6 methods for logo printing on a makeup brush handle

Branding is the most crucial part of a business. It has many steps that need to be religiously followed. Getting your makeup brush label design that best expresses your business is one of them. 

The design industry has evolved much over time. The same can be said for the printing industry. The designers design the brand logo that can be minimalist or illustrative. 

The minimalist brand logos are usually monochrome whereas illustrative ones are a bit more colorful. It depends on business owners’ preferences what they go for. There can be different methods to print logos on brushes.   

In this blog, we will discuss different types of printing methods that stamp custom makeup brushes with your brand logo. And we will discuss what option can be more feasible for you. 

1- Pad Printing

Pad printing is the simplest option. It works much as your personal stamps work. You must have used your rubber stamp or seen someone else using it. You make sure that your rubber stamp is inked and then press it onto the paper. This leaves a mark on the paper. 

Getting your brand logo stamped onto the makeup brushes works in the same manner but in a bit more automated way. The stamps are prepared as per the logo. The stamp then takes ink and presses that onto the makeup brush handle. Simplest and easiest. 

Limitations: Pad printing mostly works for characters/monograms. It prints only one color and hence the logos stamped by pad printing are monochrome. These logos are prone to abrasion and can react with water. 

2- Hot foil printing

Hot foil printing as the name suggests uses foils. Foils can be of silver or golden color. To keep things simple for you, we will not want to go into much detail. However, you can imagine that the foil as per the logo is stamped onto the makeup brush handle under temperatures ranging from 200 to 300 degrees centigrades. This leaves a glossy foil perfectly stamped onto your brush. 

Most business owners in makeup brush wholesale go with this option as it is just something that works for them. A neat, shiny, and perfectly stamped logo appeals to them. 

Limitations: Hot foil printing mostly works for characters/monograms. The logo can be either golden-color foil or silver-color foil. These logos are prone to abrasion and can react with water. 

3- Screen printing

Screen printing is another reliable method for printing logos on makeup brushes. The method is however complex. 

The screens are prepared with emulsion material. Emulsion material is sensitive to light. When subjected to light with a print label on the surface of the screen (on which emulsion material has been applied), it forms a stencil. A stencil saves the image pattern and allows the color to permeate the screen surface only from the areas as the shape of the logo is. 

We guess that it may be a difficult concept for you to grasp at once. You may think of it as a membrane that allows the ink to pass as per the logo shape. The ink is then stamped on the makeup brush. 

Screen printing is a reliable and efficient method that has passed through the phase of trial and test. The logos stamped on makeup brushes through screen printing usually illustrate durability and longevity. 

Limitations: Screen printing mostly works for characters, monograms, abstract marks, and combination marks. It prints only one color and hence the logos stamped by pad printing are monochrome. These logos are prone to abrasion and can react with water. In some cases, multi-color logos can also be stamped through screen printing. For that, multiple screens are prepared for different colors in the logo. This requires extra effort. 

4- Laser Marking

The logos are permanently marked by laser printing. The makeup brushes are subjected to a beam of concentrated light that marks the logo in less than a minute. Actually, the laser marking machine is connected to a computer from where we command the machine to mark the logo as per the commands. 

This is a method by which we stamp permanent logos on the makeup brushes. The logo marks are permanent and resistant to abrasion and humidity. Laser marking is also an excellent choice for textures and emblematic logos.


Laser marking just exposes the inner color of the material. It doesn’t add any color to the makeup brush. However, if the material is steel, some colorful logos can be marked by laser marking.  

5- Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is different from laser marking. Laser engraving is intense and engraves the material as per the logo design. The logos stamped by laser engraving are indelible and can withstand time and pressure. 

Limitations: Colored logos can’t be marked using the technique of laser engraving. 

6- UV Printing

The printing techniques discussed till now don’t work for multi-colored logos. This is the method that can print almost any design with the exact colors on the design. Hence, it is the most expensive too. 

Through UV printing, almost every logo can be printed. But it is mostly preferred for multi-color logos because one-color logos can utilize pad printing or screen printing at relatively lower rates. 

How do we test makeup brush logo quality after production? 

We are a certified makeup brush maker and manufacturer. So, it is obvious that we employ the best practices for quality assurance. For logo quality, we stick highly adhesive tape to the makeup brushes after logo stamping and remove it after some time. We discard the makeup brushes whose logos abrade with the tape.

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