Best shaving brushes for sensitive skin

These are also good in retaining water in the bristle and have soft bristles but these have never been able to become as popular as the badger hairs which are considered better in quality.

Talking about sensitive skin, these shaving brushes could become an option but not a priority.

Boar Shaving Brushes

Boar shaving brushes are made from the hairs of the boar. These hairs are stiffer and harder as compared to all other bristles. Due to its stiff nature, it is a good option for a person with hard skin, using a hand cream.

Synthetic Shaving Brushes

Synthetic Bristles are those that are created artificially with the help of resins. These are not natural bristles and that is why were not very common in the past. But when people were seen killing animals just for their hair then this became the primary option of the people.

The quality of these bristles is improving day by day as modern methods are being applied to the synthesis of these bristles. The quality of these bristles has even improved to such levels that they could be used as an alternative to the best quality badger hairs.

Solution for Sensitive Skin Shaving

Having sensitive skin is not a curse because most of us do have it. Just with a little care, everything would be good. Here are some tips and tricks to use for sensitive skin and avoid any severe consequences.

Right Shaving Equipment

Not just for sensitive skin, having the right shaving equipment is mandatory for everyone according to their skin type. Starting with the shaving cream, always invest in a good shaving cream because it is about skin health.

Then use a good shaving brush as per your skin. For example, if your skin is soft and sensitive then badger hair is the best type for you while for harder skin, a boar shaving brush could prove beneficial.

Last but not the least, use a good razor for cutting as it is going to cut your hair. For a person with sensitive skin, a razor with one blade proves the right option because more blades lead to more cuts and scratches.

Use Soft Brush

It is not necessary to use a specific kind of brush on sensitive skin but having soft badger hair is recommended because it is softer than all other shaving hair types. In the sub-categories of the badger hair shaving brushes, a silver tip badger hair could be used as it is the softest one but do not rub too hard with it.

Wash your Face before Shaving

Before doing anything, first, clean your facial skin from any apparent dirt or oil over it. This cleaning could be done with the help of a face wash, a good soap or simply taking a bath before shaving. It will help in removing any germs already present on your skin surface. So, in case of any scratch, your blood will be protected from any bacteria.

Applying a Pre-shave

One of the things that a person with sensitive skin can do is apply a good pre-shave before start doing a shave. It helps in softening the hair and also adds an extra layer of oil to the skin for protection of the skin. Keep in mind that pre-shave must be applied after washing your face and after 30 to 40 seconds of applying pre-shave start applying lather on your face.

Apply Gently

While applying shaving cream on the face, do not apply it roughly instead keep a gentle hand because sensitive skin is affected when pressure is applied to it. By keeping it gentle skin will remain intact while shaving cream does its work.

On the other hand, when shaving off the hair, also keep the blade gently over the skin and try to keep its movement along with the direction of the hairs not against it because it can cause cuts or scratches on the skin.

Using Aftershave

After the shave, using a good aftershave is also an important thing because it prevents any bacterial reaction that can cause swelling and redness.


In the end, what are the takeouts from all this discussion? If you have sensitive skin that becomes red or swells after a shave then first decide about the right shaving equipment for yourself because that is the key.

After that start following these tips like using a pre-shave and an after-shave proves beneficial to have a good shaving experience. On the other hand, use a gentle hand while applying lather with a shaving brush or cutting hairs with a blade.

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