All you need to know about private label makeup brushes

Many entrepreneurs don’t want to put their money into setting up a manufacturing plant to produce a product they would like to introduce to the market. It is more convenient for them to approach a third-party supplier, and share their ideas. The suppliers produce custom products in their facilities. The products are called white label products.     

If you plan to start a makeup brush business, or already run one, you would want to learn in detail about private label makeup brushes, where to find private label makeup brushes suppliers, and how to audit private label products.

Today, we will be covering all that. And we will also let you know how we offer our production facilities for your private label makeup brushes.

What are private label makeup brushes?

Private label makeup brushes are personalized makeup brushes for a specific retailer’s brand. The third-party suppliers produce custom makeup brushes as per the retailer’s requirements. The products include the retailer’s brand logo and packaging as per the retailer’s brand.

What are white label makeup brushes?

White label makeup brushes are generic makeup brushes that a retailer buys in bulk. What he or she does is rebrand them and sell under their business name. The retailer has a choice of whether he or she wants private label makeup brushes or white label makeup brushes.

Benefits of private label makeup brushes

Private label makeup brushes have certain advantages for your business.

As private label makeup brushes are manufactured by third-party suppliers, you save the huge fixed costs that would otherwise incur setting up a manufacturing plant.

By choosing to go with private label makeup brushes you can offer your customers great variety as you won’t be messing yourself with unnecessary production-related tasks.

With private label makeup brushes, you retain control over your brand. You set prices and make the decisions. Moreover, the makeup brushes are sold under your brand name. It gives you enough space to brand your business with your logo and packaging.

Profit margins are high with private label makeup brushes. Suppose, you were a retailer of a good national brand. You would not have control over the product and margins would be fixed. With this option, you set up prices and have full control. You are the master of the sea!

What can be the risks with private label makeup brushes

The first and foremost risk attached to private label makeup brushes is contacting the wrong suppliers. And, also make sure that you contact suppliers, not traders. Traders don’t have production facilities and they work on commission. Doing business with traders can increase your unit cost.

The makeup brushes come in direct contact with the skin. Just like other cosmetics products, makeup brushes have to comply with safety standards and local regulations. Private label makeup brushes from the wrong or uncertified suppliers may not get the clearance.

Without a sound understanding of your customers’ preferences, your private label makeup brushes could end up as dead inventory. It means you have been unable to sell them. It also implies you didn’t market your product well. In any case, it hurts the business.

The suppliers usually have an MOQ (minimum order quantity). The MOQ can be a high figure for you, especially if you are new to the business.

There is another risk with private label makeup brushes that we want to discuss with our readers. Suppose, you scaled your business. What if the production capacity of the manufacturers doesn’t meet your scaling of the business? This can also hurt your makeup brush line.

How to find private label makeup brush suppliers

The traditional method of finding makeup brush suppliers is searching for them on Alibaba. The payment methods are protected. Moreover, Alibaba audits the production of its gold members and gives clearance. So, there is a sense of security. But there can be a high-cost factor attached both for B2B manufacturers and buyers.  

The other way to find private label makeup brush suppliers is to search for them online and contact them directly. There could be risks though. You need to vet the suppliers’ profiles with dedication. Because it is the most important.

There are certain makeup brush certifications that they must possess. Their supply chain must be clean. You can also tour the factory to know about the production facility. Vetting the manufacturers’ profiles is worth it.  

How to get private label makeup brushes for your cosmetics line

You need to have a makeup brush mockup for ordering private label makeup brushes.

That makeup brush mockup design must specify the length and dimensions of the makeup brush. In addition, the mockup must also detail the characteristics of the makeup brush individual parts: bristles, ferrule, and handle.  

The brand logo is stamped on the makeup brush handle. The mockup must contain the logo. And if you want the packaging too, you have to specify it to the suppliers.

After sending the detailed requirements, ask the suppliers for samples. Once you know that the sample meets your requirements, you can order the private label makeup brushes in bulk immediately.

What do we have to offer?

We are a leading certified private label makeup brush manufacturer. We specialize in both design and craftsmanship. This implies we possess all the abilities to convert ideas into reality. Send us an inquiry right now about your next makeup brush design. Let us help you form a competitive force in the market!

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