Makeup Brush Protector – An essential accessory to protect your vulnerable makeup brushes from damage

All makeup brushes are not expensive, but every piece is delicate. Hence, protecting them from damage is critical. Brushes can deteriorate with continuous use and regular wear and tear. In addition, they come in contact with various chemicals and different types of water and soaps. So, the bristles can break or become frayed, making it challenging to apply makeup correctly. Therefore, the makeup brush protector should be a crucial accessory with every makeup kit.

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Queen Brush manufactures all types of makeup brush protectors. We can supply these attachments along with our consignment. But we need the buyer to raise their demands when placing orders for their products. We provide high-quality makeup brush protectors to protect our products from damage.

Why are makeup brush protectors essential?

Why do you apply makeup? The idea is to look beautiful and presentable. So, will you use dirty makeup brushes for your cosmetic procedures? No one will do so. Therefore, protecting these makeup accessories is essential.

Exposing makeup brushes to the open environment can attract dust, moisture, and other impurities. So, it becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria like E.coli and staphylococcus. Besides, moisture in the air can lead to fungus formation on the bristles. Using such brushes can cause skin infections. So it becomes vital to protect your brushes.

All makeup brushes are not disposable. So you use them repeatedly. Besides, you carry them with you wherever you travel. Therefore, the brushes can get damaged. The bristles might get entangled in your luggage or mixed with other travel ingredients. So they can snap and fall off.

Therefore, how do you protect your makeup accessories? Of course, the ideal way is to use makeup brush protectors. So, let us see what makeup brush protectors are.

What are makeup brush protectors?

Makeup brush protectors are external attachments that protect the accessories from dust, travel, accidents, rough handling, and the challenges of washing and drying. These flexible attachments are made of plastic, polyester, or silicon fibers. These transparent protectors are stretchable and breathable. So they adjust to the brush’s shape and allow the bristles to retain their shapes when not in use. These makeup brush protectors are innovative avenues for protecting the vulnerable bristles of your makeup brushes.

Makeup brush protectors – Different sizes

Our makeup brush protectors are available in varying sizes, depending on the brush size. For example, the powder and the kabuki brush require the largest sizes. Usually, these protectors measure one inch long. The foundation brushes are comparatively smaller. The blush brushes used for applying rouge to your cheeks are smaller than the foundation brushes. Generally, these protectors are available in the following four sizes.

  1. Kabuki brush – 1-inch, the largest
  2. Foundation brush – 5/8 inch, medium-sized
  3. Blush brush – 3/8 inch, small size
  4. Eye brushes – ¼ inch, smallest

Buyers can order these makeup protectors in bulk when placing orders for the brushes. Our regular pack contains one large, two medium, two small, and one extra-small brush protector. Accordingly, buyers can indent their requests. Then, we will arrange to produce them and transport them with their bulk order for brushes.

Makeup brush protectors are usually available in transparent versions. However, we also provide black variants to buyers who prefer them. But we request our buyers to clarify their preferences in advance because it can become challenging to procure the correct sizes at the last minute.

Makeup brush protectors – how to use them?

Users would love to know how to use these makeup brush protectors. They should note that these accessories are made from breathable polyester and can be stretched. So, these protectors can fit brushes of multiple sizes. However, we suggest not using oversized protectors for small brushes because they would not fit properly. So, choosing the appropriate size is advisable.

Using these makeup brush protectors is simple. Once you wash and blot your makeup brushes, you can shape the bristles using your hands and slip the protector on them. The breathable fabric allows you to slip them on without waiting for the brushes to dry completely. The brushes can dry even after you slip them inside their protectors.

Makeup up brush protectors – The Advantages

Using makeup brush protectors has its advantages.

  1. The brush protectors cover the bristles and the ferrules to protect them from dust and moisture.
  2. The bristles remain intact and do not spread out. Therefore, the makeup brushes last longer when you protect them with these attachments.
  3. Our high-quality makeup brush protectors resist bacteria because of the antimicrobial coating.
  4. It protects them from insects and flies that can introduce germs to the bristles, leading to skin infections.
  5. The bristles do not get entangled with your luggage and other makeup items during travel.
  6. Our makeup brush protectors can fit makeup brushes of various sizes because of their flexibility.
  7. Our products are available in various shapes and attractive colors. In addition, both opaque and transparent protectors are available with us.
  8. These makeup brush protectors are available at reasonable rates. However, buyers must order them in bulk quantities. Therefore, we supply them in packs of 100 or more.
Makeup brush protectors – Durability

One of the best qualities of our makeup brush protectors is their durability. While these accessories protect the brushes and extend their lifespan and utility, the protectors are durable and can last for five to seven years.

We advise users to use our makeup brush protectors to protect their vulnerable brushes from damage. So, the brushes last long and do not spread infections, primarily as you use them on your face.

Where can you buy makeup brush protectors?

Interested buyers can purchase these makeup brush protectors in bulk from Queen Brush. We accept orders and request buyers to place them when they order their primary consignment of makeup brushes. It allows us to produce these brush guards and supply them with the shipment.

Wrap it up

Makeup brush protectors are essential because they protect vulnerable makeup brushes from dust, moisture, insect attacks, bacteria, and other damage. Buyers can place orders for these accessories in advance, allowing us to prepare the shipment accordingly. We commit ourselves to produce high-quality makeup brush protectors to protect your makeup accessories and, in turn, protect your skin from infections.

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