How to design the makeup brush logo

Why does one wear makeup? The answer is to look beautiful and presentable. So, in your makeup business, would you not love your brand to be as beautiful as the products you sell? The ideal way to show off your makeup products is to have an attractive logo that would make the perfect fashion statement.

Why do you need a logo?

The question is obvious. You might have the best makeup brushes in your arsenal, but how will your products stand apart from the crowd? A well-designed logo and tagline can separate your products from your competitor’s and make a lasting impression on your customer’s minds. For example, see the ‘Loreal’ logo. Anyone can quickly identify it with cosmetic products. So, let us see how buyers can design the most exciting makeup logo to let everyone know at first sight that it is a beauty brand.

First things first

Your makeup brush logo design should tell your audience and competitors that you mean business. So, it should convey your brand name most emphatically. People should identify your brand based on your logo. So, it should be positive and memorable at the same time. Let us discuss the seven simple but critical elements of designing a compelling beauty brand logo.

1. Be simple

Being simple is the most difficult thing in the world. Many people think a complex logo can say a lot, but the most appealing logos are always simple. Think of Nike. The brand logo conveys everything without uttering a single word.

The best part of a simple logo is that it is easily identifiable. People recognize it at first sight. So, the simpler your logo, the more effective it is. Besides, a makeup brush has little space to include complex messages. Also, manufacturers can find it challenging to include big logos on small handles having a diameter of 5mm to 7mm. So, a simple logo is the best for a makeup brush.

2. Make it interesting

Any brand logo should send a compelling message to be memorable and stand out from competitors. So, makeup brush buyers should include logos that appeal to their customers. If customers find it challenging to understand what the logo means, it will not work. For example, the Chanel logo is simple and easily identifiable by everyone as a beauty brand.

Manufacturers find it easy to print the Chanel logo because of the design’s simplicity. It can clearly show on thin handles. Anybody can see the ‘C’s’ design and recognize the makeup brush as a Chanel brand.

3. Stand the test of time.

People have short memories. So, makeup brush dealers should ensure that their logo remains relevant. The best logos are those that have withstood the test of time. For example, the Loreal brand has existed for over a hundred years. As a result, the company has maintained the same logo for many years.

The advantage of a timeless logo is that people identify with it wherever it is visible. As a result, the emblem retains its integrity, irrespective of its use.

4. Relevance is the key.

Makeup brush dealers should design logos relevant to their business and products. Of course, it is optional to have the brush design on the logo, but customers should know that the specific design represents the brand.

For example, Dior is a reputed fashion brand. But, buyers recognize the brand logo on the makeup brushes as quickly as on other fashion products.

5. Use the right typography.

Makeup brush buyers should treat their brand logos as a way of effectively communicating with their clients. So, the tagline becomes crucial, and choosing the appropriate font is critical because the incorrect font can convey negative feelings.

Generally, the traditional font choice is the serif font, whereas the modern trend is the sans-serif font. Choosing the right typography sends out a clear and concise message. However, it is best to have a simple statement of up to a few words. Two lines should be fine for a big brush like the foundation brush, where the handle diameter can be 12mm to 16mm. But for other brushes, a single line is sufficient to be easily noticeable.

6. The right choice of colors can influence buying decisions.

Choosing the most appropriate colors to describe your brand is of paramount significance. It can send a strong message to customers and competitors and influence their buying decisions.

For example, red denotes excitement and love, whereas green represents knowledge and health. Yellow exudes happiness and enthusiasm, while blue symbolizes trust and honesty.

Buyers should convey their color choices to makeup brush manufacturers in advance, enabling them to choose the ideal color combination for the handles. Usually, our printing method is the silk screen method. So, knowing the color choice allows us to prepare our molds properly.

7. A versatile logo makes a compelling statement.

A makeup brush dealer can also sell other makeup products. So, having a versatile logo is advisable. Besides, you might need to market your products on social media and other channels. Therefore, a versatile logo can do wonders.

We have discussed the seven essential steps one should take while designing brand logos for makeup brushes and other cosmetic products. It should help customers instantly know they are looking at a beauty brand. So, let us discuss logo branding from a manufacturer’s viewpoint and see how buyers can communicate their message to their clients.

Manufacturer’s Viewpoint

Queen Brush is a reputed makeup brush manufacturer that provides facilities to buyers to include their logo and taglines. Buyers can adhere to these guidelines to get the best out of their logos.

  1. Many buyers send complex logos that can look great but are not helpful. A simple logo is preferable because it becomes convenient to print simple symbols on the small makeup brush handles with a diameter of 5mm to 7mm.
  2. Secondly, the tagline should be at most three to four words. It will not look clear on the slender brush handles.
  3. The font should be ideal. Otherwise, it might look like a dot on the brush handle.
  4. We accept two-line logos and taglines for the bigger brushes, like the foundation brush, because they have a diameter of 12mm to 16mm. However, eyeliner brushes have slender handles. Therefore, a single-line logo is recommended.
  5. Before designing their brand logo, buyers can do well to note the logos of reputed brands like Loreal, Dior, and Chanel.

We cater to each requirement of our customers in the best possible manner. But following the guidelines lets your customers know they are looking at a beauty brand.   

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