Makeup Brush Handles – Which is the best?

It is impossible to imagine a makeup brush without a handle. Yes. The bristles play a crucial role in defining your makeup, but one must recognize the utility of the makeup brush handles because these makeup tools are incomplete without them. This article discusses makeup brush handles and the materials used in their manufacture to understand the best suited for the particular brush.

Makeup Brush Handles – The Materials

Usually, makeup brush handles use the following three materials for their manufacture – wood or bamboo, plastic or acrylic, and metal. However, much depends on the brush type and user preferences. Manufacturers are always open to tailoring their makeup brush handles according to consumer choices. But one thing is common. Consumers must feel comfortable holding these brushes.

· Wooden and Bamboo handles

Traditionally, makeup brushes had wooden handles. They are the most readily available raw materials and have been used for centuries. Wood is easy to grip and has a nice smooth feel to it. They are light and look beautiful. Besides, wooden handles look natural. Manufacturers love wooden handles because they are easy to construct and can be used for small orders or MOQ production demands.

They can shape the wood in various patterns, depending on consumer preferences. Moreover, wood is comparatively inexpensive to metal. Besides, customizing wooden handles according to buyer preferences is convenient.

Yes. Painting wooden handles can take time because they need a primer coat and a couple of color coats to stick well. Manufacturing wooden handles takes more time compared to plastic or acrylic brush handles. In addition, more time is required for the paint to dry. Sigma wooden beauty handles are the best because they have thicker coats of color that do not fade quickly.  

Compared to wood, bamboo is a better material because of its higher sustainability. One of the best aspects of bamboo is that painting is not necessary for brush handles. Bamboo is eco-friendly and looks natural. They are lighter than wooden handles and more comfortable to grip. Besides, bamboo handles look classy.

· Plastic and acrylic

If you find wooden handles heavy, you must try the plastic ones because they can be super light. Plastic handles come in different types, depending on the materials used in their manufacturing process. Some plastic handle materials include AS, PP, ABS, PE, PCTA, PET, PETG, and acrylic.

The best feature of plastic handles is that you can mold them in whichever shape you like. Everything depends on the mold. It is possible to give unique shapes to grips like round, oval, tapering, etc. Besides, plastic handles allow manufacturers to use an extensive range of attractive colors. Some manufacturers give metal plating over the plastic handles to give a metallic look.

While plastic handles are much lighter than their wooden or bamboo counterparts, they are durable and robust. In addition, they do not break easily.

The only drawback of plastic handles is the cost of production. Preparing a suitable mold is critical. Therefore, customization can be expensive because different buyers could have varied requirements. Manufacturers need to create new molds every time the buyer customizes their requirements. So, small orders or MOQ production can be expensive for the buyer.

Larger orders are economical because the same mold can cater to the entire buyer’s requirements.

· Metal handles

While plastic handles are light and comfortable, they do not have a luxurious feel. Wooden handles can be used for luxury brands, but nothing can beat metal handles because they give the most premium look to your makeup brushes.

Metal handles are the most expensive makeup brush handles because of the high raw material costs and manufacturing expenses. Therefore, the top manufacturers use metals like copper or aluminum for manufacturing their makeup brush handles. Brass and bronze are also used for making handles, but aluminum and copper are the most popular metals for manufacturing makeup brush handles.

Manufacturing metal handles is expensive and consumes more time, especially if the buyer has customized requirements like specific designs and patterns. Secondly, metal handles are heavy but last longer than all other makeup brush handles. Finally, manufacturers do not offer many color choices on metal hands. In comparison, plastic handles are the best because of the extensive color range available.

Which is the best option? – Wooden Vs. Plastic Vs. Metal

Much depends on the buyer’s preferences, which are directly influenced by customer choices. First, however, let us look at the various characteristics of these three materials to decide the best option.

· Durability

When it comes to long-lasting durability, metal handles are the best options. Wooden handles are also durable, but users must not expose wooden handles to excessive moisture and humidity. On the other hand, plastic handles are robust and do not break easily. But they lose color and can look stale after some time.

· Cost

Wooden or bamboo handles are less expensive, especially for MOQ production. Plastic or acrylic handles are better for bulk production. Metal handles are the most costly of the lot.

· Looks and Shapes

Plastic handles are versatile because they can come in whichever shape you need. Wooden handles are less flexible than plastic handles. Metal handles look great and are perfect for luxury brands. Plastic handles are excellent because they offer extensive color options.

So, finally, everything depends on the customer’s choices. Manufacturers do not have any issues because they can cater to all customer demands.

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