How to specify the requirements to makeup brush supplier through makeup brush outline

You must have heard these words. “A technician is considered only as good as his tools.” This logic applies to makeup artists too. They need the right makeup brushes to do a perfect makeup job. Therefore, buyers should check the correct dimensions before ordering them in bulk. This article discusses the makeup brush outline and recommends the best practices buyers can follow to make it easy for themselves and manufacturers.

The makeup brush structure

A makeup brush has three principal components, the brush handle, the ferrule, and the bristles. The ferrule holds the strands together, and the handle helps the user grip the brush while applying makeup.

· The Handles

Usually, the best handles are made of wood. However, manufacturers also produce plastic handles if required. Plastic handles are comparatively cheaper than their wooden counterparts. In addition, the handles can be long or short based on user requirements. For example, the eye brush handles are long and slender, whereas the foundation or kabuki brushes have short handles.

· The Ferrules

Ferrules are made of metals like aluminum, copper, or brass. While brass ferrules are the sturdiest and most expensive, aluminum ferrules are more common and light in weight. Some manufacturers also use nickel for manufacturing their ferrules because nickel has better corrosion-resistant properties. Generally, the ferrules have double crimps to ensure the handle and the bristles stay secure.

· The Bristles

Bristles are usually synthetic fibers. But animal hair brushes are also available on demand. Therefore, buyers should specify whether they need animal or synthetic fibers on their brushes. Accordingly, manufacturers can order their raw materials for manufacturing makeup brushes.

Know the makeup brush outline.

Different makeup brushes have different structures. For example, the foundation brush generally has tightly packed oval-shaped bristles in a pinched ferrule. In addition, it has thicker and fluffier bristles to provide a flawless finish. On the other hand, the concealer brushes have soft and firm brushes with pointed tips. They are used to correct the makeup application under the eyes and conceal blemishes on the skin.

So, buyers should know the proper brush structure and specify their outlines ideally while ordering their stock from manufacturers. Professional brush buyers are very particular with their orders because they stipulate clear outlines, making it convenient for manufacturers to produce the brushes accordingly. On the other hand, first-time buyers are not very sure of their makeup brush outlines and structures. So, they need to be more specific with their orders.

Let us discuss some tips to help buyers define the perfect makeup brush outlines and make it convenient for themselves and manufacturers.

Buyer’s Viewpoint

Manufacturers offer samples to prospective buyers enabling them to know the product better. Buyers can use these samples to define the makeup brush outlines they need according to their client’s preferences.

Buyers can analyze these samples and suggest changes if they need them. Manufacturers can make the required alterations to suit their buyer’s preferences. Experienced buyers usually provide the correct measurements because they know their requirements better. On the other hand, new buyers must be more sure about their client preferences. Hence, they rely more on the manufacturer’s samples and photos than the actual requirements.

Manufacturer’s viewpoint

The top makeup brush manufacturers always provide samples to their buyers to enable them to decide on the right option. Usually, the pieces are in the form of photos, especially if the buyers are overseas. Manufacturers also participate in makeup product exhibitions where buyers can attend and look at the physical samples. It helps them get a real feel of the brushes, allowing them to specify their requirements accordingly.

The manufacturers look forward to such suggestions because it lets them alter the design and manufacture the products to suit their buyer’s demands. As manufacturers, we would love to take precise instructions from buyers regarding hair length, ferrule diameter, and handle dimensions.

Specific demands make it convenient for us to order our raw materials accordingly. So we can produce a customized sample and send it for final approval. It also benefits buyers because they get the brush they want, and it helps them cater to their client’s requirements.

Generally, new buyers do not specify their requirements appropriately. Usually, they do not provide the outline forcing us to estimate their needs. As we know the buyer preferences in all countries, we assess their requirements accurately. But, it is always better if we get a detailed outline because it helps us to serve our customers better.

However, we have customers’ interests foremost on our minds. Therefore, we are prepared to modify the design if the customer requests a change. But, modifying structures and manufacturing the products afresh takes more time. So, we urge buyers to specify their designs accurately. It helps them to save time and money while ensuring they get the products they want.

Advantages to buyers

Specifying the brush outlines to manufacturers benefit buyers in various ways.

  1. It allows them to procure trending products to cater to their customer’s preferences and gives them the edge over their competitors.
  2. It saves time and money because the manufacturers understand their customizations and modify their designs accordingly on time.
  3. Buyers can get their logo affixed on the brush handles and personalize their products.

Advantages to manufacturers

Manufacturers also benefit from receiving concise instructions from buyers.

  1. Specific customization allows manufacturers to design makeup brushes accordingly. They can order their raw materials accurately and improvise their products to suit buyers’ demands.
  2. Manufacturers can be accurate with their production and save time in modifying the designs frequently. Modifying designs requires changing molds and ordering fresh raw materials.

Call to Action

Queen Brush offers the facility of providing samples to its buyers, enabling them to assess the products and spell out their requirements according to their customer’s tastes. We welcome suggestions from our buyers regarding modifications in the brush outlines. It helps us understand our customers better. Though new buyers need to specify their outlines correctly, we assure them that we will alter our designs based on their suggestions and manufacture our products according to their needs.

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