How to buy face mask brush wholesale

A face mask brush is a tool that applies a face mask. And face mask is a makeup product that exfoliates, freshens, and rejuvenates the user’s skin.

The beauty experts recommend applying a face mask once a week. A keen user needs a face mask product and face mask brush for the complete procedure.

It is natural for business persons who own or plan to start a makeup business to look out for suppliers to whom they can source face mask brushes.

In this blog, we will discuss different brushes that can serve the purpose of applying the face mask. And we will see what materials are available for face mask brushes. Let’s explore together!

What a face mask is

The face mask is a skincare product that a user applies on her skin and then washes the areas where applied after 10 to 15 minutes. A user can buy the face mask from the market if she wants something immediate.

With the popularity of DIY techniques and awareness among users to use natural products, more users now prefer to make their face masks at home.

Perhaps you could follow expert advice on what face mask suits you. For now, we are concerned with face mask tools that a user requires for her brief cosmetic procedure. The tools are a face mask brush, cosmetic bowl, and spatula.

Face mask brushes

A user is an absolute authority on what method she chooses for her face mask application. However, there are some common tools that help apply the face mask. The two most recommended brushes for the face mask application are synthetic bristles foundation brush and silicon face mask brush. Let’s evaluate the pros and cons of each.  

Synthetic bristles foundation brush

face mask brushes

Please note that a natural hair foundation brush can’t be a face mask brush. It is because face masks are mostly in form of paste. And hair brushes are not compatible with gels, liquids, and creams.

The synthetic bristles foundation brush is a perfect face mask brush. The brush applies the face mask seamlessly. The brush applies a thin layer of face mask. And the thin layer of the face mask is deemed more effective than the thick layer.  

However, the synthetic bristles foundation brush requires great care. The brush is prone to bacteria. And it can be difficult to cleanse, disinfect, and wash for the user.

Let’s talk about materials. The bristles are synthetic. The ferrule is generally aluminum and handles a bamboo stick. The bristles are dense and fluffy. And the brush head can be round or flat.

Silicon face mask brush

silicone face mask brush

Silicon face mask brush is a specific tool for face mask application. Sometimes the users refer to it as a silicon spatula because of its shape.

The bristles are silicon-made. The ferrule is aluminum. The handles are wooden. The silicon face mask brush looks like a spatula.

The silicon face mask brush is a wonderful tool to apply the face mask. Moreover, the brush is easy to cleanse and wash. Also, silicon resists bacteria when compared to synthetic bristles.

The mask layer is however thick with the silicon face mask brush. The user may dislike this feature.

Face mask tools set

Many retailers sell face mask tools in a set. This set generally has two face mask brushes, one cosmetic bowl, one spatula, and three spoons.

A cosmetic bowl is a container in which a user makes a face mask using ingredients. The spatula helps mix and stir up the ingredients. Spoons allow a user to add ingredients in a controlled amount to the bowl.

The bowl, spoons, and spatula are generally plastic-made. However, wooden and bamboo face mask tool sets are exquisite and eco-friendly.    

Things to specify for face mask brush wholesale order

The more you customize your products as per your brand and customers’ preferences, the better it is. When you have studied the market or if you know how the beauty industry works, you are better positioned to place the order.

You need to specify to the suppliers the quantity of face mask brushes you want them to quote a price for. You should also communicate the materials you want for your brushes.

The suppliers will like you to send label designs and packaging designs. If you intend to import face mask tool sets, you need to specify the number and material for each product (mask brush, spatula, bowl) in the set. And then the number of sets.     

Request for quote

Once you are clear about the requirements, it’s time to approach the suppliers. You are advised to send RFQs to multiple suppliers. And when they reply back, do compare the quotes. However, the apple-to-apple comparison is essential. You can ask the suppliers for samples to asses the product quality.  

Other important things of concern here should be the lead times and production capacity of the supplier. A supplier with massive production capacity ensures an uninterrupted supply of products. Remember that suppliers make or break the business.

How we can help

We have been in the makeup brush industry for more than 15 years now. Our buyers come from diverse and different cultural backgrounds. Interacting with our global customers, we not only honed our craftsmanship but also learned the best international trade practices.

You may download the catalog to see the exciting range of our products. You can also send us an inquiry for face mask brushes wholesale. We arrange everything that ranges from manufacturing to supplying the cargo at your doorstep!   

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