Makeup brush guide for beginners – A manufacturer’s viewpoint

Who doesn’t like cosmetic makeup to look gorgeous and presentable? While you have various makeup brushes and other accessories available on the market, selecting the right tools becomes crucial, especially for beginners. So, let us look at the essential makeup brushes every newbie needs to have in their makeup arsenal. Simultaneously, we shall discuss how makeup brush manufacturers can enhance the quality to make it easy for beginners.

1. Foundation Paddle Brush

The foundation paddle brush is an essential makeup accessory for beginners. This brush is densely packed and has a flat shape, similar to a paddle. Since this brush has the maximum use, it must be sturdy enough to last long. Therefore, makeup brush manufacturers should use wooden handles instead of plastic. Aluminum ferrules are the best because they can hold the bristles well.

The foundation paddle brush provides maximum coverage but can be challenging because it might leave streaks if used improperly. However, manufacturers can use high-quality bristles and pack them densely to overcome such challenges. The best aspect of the foundation paddle brushes is that they are compatible with powders, creams, and liquids.

2. Powder Brush

Powder brushes are equally important because they help spread the powder evenly across your face. These brushes are fluffy and have loosely-packed bristles. The advantage is that it does not allow more products to stick to one area of the face. However, manufacturers should be careful when producing powder brushes because the brush hairs should not fall off when rubbed vigorously.

Both animal hair and synthetic bristles work well with powder brushes. Keeping them fluffy enables quick powder application. Depending on your preferences, you can have these brushes with wooden or plastic handles. But, the wooden handles are sturdier and have a better center of gravity. The disadvantage of powder brushes is that you cannot use them for creams and liquid products. The kabuki brush is a better option.

3. Kabuki Brush

The kabuki brush is similar to the foundation brush because it provides maximum coverage across your face. This brush has densely packed bristles but does not have a paddle shape. In contrast, it is more like a buffing brush with flat bristles. Manufacturers should note that this brush’s function is to spread the product evenly and not waste makeup.

Keeping the bristles tightly packed ensures they do not absorb more product and mess up the makeup procedure. It is also better to keep the bristle ends rounded to dot the foundation on the face and blend it out using small and circular motions. The advantage of the kabuki brush is that you can use it with powders, creams, and liquids.

4. Blush Brush

The Blush brush plays a prominent role in your makeup procedure. This brush looks like a miniature version of the powder brush. Moreover, it performs a similar function. So, manufacturers should ensure this accessory has fluffy with loosely packed hairs. The advantage of packing bristles loosely is that it provides more coverage area while absorbing less powder. So, this makeup brush is ideal for applying rouge to your cheeks.

Making these brushes light and easy to apply powder on the face is better. Therefore, plastic handles and ferrules are ideal instead of wooden and aluminum frames. In addition, the loose bristles are better for soaking up cream or liquids. Hence, we do not recommend using the blush brush on such products. They work best with powder products.

5. Fluffy, Blending Brush

Beautifying your eyes is critical for any makeup procedure. However, using the right products is paramount. The areas around your eyes are delicate. So, you must be careful when applying makeup. Otherwise, the product can get into your eyes. Therefore, the fluffy blending brush is perfect.

Manufacturers should pack the bristles tightly to absorb the correct quantity of the product and avoid spreading it across the face. The fluffy blending brush comes in various sizes. Small brushes are ideal for defining the crease lines of your eyes, whereas the larger models can help blend the edges. Angled brushes are also available to provide a better shape to your eyes and make them look beautiful.   

6. Flat eyeshadow brush

The flat eyeshadow brush looks like a smaller paddle brush with moderately dense bristles. This brush has flat hairs and is used for pressing the eyeshadow pigment on your eyelids. Makeup artists use this brush consistently. So, manufacturers should make it a sturdy accessory by packing the bristles inside metal ferrules and using wooden handles.

The densely-packed hairs allow users to apply powder, cream, gel, and liquid eyeshadows comfortably. However, the brush should be flexible enough to maneuver hard-to-reach areas around your eyes. Hence, it is better to have sufficiently long handles for a better grip.

7. Angled eyeliner brush

The angled eyeliner brush has the specific function of defining eyebrow shapes. So, manufacturers use thin bristles to enable users to draw fine lines and extend the eyeliner. In addition, the angles help guide the brush perfectly over the eyebrows to create thin hair-like strokes. Besides, users can use this handy makeup accessory to draw wings and beautify the eyeline further.

One can use animal hair or synthetic fibers according to user preferences because both are equally effective. Since these brushes should be light and comfortable, manufacturers can have plastic handles. However, wooded handles give a better grip to sketch the finer lines.

8. Shader Brush

Who does not love smokey eyes? The shader brush is the perfect accessory because of its short and dense bristles that allow the blending of eyeshadow across the eyelids and give your eyes a smokey appearance.

This brush is also known as a smudge brush because the thick bristles enable you to smudge your eyeliner comfortably. The trick is to maintain the strands short but tightly packed to make it convenient for the user.

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We have discussed eight makeup brushes that should be present in every beginner’s makeup kit. Manufacturers should note these details and ensure sufficient production to cater to consumer demand. Queen Brush manufactures all these brushes in its state-of-the-art makeup brush factory.  As a result, you can bulk order your requirements from us and satisfy your customers’ needs.

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