How to Print Logo on Makeup Brushes – A Detailed Guide by Queen Brush

Ever wondered how those sleek logos get on your makeup brushes? It’s not just about beauty; it’s an art and science. As a professional in the private label makeup brush industry, I’m here to demystify the logo printing process for brands like yours. Intrigued? Let’s dive into the world of logo printing and discover its secrets!

Printing logos on makeup brushes involves several techniques like pad printing, screen printing, laser engraving, and hot stamping. Each method has its unique benefits and limitations, tailored to different design needs and brush materials.

Stick around as I break down these printing methods. You’ll be a pro at choosing the right one for your brand in no time!

Pad Printing


Precise: Excellent for detailed, intricate designs, making it ideal for small logos.

Versatile: Can print on uneven or curved surfaces, which is common in makeup brush handles.

Color Options: Allows for multiple colors, though each color requires a separate pass.


Durability: The ink may wear off over time with frequent use or cleaning.

Size Limitation: Not suitable for large designs due to the limited size of the silicone pads.

Screen Printing


Economical: Cost-effective for large batches.

Large Designs: Suitable for larger, bolder logos.

High Quality: Offers vibrant, opaque colors that stand out on various handle materials.


Limited Detail: Not ideal for very detailed or small designs.

Flat Surfaces: Works best on flat surfaces, so it may not be as effective on highly contoured brush handles.

Durability: Can wear off over time, especially if not properly cured.

Laser Engraving


Durability: Permanent and won’t wear off, making it ideal for high-end brushes.

Precision: Offers high detail for intricate logos.

No Inks: Avoids potential issues with ink safety or allergies.


No Color: Only the natural color of the etched material is shown.

Cost: Generally more expensive than other printing methods.

Material Limitations: Best results are achieved on certain materials like wood and metal.

Hot Stamping


Aesthetic Appeal: Creates a shiny, embossed effect that adds a premium look.

Versatility: Can be used on various materials, including plastics and wood.

Durability: The foil or ink used is generally durable and resistant to wear.


Limited Detail: Not suitable for extremely detailed designs.

Color Limitations: Usually limited to single-color designs.

Equipment: Requires specific stamping equipment and dies, which may increase initial setup costs.

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