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Open any makeup kit, and you will find a magnificent array of brushes. It includes foundation brushes, eyeshadow shaders, eyeliners, and many more. Generally, everyone knows how to use these brushes. But, there can be some accessories you might not know about their usage. For example, the Kabuki brush is a face makeup tool many people are not very conversant with. So, this article discusses the Kabuki brush line and how to use the different Kabuki brushes to get the most precise makeup. Also, this article will help you find the best kabuki brush supplier.

Why is the Kabuki brush unique?

Kabuki gets its name from the renowned Japanese theater where the actors apply rice powder on their faces using a unique brush with a short handle. The dense bristles make for a smooth application without wasting much product. As a result, the makeup procedure looks perfect without being cakey. However, the unique aspect of the Kabuki is that it is an excellent brush for applying liquid foundation.

Initially, the Kabuki brush had round bristles packed densely together to deliver a fluffy effect. However, it has evolved, with manufacturers offering different variants such as dome-shaped, angled, and flat hairs. So, users can choose the most appropriate tool, depending on their preferences.

Different Types of Kabuki Brushes

· The Round Kabuki Brush

If you wish your makeup to last from morning to night, it becomes crucial to use a setting powder to lock the makeup product. And no brush is better than the Kabuki to do it for you. All you do is dip your Kabuki into the makeup powder and dust it all over your face using light strokes.

The exciting feature of this tool is that it does not pick up much powder. So it does not waste any makeup product. Instead, you can press the brush into your skin and set the powder to last for extended periods.

· The Angled Kabuki Brush

The round Kabuki is perfect for setting the makeup product into your skin for a long-lasting effect. But, it falls short when you go for precision. Instead, you can try out the angled Kabuki brush. The angled bristles help contour the application and define the lines precisely. In addition, this brush helps reach challenging areas like the sides of your nose, the cheekbones, and the temple areas.

So, your makeup kit must have an angled Kabuki brush to sculpt your face according to your liking. It is the most versatile of all Kabuki brushes because it allows you better detailing than the round Kabuki tool.

· The Dome Kabuki Brush

The Dome Kabuki is similar to the round Kabuki but smaller in size. The dome-shaped design ensures the bristles are longer at the center than at the edges. So, you can dip this tool into the powder and pick up as much powder product as you need. So, it is equally good at conserving makeup products.

The dome-shaped brush is perfect for applying powder makeup under your eyes and your nose’s sides. Usually, these areas are the hardest to reach using conventional brushes. Instead, you can use this brush in sweeping motions to spread the product evenly. The Dome Kabuki is best for applying highlighter, bronzer, and blush.

· The Flat Top Kabuki Brush

Usually, people use the Kabuki brush for applying powder makeup. However, the flat-top Kabuki is an excellent multi-function tool because it can apply liquid foundation, cream products, and gel. In addition, the flat bristles allow for a seamless finish and cover your entire face, including the areas above the upper lip.

However, this tool works best with makeup powder because it is excellent for pressing the product onto your skin. In addition, the flat-top brush makes it easy to sweep away the excess powder to ensure a flawless finish.

· The Long-handle Kabuki Brush

Traditionally, the Kabuki has a short handle, making it challenging for beginners to use. So, the long-handle Kabuki brush is the perfect solution, allowing you to use two fingers and hold the brush comfortably while applying powder product to your skin. In addition, people who are used to applying makeup with long-handle brushes find it convenient to use this makeup accessory.

· The Retractable Kabuki Brush

The retractable Kabuki is a recent innovation where users can twist the handle and allow the bristles to settle inside the tube. Thus, you protect this makeup brush from exposure to moisture, dust, and bacterial contamination. Besides, the retractable brush is perfect for travel. You can carry it inside your handbag without worrying about soiling your belongings.

How to choose the ideal Kabuki brush?

You should rely on quality Kabuki brush manufacturers because good brands offer dense and soft bristles without shedding. Generally, Kabuki brushes feature aluminum handles. But some people prefer the bamboo handle. Therefore, the long-handle Kabuki always features wooden or bamboo handles. On the other hand, the short Kabuki brushes do not have wooden handles. The retractable Kabuki is different because it features metal handles.   

The Kabuki has a short and stubby handle compared to other makeup brushes. So you can hold the brush with your hands and apply makeup comfortably. Kabuki brushes can have animal hair or synthetic bristles. Synthetic fibers are better because they are more hygienic than animal hair brushes. Animal fur has pores, so they absorb and retain more product. They require deep cleaning to remove excess product sticking to the bristles.

How to buy the best Kabuki brushes?

Buying the best Kabuki brushes should not be an issue because Queen Brush offers an exciting range of products on display. We manufacture these brushes under the strictest hygienic conditions. You have a choice between animal hair and synthetic. Please declare your preferences in advance to enable us to manufacture these products accordingly.

While aluminum handles are best suited for these accessories, some categories of Kabuki brushes feature wooden or bamboo handles. You can customize your requirements by sharing your taglines and logos. We would be pleased to have them on your products, enabling you to market your brand. Ordering your consignment in bulk has its advantages, as you save money.

Therefore, you know where to go when purchasing Kabuki brushes.

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