Stackable Makeup Brushes

Stackable Makeup Brushes – An exciting trend

Makeup brushes are essential components of every woman’s travel kit. While we have travel makeup brush kits, they have limitations because of their one-dimensional utility. For instance, a powder makeup brush cannot be used for applying eyeliners.

 So you need two separate brushes for each utility. That makes your travel makeup kit heavier and more inconvenient. Is a solution available that can make it convenient for you to carry your brushes wherever you go? Yes. Stackable makeup brushes present a beautiful alternative. This article discusses stackable makeup brushes, their utility, and their pros and cons.

What are stackable makeup brushes?

You must have heard of stackable tools like screwdrivers, where you can use multiple screwdriver types on a single handle. The stackable option allows you to remove one type and use another one. Why not with makeup brushes when you can have these options with screwdrivers? Therefore, here comes stackable makeup brushes.

So, as the name suggests, stackable makeup brushes allow you to use multiple brush heads on a single handle. All you do is remove one and replace it with another. For example, you can use the eye shader brush to beautify your eyes. Then, you can remove it and replace it with an angled brush to beautify your eyelashes. Other options include a crease brush or a lip brush. It is an attractive option, mainly as it saves space and is versatile and flexible.

Stackable makeup brushes – The Structure

Let us discuss how a stackable brush differs from a regular makeup brush. Since these brushes are stacked one over the other, it is evident that they do not have long or slender handles. Instead, the handles must be short and hollow to allow the other brushes to slide inside them comfortably. So the maximum number of brushes you can stack in a single piece can be at most four. Sometimes, you can have three brushes stacked one over the other. Therefore, a stackable makeup brush resembles a marker pen when stacked up fully. The best part is that these brushes can open from both ends.

How do they stack up inside each other?

Stackable makeup brushes present multiple options of stacking up inside each other. One way is for each brush to have threads allowing you to screw them inside. Alternatively, you can push the brushes to fit tightly into each other. Some stackable makeup brush manufacturers use a magnet to ensure the brushes hold tightly.

However, Queen Brush does not use magnets for our current stackable makeup brush, because we have found them unwieldy. Secondly, brushes with magnetic options are not sturdy enough. The trick to holding these brushes in place is for them to fit snugly inside each other. However, it entails a weak fit if they do not fit with a clicking sound. Thus, the brush can break easily, rendering it unusable. Of course, if you are looking for magnetic makeup brush, we could provide you with mockup according to your requirements.

The Type of brushes available

Since the makeup brushes stack inside each other, these brushes are short and small. So, it excludes the larger tools like foundation or kabuki brushes. Stackable makeup brushes are generally used for a quick touchup to your existing cosmetic makeup. Therefore, they include a crease brush, an eyeshadow brush, a lip brush, an angled brush, etc. These brushes have short handles and small bristles.

The materials used in the manufacture

Almost all stackable makeup brush manufacturers use synthetic bristles. The advantage is that these bristles are short and feel soft on your skin. Since they are generally used around the eyes, on the lips, and to sketch crease lines, these bristles are skin-friendly. The individual brushes are, at most, two inches long. Therefore, the bristles generally stretch to a maximum of half an inch.

The handles are usually made of plastic because it is the most comfortable material to mold into any required shape. Manufacturing stackable brushes with metal or wooden handles need much detailing work. Besides, using plastic makes these brushes easily affordable. Further, plastic makes these brushes light and convenient to carry in your travel case.

Are these stackable brushes expensive?

The stackable makeup brushes are priced reasonably without being too expensive. However, the use of magnets can make them expensive. But the top stackable makeup brush suppliers do not use magnets. However, if the situation demands using magnets, they are customizable. Therefore, the brushes without magnets are the lowest priced among all stackable makeup brushes.

Advantages of using stackable makeup brushes
  • Using stackable makeup brushes has its benefits. The individual brushes are compact and fit inside your palm.
  • They provide a firm grip, allowing easy makeup application around your eyes, nose, and lips.
  • The plastic handles are available in multiple colors according to user preferences.
  • Generally, a stackable makeup brush set comprises three or four small brushes stacked neatly inside each other.
  • Using these brushes is convenient. You can use them without disassembling the individual brushes if required. Under such circumstances, you get an extended handle. However, you can also customize the handle length by removing a brush or two to shorten it. It depends on user convenience.
  • The most significant advantage of stackable makeup brushes is their versatility. It is one of the most flexible brushes to use. Besides, its unique design lets you carry four makeup brushes inside your handbag comfortably.
Points to look for when purchasing stackable makeup brushes
  • Finding large brushes like kabuki and foundation in a stackable brush is out of the question.
  • Ideally, a three-brush stackable option is recommended because it allows the brushes to have a comfortable handle size. However, four brushes are also ideal. Anything more than four is not possible.
  • Selecting a non-magnetic stackable brush is better because they are more durable. Secondly, magnetic stackable brushes cost more than the non-magnetic options.

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