synthetic brushes do not have any such issues.
  6. Compared to animal hair brushes, synthetic bristles are hypoallergenic. They do not cause allergic skin reactions as frequently as animal hair brushes. Besides, synthetic fibers shed less and are more durable.
  7. Finally, animal hair brushes involve cruelty to animals in some form or the other. Again, synthetic fibers provide the best alternative that does not require users to feel guilty about harming animals.

Options we offer

Queen Brush offers an excellent range of vegan makeup brushes. Buyers can customize their requirements by detailing their preferences for vegan products. Accordingly, we procure synthetic hair for the bristles. We guarantee not to use animal hair on such makeup accessories. Almost all our brushes contain synthetic fibers and qualify as vegan products.

However, we also offer animal hair brushes provided the buyer orders explicitly the same. We have reliable sources who offer high-quality animal hair without subjecting the animals to any form of cruelty.

Wrap it up

We understand our buyer’s requirements and concerns about animal cruelty and the need to switch to synthetic fibers. Our synthetic hair makeup brushes range is hygienically better than animal hair products. Besides, they are reliable and last longer. So, buyers can specify their requirements in advance, emphasizing their preference for vegan products. We guarantee there will be no animal hair in these products. Therefore, if you look forward to purchasing vegan brushes, Queen Brush is a good choice.    

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