How long you can keep makeup brushes

Makeup brushes like death keep no calendar. They usually last for years when they are well taken care of. That is why very few makeup brushes have an expiry date mentioned on the label. If kept in stock there are few chances they would expire. And if cleansed and disinfected properly by the user, makeup brushes are not going anywhere for at least 2 years.  

Now it’s time to set the agenda for this article. First, we will explore why makeup brushes don’t expire inherently. Second, we will discuss seeing what signs a user must replace her makeup brushes. Third, we will detail the whole cleansing and disinfecting process that prolongs the makeup brush life span.  So, fasten your belts!

Why do not makeup brushes have an expiry date?

Manufacturers can never know the exact expiry date of their makeup brushes as there are no chemicals that chemically react and break down after some passage of time. The three main parts of a makeup brush are the bristles knot, handle, and ferrule.

Makeup brush bristles are either plastic (polyester, nylon, or other synthetic fibers are all plastic) or natural (hair that comes from goat, sable, squirrel, pony, or others). Plastic does not decay or compose. Natural hair decomposes but the process is several years long.

The handle can be made of wood or plastic. Both materials show resistance to heat and pressure. Hence, it is very hard for them to get spoiled under normal conditions. The same goes for the ferrule which is often metallic in nature.  

All that we have said till now should not imply that makeup brushes are not prone to tear and wear. It just implies that the manufacturers can’t put a specific expiry date for that matter. Sure, there are some obvious signs that signal the user to replace her makeup brushes. And that signs largely depend on how she has treated her makeup brushes.  

When to replace the makeup brushes?

If you are a keen makeup brush user, not our wholesale buyer, you would want to know when it is the perfect time to replace the makeup brush. There are many signs seeing that you need to replace the makeup brushes.

Bristles shed away more often

You need to replace your makeup brush if its bristles shed away too often. Though we make sure that bristles don’t fall out of makeup brushes, natural hair bristles have a tendency to shed. Replace the makeup brush when its bristles become loose and shed too much!   

The makeup brush has lost its shape

Makeup brushes do lose their shape. It is because you apply makeup aggressively or your makeup brushes have become quite old. The makeup brush bristles when they lose shape don’t apply the makeup evenly and precisely. So, it is time to toss.

The makeup brush bristles are unwashable

If you can wash the makeup brush and clear all the stains, that’s good. But there are some stains that are permanent. Hairs bristles usually happen to be more prone to that strains. Replace your makeup brushes when they are beyond repair.  

The handle of the makeup brush is abraded

Also, the handle of a makeup brush is prone to wear and tear. We recommend you replace your makeup brushes with broken handles and those whose ferrules abrade.

Methods that prolong the life of the makeup brushes

Use makeup bags and organizers

Makeup bags and organizers protect the makeup brushes from reacting with the environment and provide them with safety. Not only does makeup bags serve makeup protection needs but also they meet fashion standards and give much-needed confidence to the user.

Though makeup bags are good they, can’t ensure complete sterilization of makeup brushes. Moreover, when you use makeup brushes they can get contaminated in addition to carrying makeup stains. Therefore, regular cleansing and disinfection of the makeup brushes are necessary.  

Cleansing and disinfection of the makeup brushes

Cleansing and disinfection are important not only from the perspective that it adds to the life of the makeup brushes. It also saves you from acne, infections, and breakouts that contaminated and bacterial makeup brushes can cause to you.

Cleanse your makeup tools after every makeup application. An ideal makeup cleanser works for that matter. It is also important to wash your makeup brushes regularly. We recommend washing your makeup brushes at least once every two weeks.    

Grab all your brushes. Take some lukewarm water and fills a container with it. Then, add baby soap or some shampoo to it. Dabble the water a little before soaking your brushes in it. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes as the water absorbs the stains and disinfectants kill the bacteria.

Then pull out your brushes and soak them in fresh water. The water will absorb stains that may not have been absorbed by lukewarm water. It is like a double-check. Finally, wash them under the tap. You need to comb the bristles gently so that they don’t become tangled or go out of shape right away after you wash them with tap water.

Finally, dry them up. The best practice for drying makeup brushes is turning them upside down and then hanging them overnight. This way they retain their shape after drying. Organize them when they are dried completely.  

Synthetic makeup brushes are more durable

Synthetic makeup brushes are more durable and last longer as compared to hair makeup brushes. Hair bristles have a natural tendency to shed away. Moreover, hair bristles carry more stains. If washed to remove that stains, hair makeup brushes are more likely to lose shape.

Final Words

Makeup brushes last for years. They don’t get spoiled inherently. The way a user treats her makeup brushes matters a lot. By taking effective steps, the life of a makeup brush can be prolonged many times. To conclude, we as a makeup brush manufacturer can’t stamp any expiry dates on makeup brush labels.

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