How to start a makeup brush business

You are thinking to start a makeup brush business. But you don’t know where to begin and what it takes to set up a makeup brush line. Even if you started a makeup brush business, what would be the profit margins? Is there a chance for you to scale your makeup brush line in that cutthroat competition?

The answer is makeup brush business has huge opportunities for entrepreneurs. Plus points for makeup artists and influencers. If you are internet-savvy and love to do research, you can not only start a makeup brush business but also brand your makeup brush line effectively.

In this blog, we are going to evaluate the pros and cons of the makeup brush business. We will then discuss quickly how you can start and scale your makeup brush business.

Makeup brush business disadvantages

Your doubts related to starting a makeup brush business might be valid. There are certain disadvantages attached. Therefore, you must not be off guard if planning to launch your makeup brush line.

  • The makeup brush market is crowded. The competition can be stiff.
  • There are so many types of makeup brushes that you may not be aware of. Also, the variety(size, color, dimensions) available is quite overwhelming.
  • Your makeup brushes can be too generic to appeal to customers.  
  • You procured makeup brushes in bulk and that didn’t pass quality assurance tests for the local market. This is a big loss.  
  • Big retailers aren’t going to give in their revenues to new retailers that easily.

Makeup brush business advantages

Though the makeup brush business disadvantages make you super cautious, the advantages encourage you to invest in the makeup brush business.

Low barrier to entry 

Unless you plan to manufacture your products yourselves, the startup costs are low. You can easily procure makeup brushes directly from manufacturers and sell them online. Even if you plan to go brick-and-mortar the costs are still comparatively low.

You can either procure white-label brushes or private-label brushes. White-label brushes don’t have a brand label so you can modify them according to your brand label and packaging. Private-label makeup brushes are what you procure from suppliers as per your makeup brush mockup, brand label, and packaging.  

Another option is you can contact suppliers to sell them their branded products in retail. The barriers in either of these cases are low.

Profit margins are high

The makeup brush business is scalable. With the increase in revenues, you can increase your production/procurement. That’s a good thing.

Another good thing is you can set prices on your own. This gives you the flexibility to adjust yourself to market conditions.

The average gross profit margin for retailers in the cosmetics industry is 53.55%. It means that you would sell a brush that cost $100 to you at $153.55. Please note that we are talking about gross profit margin, not net profit margin.  

Makeup brush market statistics

A Forbes business article published in 2014 encouraged entrepreneurs to invest their money in beauty products. It is true that the beauty industry market has steadily grown over years and remained unaffected by global tensions including the Covid-19 impact on the international supply chains.

As of 2021, the makeup brush market was estimated to be worth USD 1789.8 million. The market expects the makeup brush market to grow at a CAGR of 4.66% during 2021-2027 which means it will reach USD 2352.43 million by 2027.

It is evident from the stats that the makeup brush market is growing and will absorb newcomers in the industry. And there lies an opportunity for you to rise with the rising tide.    

Easy inventory management

Managing the stock in a warehouse can be very easy for you in a makeup brush business. The makeup brushes don’t usually expire and can be kept for a long. So, management is relatively easy.

Scalability and branding

By starting a makeup brush business, you aren’t just a retailer. You are a brand owner. Private-label makeup brush suppliers provide personalized brushes according to your design, label, and brand values.   

How can you start and scale a makeup brush line?

Starting a makeup brush line is easy because of the low barriers to entry. But scaling and growing the makeup brush line takes time.

Your chances to succeed in the makeup brush industry depend on the novelty of your makeup brush and an actionable marketing strategy. On the contrary, you are out of the competition from day 1 with low-quality products.

Identify your product

Specifying the niche is most important, especially when you are new to the makeup brush market. There are so many types of makeup brushes with different sizes and purposes.

It is a huge plus if you have some ideas to share about makeup brush design. Getting a makeup brush mockup designed may make your job easy.

So, the first step is identifying your product and defining the target audience.


It includes your brand name, logo design, packaging design, brand values, and others. Be unique and memorable here.


Contact suppliers. See who provides quality products. A makeup brush comes in direct contact with the skin. So, there must be some local regulations about safety standards. You need to know which suppliers possess makeup brush certifications.

Also, you need to study whether white-label makeup brushes will suit your business model or private-label makeup brushes. Finally, place an order.

Setting up an online store

Usually, there are many options available when building a digital storefront.

Amazon and eBay are big online retailer companies. You can register with either of them and start selling your makeup brushes online immediately.

You can also form an eCommerce website using Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce. Going with this option gives you more control over your brand.  


When you run a makeup brush business, marketing is what separates you from the competition.

  • Run paid ads.
  • Do influencer marketing
  • Social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, TikTok)
  • Optimize your website or product listings in the case of Amazon

Customer support and feedback

Customers leave you anytime soon if they don’t get support. Collecting feedback and improving yourselves accordingly help you gain loyal customers. And who doesn’t want a growing customer base that sticks to one’s business?

What do we have to offer you?

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