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Your eyes make you look attractive. So, beautifying your eyes is an essential routine of your makeup procedure. Therefore, every makeup kit has the maximum number of eye brushes, of which the mascara wand has special significance. The mascara wand helps create the perfect eyelashes to enhance your overall beauty quotient to the next level. Hence, makeup accessories vendors order mascara wands in bulk.

Similarly, lip gloss brushes help spread lip gloss over your lips evenly to give you a sensuous look. Generally, lip gloss brushes are disposable. So, makeup brush dealers purchase these brushes wholesale. For example, Queen Brush manufactures high-quality mascara wands and disposable lip brushes in its state-of-the-art makeup brush factory. Suppliers can order their requirements in bulk.

Before we discuss the details of ordering wholesale, let us discuss the different types of mascara wands.  

Mascara Wands – An exciting range on offer

Do you know that all mascara wands are not the same? Let us discuss the different types of mascara wands and understand the difference.

  • Tapered Mascara Wands are thick at one end and taper towards the other. So, these brushes are perfect for people with big eyes and long eyelashes.
  • Curved Mascara Wands are excellent for women having stubborn and straight eyelashes because these brushes give a natural curl to make their eyes look bigger and more beautiful.
  • Ball mascara wands have a ball tip with tiny bristles. They are suited for small eyes and can maneuver tight corners comfortably to curl sparse eyelashes.
  • Straight mascara wands are the most common eye makeup brushes because they are ideal for all eye types. They are long and have tiny bristles to thicken your eyelashes and give them a voluminous look.

Disposable Lip Brushes

As the name suggests, these makeup accessories are ideal for one-time use. These lip brushes have soft bristles that help spread the lip gloss uniformly across your lips. Thus, it prevents the smudging of lipstick at a single location. You can also shape your lips perfectly using these lip gloss brushes.

Mascara wands and Disposable Lip Brushes – The details

Mascara wands and lip brushes have a similar structure but different kinds of bristles because they play different roles. We manufacture these brushes for our clients according to their requirements. Let us understand the aspects that can help buyers benefit the most from ordering their makeup brush stocks from us.

a. Bamboo handles are popular.

Usually, these makeup accessories are 10cm long and feature plastic or bamboo handles. While plastic and bamboo are light in weight and convenient to handle, bamboo is more environmentally friendly. However, we use the best quality recyclable plastic for our makeup brushes. With people becoming more environmentally conscious, bamboo handles are gaining popularity. So, we concentrate on bamboo handles more than their plastic counterparts. However, vendors can order brushes with plastic handles. Therefore, we can cater to their requirements.

b. Minimum Order Quantity

We accept mascara wands and disposable lip brush orders in bulk. Vendors must order a minimum of 5000 pieces. We pack these brushes in convenient packets of 50 or 100 units per bag. So, buyers can specify the number of mascara wands or disposable lip brushes they need in a package. We will act accordingly.

c. Pricing Difference

Makeup brushes with plastic handles are comparatively less expensive than their wooden or bamboo counterparts. The price of plastic handle brushes is around a tenth of the wooden handle accessories. But, the bamboo handle brushes are sturdy and more durable. In addition, the plastic handle accessories are disposable after use.

d. Time for manufacture and delivery

Generally, we have sufficient stocks of mascara wands and disposable lip brushes. So, if the product does not require customization, we can supply the order within five days. But, if the vendors order 100,000 pieces or more, we need more time for manufacture and delivery. Usually, we can handle jobs of such magnitude in 15 days. But, vendors should note that regular wood mascara wands take around 30 days to manufacture. Producing disposable lip brushes does not take much time.

Personalized makeup accessories take time to manufacture because we have to customize the products to suit the buyer’s requirements. But, general non-customized products do not require much time. Besides, these brushes do not need hair knots. Therefore, the lead time is fast. So, depending on the stock available, we can cater to wholesale demands within five days.

e. Strict Quality Standards

We maintain the quality aspect by following strict hygienic procedures. For example, the mascara wands do not have animal hair bristles. So, we ensure maintaining strict quality standards by sterilizing synthetic fibers at every production stage.

We undertake customized packaging if required by our buyers. Therefore, we offer different options to our customers. For example, some prefer the products in a tube paper case, whereas some like to order paper boxes with printing. We cater to these demands accordingly to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

f. A range of colors

We offer an exciting color range on our mascara wands and disposable lip brushes. Buyers can order their requirements accordingly. However, they should note that we do not mix the colors in our packages. Each package contains brushes of the same color. The plastic handles are black, but the color of the bristles differs. The bamboo handles have a natural bamboo hue.

g. An excellent gifting option

While buyers can order mascara wands and disposable lip brushes independently, these accessories are exceptional gift items. Wholesale vendors can order them with their standard requirements for makeup brushes and accessories to gift their customers. However, they should note to order in bulk quantities of a minimum of 5000. Otherwise, we cannot honor their requirements.

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Queen Brush is a reputed makeup accessory manufacturer producing an extensive range of makeup brushes and other products. Vendors interested in ordering their wholesale mascara wands and disposable lip brushes can place their requirements with us. We offer customization according to customer preferences. Moreover, we guarantee excellent quality products at the most reasonable prices.   

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