Where to wholesale shaving Brushes

Shaving Brush is an expensive product that customers want at the minimum wholesale pricing possible. The wholesale buyers often don’t know where to wholesale shaving brushes and partner with traders, not manufacturers.

With time, shaving brushes have also evolved and become a luxury item in the field of skincare. Various types of shaving brushes are available regarding the handle’s material, the source of the bristle, or the shape of the knot.

You can get custom shaving brushes that reflect your taste and that you want to sell as a retailer. There is an availability of different colors and even the logo printing facility on the shaving brush handle.

Shaving Brush is a unique item that is not easy to wholesale as many third-party sellers are selling shaving brushes wholesale, but due to their margin, their prices are increased.

So, the best and cheapest way to wholesale shaving brushes is to wholesale from a shaving brush manufacturer.

Difference between a Shaving Brush wholesaler and a manufacturer

A shaving brush wholesaler sells brushes wholesale and sources them from a manufacturer. This third party takes its margin for playing the role of a facilitator.

On the other hand, a shaving brush manufacturer manufactures shaving brushes and provides the brushes to wholesalers.

Why Wholesale Shaving Brushes from Queen Brush?

Queen Brush is the leading brush manufacturer in China and we export quality shaving brushes across the world. We manufacture shaving brushes with great care to satisfy our clients by entertaining them with bulk orders.

Quality Check

We do not just wholesale, but we also provide our clients with the best quality brushes, which is not just a call by ourselves, but all the wholesale products from our production house go through many quality tests to ensure the quality of our products.

The Shaving Brushes from our company are approved by the dynamic testing of REACH and CA 65 quality test. This shows how we keep our products up to international standards for our customers.

The shaving brushes are available in a whole horizon of qualities based on the quality, material, and shape of the handle as well as the origin of bristles and shape of the knot that comprise the brush.

There are different kinds of bristles available in the market, but the most popular is the badger hair brushes made from the hairs of a Badger. However, other bristles, like horse, Boar, or synthetic bristles, are available.

All these types of shaving brushes are made at our production house with great care and have all sorts of qualities based on the requirements or demands of the client. 

Affordable Wholesale Shaving Brush Pricing

We are not just a wholesaler but also a shaving brush manufacturer in China, and there is a guarantee of the best wholesale pricing throughout the market.

The market is full of wholesalers who take items in bulk from manufacturers like us and then sell it to retailers. But in the case of our company, the scenario is different: we are a shaving brushes manufacturer.

We are a manufacturer and a wholesaler, which is why when you order from us, there are no third-party charges involved. This allows retailers to get bulk orders directly from the manufacturers.

This way, we wholesale Shaving Brush directly from China, where these brushes are manufactured in our production house. It allows you to avoid extra charges and get shaving brushes at the best possible wholesale pricing.

Best Wholesale Shaving Brush

Not only providing the shaving brushes at the best pricing but the shaving brushes from our production house are also of top-notch quality. All the shaving brushes are tested and approved as per international standards.

We maintain the quality of the brushes and provide the client with the best shaving brushes. While ordering from our platform, there are no worries about the quality standards and availability of materials.

In the case of ordering from us, there is an availability of several handle types and types of bristles, and the client can order custom designs for these brush specifications as well. All you need to do is to select your favorite designs from our website, and everything else will be done at our end for you.

The worry of quality is no more yours as it has become our duty. That is the reason why most of the retailers, as well as the wholesalers, are doing their wholesale sourcing from our company.

Diverse Choice in Wholesale Shaving Brushes

Like innovation in any other field, new designs and styles are available in the shaving brush industry and keep up with the industry’s changing trends. All kinds of shaving brushes are manufactured at our production house in all categories concerning material, size, shape, and quality.

Concerning the handle, there is the availability of Wooden, ceramic, and many other types of material, while the knots could be in any shape and prepared with the help of any bristles, whether from Badger, which is the most popular or other sources like horses, BoarBoar or artificial bristles.

Either You want the knot’s shape in the bulb, fan, flat top, or hybrid. Everything is possible here. These brushes are prepared by the hands of experienced workers who keep control of every minor detail on the knot. In the end, a final touch is given to the knot by removing any unnecessary hairs or balancing the top with the help of scissors.  

Order as fewer as 100 pieces of wholesale shaving brushes

Do you want to invest too much into the industry? There are no worries as we offer orders as fewer as 100 pieces. It elevates the burden of financing a lumpsum amount into the business for the client, and he could take a start with such a small investment.

However, due to our best-of-the-best policy of products, we have received orders of even 20,000 sets of shaving brushes which is a significant amount in this industry, but that does not mean that we are going to leave the small investors behind because they have built their trust on us and working in this business, we will never break the interest of any of our clients.

That is why we have kept a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) of a hundred pieces to facilitate the small investors. This MOQ is the minimum you could find in the wholesale industry at such reasonable pricing.  

Don’t just sit Idle and Order now; otherwise, you will be left behind!

Are you interested in getting shaving brushes wholesale? Then what are you waiting for? It is not the time for sitting idle because the world is moving so fast, and if you are going to wait, you will be left behind.

Now is the time to act, place your first order, and start your journey with us because a great business awaits you.

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