All you need to know about different types of shaving brushes

We live in a world of customization and it is bringing progression in everything. There have been created a lot of categories in shaving brushes and if you want to know about them then you are at the right spot.

Shaving Brushes are small hand brushes that are used to apply the lather on your face before shaving. This lather softens the hard hairs of your beard which helps the blade or razor to work smoothly.

There are two basic parts of a shaving Brush:

  1. Knot
  2. Handle

A knot is an upper part containing bristles while the handle is the lower part that is used to grab the brush. Shaving brushes are generally handmade and can range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars based on the type of brush.

There are various types of shaving brushes on the basis of the knot, bristles, and handle of the brush. Today, you will have an idea about their basic types and what are the differences between them.

Types of shaving brushes on the basis of bristles type

The upper part of the brush contains the bristles and is known as the knot which comes with various types of bristles. Some major types are explained below.

Badger Bristles

These bristles are prepared from the hairs of the badger and the badger brushes are considered as the most desirable brushes due to their quality to retain water and the soft quality of the bristles. The bristles are soft and do not irritate the skin.

The badger brushes can also vary in quality and this quality variation is seen due to the difference in place from where the hairs of the badger are taken. This is done to have variation in the softness and hardness of the brushes.

Badger shaving brushes have the maximum ability to retain water and shape while applying lather on the face. Moreover, it could work efficiently with soft creams but hard soap can also be applied by using a badger brush.

If you buy a good quality badger brush, it could easily last for 3 to 4 years for you if you take proper care of it. Like hanging it inverted after using it to let it dry.

Horse Bristles

Horse Bristles are prepared from the horses’ hairs and are also good for shaving brushes as they are stiff and become soft over time.

One main difference between horse and badger hair brushes is their price as these brushes are cheaper than the badger. However, they are not of as much quality as the badger hairs but are still a great choice.

These Brushes are not very popular but are used as a very common alternative to Badger hair brushes.

Boar Bristles

Boar Bristles are prepared from the hairs of the boars that are relatively stiff and are also good in quality. The best thing is that after using it for some time, its ends get soft and feel good to your face. Due to the stiff nature of the bristles retaining their shape.

To soften it fast, it could be dipped in water for some hours and that will ultimately help in making it softer.

This type of Brush is good to use with hard soap because its bristles are capable of managing the hardness of soap and you could easily apply it on the face.

Synthetic Bristles

Synthetic Bristles are getting really popular these days because they are synthesized by artificial means and there is not any chance to hurt an animal. These bristles are normally nylon material that is soft and does not irritate while applied.

Generally, these are not very good at soaking water but there are very good quality synthetic brushes that are available in the market and work as good as a premium quality Badger brush.

Synthetic brushes could be found in a wide range of quality and due to their synthetic nature, they are inexpensive as compared to other brushes.

Types of shaving brushes on the basis of bristles shape

The knot could be of any shape based on the arrangement of the bristles at the time of manufacturing in the factory.


This shape of the knot is the most common as this has a rounded top and gives an aesthetic touch to the Brush.

This is the most common type of knot and is used casually and popularly with badger and boar brushes.


In this type of knot, all the bristles are of the same size and have a higher center while the edges are lower due to the curve.

Flat Top

This type is good when fade lathering is required. This contains short bristles at the center and long bristles at the edges to give it a flat top.


This is a hybrid of bulb and fan shape to give it a mediocre type of shape between the two. This shape is common in synthetic bristle brushes.

Shaving Brushes on the basis of Handle

Handles are very necessary to shave properly and give the brush its beautification. There are many kinds of handles based on the material that is used to manufacture them.

Wooden Handle

This kind of handle is the most common and the most ancient one that is being used at the present time too. Usually, a wooden piece is taken and then cut with machines in the shape of the handle.

The wooden piece could come from any kind of wood but the best quality wood is used to manufacture the handles of the shaving brushes.

After proper cutting, polish is applied to the handle and it gives the finishing touch to the brush that makes the brush appealing.

Metallic Handle

Metallic handles are also getting common for shaving brushes as these are strong and work for a longer period of time for the customer.

Normally, Iron or steel is used for manufacturing these handles but other materials like brass and copper are also getting common. On the other hand, metals are also used in combination with wood and other materials.

Resin Handle

Resin handles are very appealing in shaving brushes due to their color combinations and shiny surfaces just like a bowling ball. It is sturdy and durable and could be used for a longer period of time.

Plastic Handle

Some brushes also use plastic handles because this is a cheap and versatile material. It could come in any shape, color, and texture. But they are not very much long-lasting for the customer.

Stone Handle

This is an expensive type of handle for the brushes and has a different sensation while using it. The stone could be of any material and is then cut to the shape of the handle to place the knot inside it.

Ceramic Handle

Ceramics is usually a luxurious kind of material for the brushes and gives the brush a very sensational touch for the customer.

Mixed Material

It is not necessary that the handle needs to be of a single material but it could be of a combination of different materials like wood mixed with metal, resin with plastic or stone with wood.

Any combination could be used based on the liking of the customer and could be prepared in a custom way.

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