8 makeup brush certifications that make a supplier qualified to export makeup brushes

Queen Brush manufactures high-quality cosmetic accessories like makeup brushes. Each of our brushes is subjected to the strictest quality certifications. In addition, our brushes comply with various quality certification norms. Since we cater to a vast clientele in multiple markets like the US, Europe, South America, and Asia, we ensure that our brushes comply with the quality certifications applicable to the respective market. So, our customers can check the certifications before ordering their requirements. Let us discuss the main quality certifications relevant to cosmetic accessories, especially makeup brushes.

REACH – Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)

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REACH applies to all chemical substances imported or produced within the European Union. It implies that the manufacturer or importer is authorized to sell only those cosmetic products registered under the REACH regulations. So, if you are an importer of a finished product, like makeup brushes, it implies that you import all the ingredients that go into its manufacture. Therefore, registering them becomes invariable. REACH obligations extend to almost all cosmetic products and accessories.

Queen Brush makeup brushes comply with REACH regulations. Hence, importers from the European Union can order their products from us without worrying about quality certification standards.

CA65 – California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Association

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California has specific laws related to allowing of sale of products in its state. The products should have the CA65 certification. The State of California OEHHA publishes a list of toxic chemicals that cause cancer or reproductive toxicity. It updates the list frequently to add or delete substances as deemed necessary. So, any finished product containing even one of the substances listed in the Proposition 65 List is not eligible for CA65 certification.

Queen Brush makeup accessories do not contain any listed chemical compounds as raw materials. Our brushes comply with CA65 regulations. Importers from California can import our brushes hassle-free.  

ROHS – Restriction on Use of Certain Hazardous Substances

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Any import to countries in the European Union should comply with REACH and ROHS regulations. While REACH lists out a comprehensive list of chemical compounds, ROHS relates to the restriction on the use of specific hazardous substances. The latest ROHS directives state that the products should not contain the following six chemical compounds over the allowable limits.

These chemicals include lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, and polybrominated biphenyls. Recently, it has added Bis (2-Ethylexyl) phthalate, Benzyl butyl phthalate, and dibutyl phthalate. Generally, ROHS directives apply to electrical and electronic products, including small household appliances.

The objective is to honor the EU’s commitment to reducing environmental pollution from e-waste generation and its negative impact on human health. In addition, Queen Brush products comply with ROHS stipulations, making them convenient for European buyers.

ISO 22716 – International Organization for Standardization

ISO 9001 is concerned with the management system. But ISO 22716 details a comprehensive approach for those working in the manufacturing, testing, packaging, storing, and transporting of finished cosmetic products. These products range from makeup and perfumes to body and hair products.

ISO 22716 certification benefits include

  1. Reducing cosmetic products and accessories hazards and promoting GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
  2. Ensure good quality and compliance with safety norms of cosmetic products within the supply chain
  3. Supports legal compliance from international regulators
  4. Adhere to internationally recognized achievements
  5. Integrates with other global standards like ISO 9001


ECOCERT COSMOS certification allows the commercialization of organic and natural cosmetic products and accessories globally. The COSMOS certification guarantees various aspects, including

  1. Absence of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  2. Green chemicals concept
  3. Recyclable packaging
  4. Use natural resources responsibly
  5. Respect for biodiversity
  6. Absence of petrochemical compounds like synthetic colorants, parabens, perfumes, and phenoxyethanol
  7. Ensure environmentally friendly production

Manufacturers or producers of any cosmetic product or accessory brand can apply for this organic and natural cosmetics label.

Cosmetics Challenge Test – Preservative Efficacy testing or PET

The Cosmetics Challenge Test is a crucial aspect of the Cosmetic Product Safety Report. ISO 29621 states that every cosmetic product should be free of microorganisms that can affect consumer health and that the organisms introduced during regular product use do not affect the product’s safety and quality.

The Cosmetics Challenge Test is the most important of the three primary types of testing of cosmetic products in the European Union as defined under Regulation 1223/2009. The other two are a)Physical, chemical, and microbial testing, and b) Stability and compatibility testing.

State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) and National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) – China-Specific Test

SAMR is among the primary competent authorities supervising cosmetic regulations. The NMPA is an independent Drug Administration Bureau under the governance of SAMR. The NMPA has nine subordinate departments, including the Cosmetic Safety Supervision Department. These departments are responsible for issuing cosmetics manufacturers’ production licenses and filing domestic non-special use cosmetics.

Cosmetic products include those used for cleaning, beautifying, protecting, deodorizing, and keeping the outer surface of the human body in good condition.

Cosmetic products should have NMPA approval before they are marketed in the country. The process involves registration, product testing, and a final NMPA review before certification.

Queen Brush cosmetic products have the NMPA certification, certifying that the product is of good quality, subscribes to various hygiene norms, and is fit for export or marketing inside China.

ECOGEA Quality Standard

The ECOGEA Quality Standard is based on European Union legislation because they are the best in the world regarding the safety of cosmetic products. Every new product has to undergo a safety assessment test before being eligible for sale. Manufacturers worldwide should note these concerns when manufacturing products for the European market. The exciting aspect of this certification is that the work can be done online. Manufacturers can also avoid an audit at the production sites if they provide proper documentation and compliance proof. Therefore, this process reduces the certification costs considerably.

Wrap it Up

Each country has its specific quality testing norms. However, major markets like the US and Europe have stringent testing norms for cosmetic products. So, any product that complies with European and US regulations should be of the highest standards. Queen Brush products qualify as one of the best in the world by complying with REACH, ROHS, and CA65 certifications. Thus, the buyer is assured of the product’s quality and standards.

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