How to prevent allergic reactions by makeup brushes

Having a cosmetic makeup procedure to beautify your face and enhance your overall appearance is desirable. But have you ever wondered if makeup brushes can cause health problems? So, the first questions you should ask when purchasing makeup products and accessories are,

  1. Can makeup brushes cause allergic reactions?
  2. Can these accessories and products cause acne?
  3. Can makeup brushes cause breakouts?

Surprisingly, the answer to all three questions listed above is YES. Makeup brushes can cause allergic reactions, acne, and breakouts. Let us find the reasons and learn how to prevent these health problems.

The Cause of Allergies

Allergies can occur for multiple reasons, like adverse reactions caused by makeup products and accessories, improperly cleaned makeup brushes and many more.

· Brush Allergies

Every person does not have the same skin type. So, the materials used in manufacturing makeup brushes might not always agree with the user’s skin type. Some users might be allergic to animal hair, whereas synthetic fibers can pose problems for some. Polyester fibers can shed from brushes and irritate the skin.

Generally, manufacturers prefer metals like nickel and aluminum for coating the ferrules. Eyelash brushes and curlers also contain nickel. Unfortunately, many people are allergic to nickel and aluminum. So, these people can suffer from skin problems when using makeup brushes.

Animal hair can also cause allergies, especially if they are not sterilized. Therefore, we at Queen Brush have made it compulsory to sterilize all brushes at high temperatures, regardless of whether they are made of goat hair or synthetic fibers. Hence, our brushes are ideal for sensitive skin and do not cause any allergies, even for people with susceptible skin.

So, the question arises about how users can test whether makeup tools are responsible for their skin allergies. One option is to eliminate one makeup accessory at a time from their routines to know which tool is causing their skin’s adverse reactions. For example, our brushes are manufactured, maintaining the strictest hygienic standards. So they cannot cause rashes or irritations.

It leads us to the next major cause of skin allergies during makeup procedures, i.e., makeup product allergies.

· Makeup Product Allergies

While makeup brushes are the principal cause of allergies, makeup products are also responsible for various health problems. Makeup products are also made of chemicals. Many people can be allergic to specific ingredients irritating their skin because these products disagree with their skin type.

Secondly, dirt accumulation on makeup brushes can cause allergies. Let us explore this angle.

· Dirty makeup accessories

Research has shown that 61% of users clean their makeup brushes once a month, whereas 22% never wash them. So, can using dirty makeup brushes cause skin problems? Unfortunately, yes. Dirty makeup brushes encourage the growth of harmful bacteria because of the accumulation of makeup ingredients. Therefore, every time you apply makeup using dirty makeup accessories, you allow the dirt to spread on your face, enter through the pores, and clog them, causing severe skin reactions like acne.

Bacteria also trigger the skin’s defense mechanisms to fight bacterial overload. Thus, it causes excessive secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands. As a result, while acne is the most common problem, some people experience skin rashes or blisters. In addition, it can lead to infections and premature skin wrinkles.

How can you prevent the health problems caused by makeup brushes?

We now see that using makeup accessories can cause skin reactions and allergies. So, let us explore ways to prevent skin and health problems. We shall discuss these preventive measures from the manufacturer’s and user’s viewpoints.  

a. Manufacturer’s Viewpoint

  • Use high-quality materials: Manufacturers never compromise on quality when producing makeup brushes and other products and accessories. Therefore, our manufacturing process concentrates on using the best quality materials.
  • Maintain strict hygiene: We never compromise on hygiene because we maintain stringent hygiene controls like sterilizing brush hairs, irrespective of whether they are animal hair or synthetic fibers.   
  • Stipulate high-level quality control tests: Our products are subjected to high-level quality controls to ensure that our products do not affect our user’s health. As a result, our products are safe for sensitive skin and do not cause skin reactions like acne and rashes.

b. User’s viewpoint

  • Maintain cleanliness: Using unclean materials increases the risks of skin infections because dirt accumulation on the face can cause serious ailments. Therefore, we recommend cleaning the makeup brushes after every use. Allowing the makeup products to remain on the brush enables bacterial growth and contaminates the makeup accessories. These bacteria get transferred to your skin and infect it. So, cleaning the makeup tools properly is essential.
  • Invest in quality products: Good-quality makeup and accessories can be more expensive than unhygienic ones. However, reputed products pass stringent quality control tests before entering the market. Therefore, investing in such products is advisable rather than compromising on cost.

How do you clean your makeup brushes?

Reputed manufacturers take care of the quality aspect during the production cycle. However, cleaning the products after use and maintaining proper hygiene standards is in the user’s hands. Let us see how users can clean and maintain their makeup brushes to prevent skin and other health problems.

  • Users should clean their makeup brushes and other tools after every makeup application. So, choosing the ideal makeup cleanser is essential.
  • Wash the brushes under the tap using lukewarm water. However, we advise not to expose the handle and ferrule to warm water because the glue can melt and cause the bristles to shed. Cleaning the brush edges is crucial.
  • Add the cleaner to the brush and swirl the brush around by pressing the brush hairs on your palm using circular motions to whip up a rich lather. Alternatively, you can use the brush cleaning mat. Finally, rewash the bristles with water to eliminate the grime and soap residue.
  • We advise squeezing the brush bristles using your fingers to remove excess water.
  • Dry the brush using a towel and keep it exposed to air overnight before packing it back into its case.

This procedure ensures you have clean makeup brushes when you reuse them. Thus, it prevents bacterial buildup on the bristles and ensures complete hygiene.

Call to Action

We have discussed how makeup brushes can cause skin reactions and understood the significance of maintaining good hygiene. As a cosmetics brush manufacturer, we undertake full responsibility for sterilizing the brush hairs at high temperatures when manufacturing our high-quality brushes. So buyers can order the best quality products from us to ensure that their users do not suffer from skin allergies, acne, and other problems arising from using our products. As users, you are responsible for cleaning the makeup brushes after using them every time.

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