Which one is better – oval makeup brush vs regular brushes

oval brushes - oval makeup brushes vs regular brush

Technology has come a long way in making things comfortable for people. For example, makeup brush manufacturing techniques have improved considerably over the years. Today, the latest trend doing the rounds is that of the oval makeup brush.

People who embraced these oval brushes early swear by their performance and the convenience they offer. In addition, many users have compared these oval brushes to natural fingertip applications. So, can we say that today’s oval brushes fare better than their regular counterparts?

This article compares these two makeup accessories to help you make an informed choice.

The Oval Makeup Brush – The Structure

exquisite oval makeup brushes

Oval makeup brushes are available in variable sizes to cater to all cosmetic functions. These brushes are most convenient to us and are crafted beautifully to blend foundation, fluids, powder, cream, primers, and moisturizers into your skin. So, you have these oval makeup brushes in every makeup category. They include foundation, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and concealer brushes.

The best feature of oval makeup brushes is that they are cruelty-free because the manufacturers do not use animal hair for their bristles. Instead, every oval brush has synthetic hair, making it soft and comfortable. These brushes are light because they do not have wooden handles or metal ferrules. The plastic handles are shaped beautifully to provide the best grip and ensure high-quality makeup.

We offer an extensive range of oval makeup brushes customized for our clients according to their specific requirements. Our oval makeup brushes have black, or golden-colored plastic handles to enhance their attractiveness and utility quotients. The latest models offer excellent color variations, but all have plastic handles.

Compared to their regular counterparts, these oval makeup brushes are more convenient. Let us now discuss the merits and demerits of these brushes before listing out significant reasons to buy them instead of regular makeup accessories.

Advantages of Oval Makeup Brushes

  1. Oval makeup brushes have unique designs, making them apply makeup conveniently. In addition, these brushes mimic natural finger movements and are the most efficient ways to apply self-makeup.
  2. These accessories are excellent for users in a hurry because they can apply their foundation and concealer within a few minutes.
  3. Makeup brush manufacturers have researched well before designing these brushes. As a result, these accessories are ideal for applying thick-coverage products.
  4. The oval design offers more density, whereby these brushes absorb comparatively less product than a regular brush or a sponge. Therefore, these oval makeup accessories are more convenient to clean. In addition, they are economical.
  5. The ergonomically-designed handles make it comfortable for users to grip and apply makeup products. In addition, they provide reasonable control and are ideal to use when the situation demands denser applicators.  
  6. Synthetic hair is softer than animal hair and ensures a flawless finish. Besides, these bristles provide the utmost comfort to sensitive skin and do not damage it.
  7. Beginners enjoy working with oval makeup brushes because they are more convenient than regular models.
  8. Oval makeup brushes are multipurpose accessories. Since they blend makeup products beautifully, they are the best tools for uniform makeup applications.

We have discussed the various benefits of oval makeup brushes. However, users should know the drawbacks also to help make an informed decision.

Disadvantages of Oval Makeup Brushes

  1. Though our oval makeup brushes are designed beautifully to work with powder, cream, and liquid products, users can face challenges when using some powders.
  2. They are challenging to use for delicate and detailed makeup procedures, especially contouring under the eyes.
  3. These oval brushes are larger compared to regular makeup brushes. So, they are not ideal travel companions. However, we offer a convenient travel kit to accommodate these latest makeup accessories.
  4. People who prefer natural hair bristles (animal hair) can find it challenging to find oval makeup brushes because they generally contain synthetic fibers. The prime reason is that the density necessary for oval makeup brushes is not found in animal hair.

Oval makeup brushes vs regular brushes

While we have discussed the merits and demerits of oval makeup brushes vis-à-vis standard makeup accessories, let us see some compelling reasons why the growing trend among people is towards oval brushes.

  1. The oval makeup brushes are more expensive than regular products. But the convenience they offer compensates for the price difference. Moreover, the prices are decreasing because of higher acceptance from users. So today, you get good quality oval makeup brushes at reasonable prices from us.
  2. The most significant challenge in a makeup procedure is blending the products to ensure a uniform finish. These oval makeup brushes are ideal for blending and provide an airbrushed finish to ensure the perfect cosmetic job.
  3. Compared to regular makeup brushes, the oval counterparts are softer and fluffier. So, you enjoy using these brushes to apply makeup on your skin. The best feature of these accessories is that they feel soft and gentle, regardless of how hard you press them against your skin.
  4. Oval makeup brushes are made of synthetic fibers. So, they qualify as cruelty-free makeup accessories.
  5. Cleaning oval makeup brushes are easy because they come with unique cleaning systems. The dry cleaning systems help remove residual products from the bristles and clean them perfectly.
  6. The multipurpose utility of oval makeup brushes makes them versatile. So, users need not invest in a complete set of regular brushes to cater to all makeup requirements. A single oval makeup brush can perform multiple functions like applying foundation, concealers, and even blending eyeshadows. Besides, these appliances are available in varying sizes.
  7. Another feature that tilts the scales in favor of oval makeup brushes is their economical use. The dense bristles pick only what is necessary for a typical makeup procedure. So it does not result in excess powder or liquid accumulation,  making them convenient to clean.

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We have discussed how oval makeup brushes are better suited to a makeup procedure than regular brushes. So, buyers can order their preferences from us in bulk and customize their requirements. Besides, we provide high-quality oval makeup brushes at the best rates possible. As a result, these products benefit users more as they save time and money.

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