Makeup Brush Holder Silicone

Have you ever felt you need a safe place to hold your makeup brushes while busy with your cosmetic jobs? If yes, you need a silicone makeup brush holder to keep your brush standing erect. The makeup brush holder has unique advantages, which we shall discuss in this article. We shall also look at the different kinds of makeup brush holder silicone you can order along with your makeup brushes.

The need for a makeup brush holder

You need different makeup brushes when having your cosmetic procedure. Since you cannot use all the brushes simultaneously, you need a safe place to hold these brushes while you use the others. Placing them on the ground or in a plastic cup can cause the bristles to pick up dust that can affect your subsequent makeup applications. Therefore, a makeup brush holder with specifically-made slots is ideal for holding these brushes securely. Let us see what a makeup brush holder looks like.

How does a makeup brush holder look like

A makeup brush holder is made of silicone or ABS plastic. Both these materials are durable and can last for extended periods. In addition, they are flexible and can hold different types of makeup brushes. Besides, these holders can hold lipstick bottles. Furthermore, since the brushes stand erect, the makeup products do not drip or get contaminated. In addition, you can use these makeup brush holders to place the brushes for drying after washing them.

The best aspect of these makeup brush holders is that you can comfortably clean them using water. Plastic or silicone does not take much time to dry. Another prominent advantage of these silicone makeup brush holders is that they hold them tightly. So they do not fall even if you invert the holders.

Different types of silicone makeup brush holders

Makeup brush holders, also known as organizers, are perfect for holding your makeup brushes while you continue with your cosmetic makeup. These brush holders are either made of silicone or high-quality ABS plastic. Depending on your use, makeup brush holders are available in various types.

a. Wall-mounted silicone makeup brush holders

Wall-mounted silicone makeup brush holders are the most common types of brush holders available. The best feature of these accessories is that they come with suction cups to grip onto the wall anywhere. Usually, they are made of high-grade and environmentally-friendly silica gel. The advantage of silicone is that it is a harmless and non-toxic material that is most flexible. In addition, these holders can accommodate all kinds of brushes because they come equipped with compartments or channels of different sizes. You push the brush into the specific channel, allowing the channel walls to grip them perfectly.

b. Desktop Storage Box Makeup Brush Holder Silicone

While the wall-mounted makeup brush holders are convenient, you cannot use them under all circumstances. For example, you need a dedicated space on the wall to hold them tight. So if you do not have the appropriate facilities, you can find these holders challenging to use. Under such circumstances, a desktop storage box is ideal.

These accessories contain specially-made silicone pockets that allow you to place the makeup brushes upright. The advantage of silicone is that it is expandable. Hence, these pockets grip the brush handles tightly and allow them to remain secure. In addition, you can place multiple brushes simultaneously in different pockets and ensure that the bristles do not come in contact with each other.

Besides makeup brushes, these silicone holders can accommodate other makeup tools and accessories. For example, you can keep scissors, rulers, stilettos, and other tools upright. The advantage is that you can grab these tools conveniently if placed in upright positions.

c. Silicone Makeup Brush Organizer countertop display stand

This type of makeup brush holder is similar to the desktop holder. Still, it looks more organized, with specifically-shaped silicone pockets to hold these makeup brushes and other makeup kit items upright.

This organizer is either made of ABS plastic or silicone, which makes these tools durable. You can wash them with water conveniently to remove any makeup residue or dust that can stick to the silicone surface. These boxes look like ice cube trays you have in your refrigerators. Since they are made of silicone, these organizers are light and comfortable to carry along.

Silicone makeup brush holders Vs. Makeup brush bag

A makeup brush bag is also an ideal storage option for your makeup brushes. However, these come with zippers that allow you to close them after placing the brushes inside. Therefore, these bags are ideal for carrying with you anywhere but not the perfect accessory to hold your makeup brush during the cosmetic procedure. Your makeup brushes will be wet with makeup products, and placing them inside the bag in such a condition can cause the spillage of makeup products inside the bags. In contrast, the makeup brush holders allow you to place the brushes erect and upright.

Advantages of using silicone makeup brush holders

We have discussed three common types of silicone makeup brush holders. But first, let us discuss what buyers should look for purchasing their favorite brush holders.

  1. Silicone makeup brush holders are better than plastic because they are more flexible. In addition, the slots can adjust to different brush sizes comfortably and grip them securely.
  2. Silicone is environmentally friendly and easy to clean. These holders dry soon and do not allow bacterial accumulation.
  3. These makeup brush holders have multiple slots to hold makeup brushes of different sizes. Since they hold them securely, the brushes do not fall even if you invert them.
  4. Silicone makeup brush holders are available in multiple attractive colors. In addition, they are light and easily transportable.

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