How to test makeup brush bristles

Quality is paramount when purchasing makeup brushes. Manufacturers take all steps to ensure the best quality. But, wholesale dealers and buyers should check the brush’s bristles to recognize and understand its quality. This article deals with how to test a makeup brush’s bristles and ensure an impeccable cosmetic procedure.

How do you recognize a quality makeup brush?

Manufacturers usually offer samples, enabling wholesale buyers to check the quality of makeup brushes before ordering them in bulk. Besides, dealers rely on user feedback to help specify their exact requirements to manufacturers.

· Check the feel of the bristles.

The best way to check a makeup brush’s bristles is to rub the brush against your cheek. The ideal brushes offer a smooth and soft touch with a feathery feel. You can also run your fingers through the bristles to understand their softness.

The brush is not a good one if;

  1. The bristles are stiff and feel rough against your skin.
  2. The strands do not stay in place and detach from the ferrule when you run your fingers through them.

However, some customers prefer stiff bristles, especially for sketching precise eyelashes. So, much depends on the product’s usage. However, the general preference is soft, fluffy, and densely packed bristles.

The benefit of running the hands across the bristles is that you know if they are loosely packed because such bristles fall off easily. Besides, you can check the hair for knots if you flip the strands with your fingers.

So, checking how the bristles feel on the skin is a significant part of testing makeup brush bristles.  

· Check the hair material.

Makeup brushes can have animal hair bristles or synthetic fibers. Manufacturers provide the type of bristles that wholesalers demand. Some customers prefer animal hair because it can hold color pigments better than synthetic fibers. Besides, they feel softer against the skin and deliver a natural look to your skin. However, buyers have become more aware of animal rights and cruelty conscious. Therefore, the trend is toward synthetic fibers more than natural hair.

Synthetic fibers are usually polyester or nylon. Manufacturers usually blend different fibers to enhance the color-carrying ability to match animal hair quality. Synthetic fibers are beneficial because they do not trap color pigments, making it easy to clean them. In addition, users prefer synthetic hair for applying powder makeup and concealers because of their better product retaining capacity. Finally, users with allergies to animal fur prefer using synthetic fibers.

Therefore, checking the hair material is crucial to testing makeup brush bristles.

· Check hair color.

Generally, the top makeup brush manufacturers dye synthetic fibers with colors that wholesale buyers specify in their requirements. They also bake these fibers to make them feel softer. Therefore, these bristles become more absorbent and are not affected by different makeup products and solvents.

Animal hair has natural colors and is easily distinguishable because of its natural feel. However, goat hair can be dyed to get the required colors. So, wholesale buyers should check the bristle’s colors and compare them with the samples.

· Check the hair thickness.

It can be challenging for users to check hair thickness because their personal feeling is not always accurate. However, it helps to order your brushes from reputed manufacturers because they have quality controls to ensure the perfect thickness.

Queen Brush is very particular about ensuring high-quality makeup brush bristles. Therefore, they are accurate with their measurements.

  1. The hair thickness at the widest part is accurate, up to 0.1mm.
  2. The hair dosage is accurate to 0.1g.
  3. The ferrule diameter where the hairs attach to it is accurate up to 0.1mm.

The slimmer the hairs, the softer they are, and the better their quality.

Tips to wholesale buyers for testing makeup brush bristles

The best manufacturers, like Queen Brush, provide brush samples enabling buyers to specify their requirements. So wholesale buyers should look at the following aspects to check the bristles before ordering their consignments.

  1. The bristles should be according to their usage. For instance, foundation brushes need soft and fluffy bristles packed densely together. In contrast, eyeline brushes should be firmer to enable the user to sketch precise lines.
  2. The strands should be tightly packed into the ferrule without any loose ends. Even a single strand coming out loose should not be acceptable because it loosens other bristles, and they start falling off gradually with usage.
  3. Buyers should decide in advance whether they want animal hair or synthetic fiber makeup brush heads. Accordingly, it enables manufacturers to order their raw materials correctly.
  4. Buyers should decide on the bristle’s colors in advance to allow the manufacturers to prepare their products accordingly.

How manufacturers ensure maintaining high quality bristles

The best manufacturers know that animal hair brushes require more quality control measures than synthetic fibers.

  1. We are very particular with the hygiene aspect and maintain the highest standards of cleanliness when preparing the makeup brush bristles.
  2. We ensure that the hair shape and size are uniform for a specific brush category. It ensures that no strand juts out unevenly from the bunch. So, much effort goes into maintaining uniformity in shape and size.
  3. We ensure to follow our buyer’s instructions regarding hair type and color. At the same time, we also provide absolute softness. Animal hair requires us to care more because we know animal rights. Our synthetic hair is baked to precise temperatures to ensure maximum softness.

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We as a leading makeup brush manufacturer are committed to delivering the ultimate quality to our customers. We understand that our makeup brush bristles are crucial to your makeup procedure. Therefore, we ensure they feel soft on your skin and do not affect people with skin problems. In addition, our makeup brush bristles pick the perfect quantity of makeup products to ensure the smoothest application, resulting in a high quality cosmetic procedure.

This article should have helped makeup brush wholesale buyers test bristles to ensure they are of the best quality. You can approach us with your requirements, and we assure to cater to them in toto.

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