Makeup brush ferrules – Copper or Aluminum, which is better?

While the bristles and the handle are critical components of a makeup brush, the ferrule is significant because it securely connects the strands to the handle. So the metal part of the brush that sits between the handle and the hairs or fibers is known as the ferrule.

What is a ferrule made of?

makeup brush ferrules

Ferrules must be sturdy to hold the handle and the bristles in place. So, they are usually made of metals like copper, aluminum, or brass. This article discusses the different materials used for manufacturing ferrules and compares them to decide the best option for the user.

The Ferrule’s functions

As described earlier, the ferrule connects the brush handle to the bristles. So it has a tubular shape with sockets at both ends to hold the handle and secure the strands. Therefore, the ferrule should have precise thickness and the perfect shape to fit into the grip.

Usually, handles are round-shaped. So, a ferrule has a round-shaped socket at one end. Depending on the brush type and shape, the other end of the ferrule can be round-shaped or flat. However, the bristle end of the ferrule is pressed to secure them properly.

Manufacturers attach the ferrule to the handle by using high-quality glue. Similarly, the fibers are inserted into the other end of the ferrule by applying glue. Thus, the ferrule holds to the handle and secures the bristles to make it comfortable for the user to apply makeup.

Ferrule Material

We have seen that makeup brushes have animal hair, synthetic fibers, sponges, or silicone. The handles are usually made of wood, metal, or plastic. However, ferrules are primarily made of metals. Aluminum is the most common choice of metal used for manufacturing ferrules. Besides, makeup brushes come with copper or brass bristles.

Copper Vs. Aluminum

Manufacturers offer copper and aluminum as ferrule choices. Buyers can decide on their preferences before ordering their consignment. Customer choices play a critical role in influencing the buyer’s decisions.

  • Generally, buyers prefer aluminum ferrules for cheap or inexpensive brushes because copper is more expensive than aluminum.
  • Aluminum is a preferred choice because it is more malleable than copper. In addition, aluminum can be molded into any shape better than copper.
  • Besides, aluminum ferrules can be made into any desired color. On the other hand, copper ferrules have a gunmetal or rose gold color.  
  • Copper and brass are comparatively more expensive than aluminum. So it increases production costs and makes these makeup brushes expensive.
  • Copper and brass ferrules give a premium look to the brushes and enhance the elegance factor because they reflect light better than aluminum.
  • Compared to aluminum, copper is more robust and durable. They do not bend or get damaged easily because copper is nearly ten times harder than aluminum. So these ferrules are thicker.
  • Copper is heavier than aluminum. So people who prefer lighter brushes go for aluminum ferrules.
  • Copper and brass ferrules usually have nickel or chrome plating, whereas aluminum ferrules are anodized to protect them from corrosion. Besides, it enhances their appearance and ensures a more attractive finish to the product.
  • Premium brands usually have copper ferrules because of the classy finish. The rose gold color looks stunning on the brush, adding to its elegance.       

Is stainless steel a good material for ferrules?

Generally, manufacturers prefer copper, brass, or aluminum ferrules. However, some buyers specify stainless steel ferrules. Under such circumstances, manufacturers provide stainless steel options. However, these ferrules have limitations because they do not offer color choices.

Which is the best material for manufacturing makeup brush ferrules?

Much depends on the wholesale buyer’s preferences. Manufacturers are always ready to cater to customer demand. However, buyers should note the following features when ordering their consignments.

  • Aluminum is the least expensive metal among copper, brass, or stainless steel. So it is the most commonly preferred metal for makeup brush ferrules, especially as the buyers order in bulk quantities. Aluminum is the most economical choice.
  • Copper is more expensive than aluminum. Hence, premium brands have copper ferrules. Since they cost more, buyers prefer copper ferrules for MOQ products. In addition, copper ferrules give the classiest finishes to makeup brushes.
  • Brass is the hardest of all metals used for manufacturing ferrules. So it is not a popular choice, but brass ferrules are the sturdiest. Even copper is comparatively more rigid than aluminum.
  • Stainless steel ferrules are gradually gaining popularity as an alternative to aluminum. Stainless steel has a shiny finish and looks elegant. However, it offers a few color options.
  • When it comes to color choices, aluminum ferrules are the best. Hence, aluminum ferrules blend well with metal and wooden handles. On the other hand, copper offers fewer but more attractive choices.
  • Aluminum is the lightest of all the metals discussed here. Besides, it is the most malleable. Hence, it becomes convenient for manufacturers to mold them into any shape. On the other hand, copper and brass do not have such versatile malleability.
  • Cost-wise, aluminum is the ideal choice. So, wholesale brush dealers prefer aluminum ferrules over others.

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Manufacturers do not have any problems in offering the ferrules that buyers demand. Queen Brush provides all options to its buyers. So wholesale dealers can specify their requirements, and we will cater to them entirely. We have facilities to manufacture copper, brass, or aluminum ferrules.

We take great care when manufacturing makeup brush ferrules to ensure they have the perfect dimensions to stick to the handles. Otherwise, the ferrules can crack and make the brush ineffective. In addition, we use high-quality glue to fix the handles to the ferrule to ensure they last long. Besides, we allow the glue to dry properly and ensure they do not drip out. Moreover, we stick the bristles firmly and clamp them properly to prevent them from becoming loose and falling off.

Final Words

It can be a challenge to choose between aluminum and copper ferrules. Both are excellent materials. So aluminum should be your choice if you want light and inexpensive makeup brushes. But copper should be perfect if you want a class product.   

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