Types and materials for makeup brush bags

It is difficult to meet the customers’ demands. They fickle very often. This puts equal pressure on retailers and manufacturers. Where retailers keep on hunting for a market-fit product, the manufacturers have their own share of struggles. B2B manufacturers like us spend a lot on market research to provide end customers with the product they seek. Makeup brush bags are no exception!

What is a makeup brush bag?

A makeup brush bag is a pouch where consumers put their makeup tools. It has many advantages for them and serves their various purposes. On the first pass, the makeup brush bag keeps their makeup tools safe. Second, they are able to carry their makeup kit with them.

Makeup bags are as inevitable for ladies as makeup brushes. They need both. A makeup brush bag not only protects makeup brushes from dust, corrosion, and bacteria but also helps them organize the makeup brushes. So, a makeup brush bag is a thing whose demand has been as growing as the demand for makeup brushes.

This doesn’t imply that the demand for makeup brush bags is more and the supply is less. To tell the truth, the competition is stiff. This is why only the products that meet the customers’ standards find their space in the market.

In this blog, we will discuss in detail the different types of makeup brush packages. Makeup brush packages come in various sizes and they serve different purposes. For example, the customer will need a different-sized and different-styled bag when she is to travel carrying her cosmetics. Moreover, there could be her likings related to fashion and style.

So, it is difficult to name all the makeup packages based on size, fashion, and style. But one thing we can do for sure is to categorize makeup brush bags according to their material.

Types of makeup brush bags according to the material

PU Leather Bags

PU leather is synthetic leather. PU leather bags are dust-free and water free. Moreover, PU leather is known for its longevity and durability. On top of it, PU leather is inexpensive and cruelty-free when compared to organic leather. Vegan customers love PU leather.

PU leather bags come in different sizes and they are regularly modified keeping in view the current fashion styles. PU leather bags are often the first choice of customers.

Nylon Bags

Makeup brush packages made with Nylon are cheap alternatives to PU leather bags. They are less durable than PU leather bags. These are also corrosion-free and resist any reaction with water. However, these are prone to rips and tears.

Nylon bags too like PU leather bags have different varieties that serve the fashion needs of the customers. Moreover, the customer can have different sizes and numbers of makeup brushes and tools. This is why Nylon bags come in various sizes.

Suede Bags

Other bags that your customer may seek are Suede bags. They are made of Suede fabric. Suede bags are fully organic. They are simple and easy to carry. However, these can’t be a good fit oftentimes.

The makeup brushes may not have that type of safety as in PU leather bags or Nylon bags. The stock and variety are often limited. However, as the customer is king, she may be getting to arrive at a place that sells suede bags.

Makeup paper box packages

Makeup paper box bags can be colorful and more attractive to your customers. They are super easy to manufacture and are comparatively cheap. Though they are not that durable, they still carry their distinct appeal for customers.

Metal boxes

Metal boxes are usually large-sized. The buyers who are either professional beauticians or have a complete set of cosmetics expect you to meet their demand to provide them with metal boxes. Metal boxes are the most durable. The metal can be copper, nickel, or aluminum.

Metal boxes are usually large-sized and have different color shades. These are non-wearable and the customers may not have any expectations from you related to trends and fashion. So, it is the metal quality and purity that they see in makeup metal box packages.

A Pro Tip: A makeup brush bag may give your customer a sense of security. That dose does not imply that their makeup brushes are always safe from germs and bacteria. You need to sensitize them that they need to regularly cleanse their brushes. For that, they could soak them in warm water with diluted shampoo before washing.  

7 makeup brush packages are popular

1- Makeup brush belt

makeup brush belt - types of makeup brush bags

Makeup brush belts are popular and trendy among girls. Belts just add to their sparkle. They can just put their makeup brush collection in the bag and then tie the bag around their waist using the belt. They are usually PU leather bags but not necessarily.

2- Double-layer makeup brush case

Double-layer makeup cases give enough space for makeup brushes. The double-layer makeup cases are portable and come in handy when one has to carry makeup brushes while traveling. These are wearable and enhance the exuberance of an individual. These can be found both in Nylon and PU leather material.

3- Foldover makeup brush bag

Foldover makeup bags are great too. These are compact and save space. Your customers get a chance to stuff all their brush collection in a bag and then fold it to make a highly portable small but pithy bag. It can then be carried in hand. Usually, ladies place them in their luggage when they have to travel over long distances. These can be found both in Nylon and PU leather material.

4- Drawstring makeup brush bag

A drawstring makeup bag may appeal to your customers. They can simply stuff their makeup brushes inside the bag and pull the string to close it. Simple.

5- Large-capacity makeup brush bag

Large-capacity makeup bags can be made of PU leather or nylon. They can also be metal boxes. The metal can be nickel, copper, or aluminum. They give adequate space to carry the whole makeup kit.

6- Makeup brush bucket

You would surely have seen a makeup bucket at a dressing table. That is the makeup brush bucket. The makeup brushes that need to be at easy access because of their use are usually kept in a makeup brush bucket.

7- Cosmetic brush case

There are certain customers who are professional beauticians. Cosmetic cases are usually for them. Cosmetic cases are usually metal boxes.

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