Production methods employed by top makeup brush manufacturers

Almost every woman in the world would have handled a makeup brush when undergoing a cosmetic makeup procedure on her face. But do you know how a makeup brush is manufactured? What aspects of manufacturing makeup brushes, especially the safeguards manufacturers employ to ensure top-class hygiene? This article discusses the basic manufacturing process and the quality standards of the top makeup brush manufacturers.

Manufacturing Makeup Brushes – Manual and Automated Process

Makeup brush manufacturing is a curious mix of manual and automated processes. However, the top manufacturers still employ manual techniques, especially as it allows them to maintain the best quality in all the brushes they produce.

We shall start with the bristle selection and proceed to the manufacturing part.

Bristle Selection

The brush head is the most crucial part of any makeup brush. So, much thought goes into its preparation. The process starts with carefully weighing the hair required for each brush because the bristles have the slightest weight tolerance.

Selecting the best hair is critical to ensure the highest quality. The fibers are combed to ensure they do not have any tips, are worn out, or are bent. Usually, we have experts handling this job. We do not compromise on quality and are very strict with rejecting inferior hair samples.

Hair mixing is another crucial aspect of preparing the makeup brush bristles. Each brush category has its specific requirement. We also customize this process according to buyer requirements.

Once the weighing process is over, the bristles are put in specific molds to set their shape. Each makeup brush category has its unique mold. Generally, we do not cut the hair because it can affect the brush’s performance. So, this aspect of the manufacturing activity has to be manual.

The mold with the hairs is usually placed on a vibrating platform that helps get the perfect shape. However, some bristles can become astray. So, we are careful to pluck and remove them to refine the bristle’s shape.

Attaching the hair to the ferrule

This procedure is of paramount importance. So, we ensure choosing the perfectly-shaped ferrules for each brush category. Usually, ferrules are made of metals like aluminum, brass, or copper. Then, we check each ferrule manually before certifying them fit for use.

Much thought goes into ensuring ferrules’ quality, shapes, sizes, and colors. It depends on the buyer’s preferences, as our products offer 100% customizability. We wrap the ferrules with cling wrap to ensure no fingerprints or dust specks are sticking to them during this process.  

The molded brush hair needs to be glued to the ferrules. We use the best glue that helps pack the bristles firmly inside the ferrule without spilling over the sides. A highly skilled workforce is available at our factory to fix the hair into the ferrules. Finally, it requires trimming to ensure the bristles are of the perfect size. The brushes are then left to dry.

The Brush Handles

Brush handles are highly significant and require extreme care because they are frequently in contact with our fingers when using the brushes for applying makeup. So, the handles must be durable and have excellent print quality. Therefore, the handles get multiple coats of paint after production.

Each brush category has different handle shapes and sizes. In addition, makeup brush users are very particular about brush handle grips. Therefore, manufacturers strive to achieve perfection in this aspect.

The top manufacturers use different materials for preparing brush handles. Depending on the brush types and buyer preferences, it ranges from wooden or bamboo to plastic and acrylic.

Plastic handles

Manufacturing plastic or acrylic handles is easy because they are produced in bulk. However, these handles require the preparation of molds according to the brush type. Once the molds are ready, the production of handles becomes convenient.

Plastic handles usually do not require new painting because we can use raw plastic materials of the preferred color when preparing the handles. However, you can paint acrylic handles if needed.

Wooden handles

wooden handles by top makeup brush manufacturers

Preparing wooden handles takes more time because the wood has to be cut in specific shapes. Producing wooden handles require high artisanship. Therefore they take more time. Secondly, wooden handles need multiple paint coating, including a primer coat and a final coat. Finally, the painted handles are left to dry before you print the logos and engrave the brand names.

Affixing the ferrule to the handles

The next part of the makeup brush manufacturing process is to affix the ferrule to the handles. This process requires using high-quality glue. Usually, this process is also manual. However, we take care not to allow the glue to drip out. The brushes are then left to dry.

The Logo Branding

The logo branding is usually the final part of the makeup brush manufacturing process. First, the buyers supply their logo and brand name designs when ordering the brushes. Then, the manufacturers prepare unique stamps for printing the logos on the brush handles.

Logo printing is an automatic process that uses a specific machine. The machine dips the stamp in ink and prints the logo on the product. This process is quick and takes around one second for a brush. Though the process is automatic, a manual operator must place the brushes correctly and remove the handles after the printing job.

Inspection and Packaging

Finally, the brushes are correctly packed and prepared for dispatch. We inspect each brush manually before sending them to the packing section.

Thus, you can see that the makeup brush manufacturing process involves a combination of manual labor and automatic procedures.  

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