Why there are so many eye brushes in a professional makeup brush set

Your eyes are the window to your beauty. Have you noticed that the most gorgeous woman has the most beautiful eyes? So, taking care of your eyes and maintaining them is the key to looking beautiful. Everyone, including the makeup brush manufacturers, knows this fact. Therefore, you will find a professional makeup brush set containing the maximum number of eye brushes. Let us discuss the names and functions of different eye brushes in a makeup kit.

Your eyes do the talking.

Do you desire to enhance your beauty quotient? So, you must know the different eye brushes and how to use them to get sparklingly beautiful eyes. We shall discuss the 13 most popular eye brushes to enhance your makeup and give you the ‘Dream Girl’ look.

1. The Blending Brush – For the perfect makeup look

Your eye shadow plays a critical role in beautifying your eyes. So, the blending brush is essential to deliver the perfect makeup look. While various brushes have different functions, nothing can be better than the blending brush to get you perfect eye shadows.

2. The Large Domed Blending Brush – Great for highlighting colors

Every professional makeup kit should include a large domed brush to deliver a perfectly blended look. This critical eye makeup brush can blend, bluff, and highlight colors immediately without displaying harsh lines. In addition, these brushes feature a metal ferrule and large bristles to make them sturdier.

3. The small, dense blending brush – Ensures a quick application

Many people prefer using the thick, small blending brush because the densely packed bristles enable them to apply an eyeshadow base all over their eyes. The exciting aspect of this brush is that it works with powders and cream bases. So, if you are looking for a quick application, this brush should be an integral part of your professional makeup kit.

4. The Fluffy blending brush – Gives a natural finish.

The fluffy blending eye makeup brush is perfect for a natural finish as it blends the colors beautifully. So, girls desiring a smokey and dramatic appearance should plump for this rounded fluffy makeup accessory. This brush has tapering bristles that give you more color concentration in the crease. The fascinating feature is that the soft brush is ideal for blending with or without the product.

5. The Crease Line brush – Adds significant depth.

The crease line brush is crucial for any eye makeup because it adds depth to the cosmetic procedure. It allows you to define your eye makeup by applying shadow directly in the crease. This product is handy because it has a sturdy wooden/plastic handle to give you a good grip. The bristles are shaped beautifully to help draw the lines precisely and enhance your eye’s natural beauty.

6. Contour Brush – helps flawless base eyeshadow application.

The contour brush differs from the crease line brush because of its angled edge. It allows contouring of the edges by brushing the eyeshadow, ideally along the socket line. In addition, the angled head and bristles make it convenient to apply crease and create a smooth eyeshadow base. So, the contour brush is indispensable for a flawless eye makeup procedure.

7. Script Liner Brush – gives you an artistic look.

The script liner brush is unique because it has narrow and pointed bristles to enable you to create delicate eye patterns and beautiful designs. In addition, these brushes have metal ferrules that provide a decent grip and create perfect eye strokes. So, if you are looking forward to getting artistic and creating beautiful designs, the script liner brush is an excellent makeup accessory.

8. Winged eyeliner brush – Best for gel and liquid eyeliners

The winged eyeliner brush is similar to contour brushes but with thinner bristles. This brush is ideally suited for creating beautifully shaped corners. You can use this brush with liquid and gel eyeliner products. If you wish to experiment with different eyeliner styles and create an artistic look, you must consider including this accessory in your professional makeup kit.

9. Smudge Brush – Create a smudging effect.

Smudge brushes are multi-purpose brushes that provide a beautiful smudging effect to your eyeshadows, especially if they are more pigmented. In addition, this brush helps blend different color shades to make your eyes look stunningly beautiful. They are sturdy brushes with thick handles and ferrules.

10. Precision Concealer Brush – covers hard-to-reach areas.

Applying makeup to your eyes is the most challenging because some areas are delicate and hard to reach. With its long and thin handle, the precision concealer brush provides the perfect leeway to cover specific areas that are otherwise challenging to reach.

11. Pencil Brush – Makes your eyes look sharp.

You must be careful when applying eye makeup because excessive product use can cause smudging. The pencil brush is the perfect accessory for softening the outlines and adding highlights to make your eyes look sharp. In addition, this unique brush allows for sketching precision lines on the eyelids and along the eyelash line. Thus, this makeup accessory adds style to your makeup.

12. Flat Shader brush – helps make a compelling fashion statement.

Eyeshadows play a critical role in beautifying your eyes and giving them smokey-eyed looks. The best flat shader brush is recommended for these basic applications because they pick up the product well and enable uniform eyeshadow application across the eyelids. In addition, these brushes have thick bristles to cover more area in less time.

13. Angled Brush – highlights the eyebrows.

Your eyes look sharper if you highlight the brow bones. The angled brush can give you a cat-eyed look by helping you to apply perfect eyeliners. The angled bristles allow you to pick the product quickly and apply eyeshadow over the eyelids, the corners, and the crease lines.

We have discussed 13 handy eye makeup brushes that should form a critical component of any professional makeup kit. Besides, you have different mascara wands that add beauty and style to your eyelashes and make you look gorgeous.

Wrap it up

Your eyes are the most defining part of your face. Highlighting them using the best makeup accessories can enhance your attractiveness quotient to the next level. Hence, you will find almost all professional makeup kits containing multiple eye brushes. Queen Brush manufactures nearly all of these eye makeup brushes in bulk. So, contact with us right now and order your preferred eye brush in bulk!

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