How Do You Carry Makeup Brushes When Traveling?

Ever wondered how to carry your makeup brushes when traveling without damaging them or causing a mess? Fear not, we’ve got you covered with some practical and efficient solutions.

The best way to carry makeup brushes when traveling is by using a brush roll or a makeup brush holder with individual slots for each brush. It helps protect the bristles and keeps them in shape. Make sure to clean and dry your brushes before packing.

Stick around for more in-depth tips on maintaining the quality of your brushes, even while on the go!

Why Choosing the Right Makeup Brush Holder is Essential

When it comes to traveling with makeup brushes, proper storage isn’t just about organization – it’s crucial for maintaining the quality and lifespan of your brushes too. Here’s why choosing the right makeup brush holder is of utmost importance:

Quality and Lifespan of Brushes:

Makeup brushes can be quite an investment, and you surely want them to last as long as possible. A good makeup brush holder, such as a brush roll, provides individual slots for each brush, thus preventing them from rubbing against each other or getting squashed in transit. This is vital in maintaining the shape and integrity of the bristles, which directly impacts the brush’s performance and longevity.

Hygiene and Cleanliness:

Traveling can expose your brushes to various types of bacteria and dust, which could lead to skin irritation or even breakouts when you use them. Brush holders keep your brushes separate from the rest of your belongings, reducing the chances of contamination. Moreover, a brush holder with a lid or flap provides an extra layer of protection.

Efficiency and Ease:

A holder designed specifically for makeup brushes keeps them neatly organized, allowing for quicker and easier access to the right brush when you’re doing your makeup. There’s nothing more frustrating than rummaging through a makeup bag looking for that one elusive brush!

In addition to investing in a good brush holder, it’s essential to clean your brushes regularly, especially before and after your journey. Cleaning removes makeup residues, oil, and bacteria that can accumulate in the bristles over time. Just remember to dry them thoroughly before packing to prevent bacterial growth.

Alternative Ways to Carry Your Brushes

If you find yourself without a traditional makeup brush holder, don’t panic – there are several ingenious ways to keep your brushes protected and organized during your travels. Here are some alternative methods you might want to consider:

Pencil Case or Sunglasses Case:

A sturdy pencil case or sunglasses case can work wonders for brush storage. It’s a handy makeshift solution that offers protection and keeps your brushes in place. If you choose a pencil case, try to select one with a wide and flat design to accommodate the brush handles comfortably. For extra cushioning and to prevent bristle damage, consider wrapping your brushes individually in clean, soft fabric or tissue before placing them in the case.

DIY Brush Roll:

Feeling a bit crafty? You can create your own brush roll at home using a hand towel or a piece of fabric. Lay out your brushes on the towel and roll it up. Secure the roll with a ribbon or elastic band. This method not only keeps your brushes protected but also allows them to breathe, reducing the chance of bacterial growth.

Straw Holder:

Yes, you read that right. A straw holder can be a brilliant alternative to a makeup brush holder. The individual compartments are perfect for storing brushes, and the holder’s cylindrical design means your brushes stay put without knocking against each other.

Travel-Sized Brushes:

Consider investing in travel-sized or dual-ended brushes. These are designed to be compact and easy to carry around, often coming with their own protective cases. They can be a great space-saving solution if you’re traveling light.

Whatever method you opt for, remember to clean your brushes before and after your journey to ensure they stay hygienic and ready-to-use at all times. Happy traveling, and here’s to flawless makeup wherever you go!

Travel-Sized Brushes: A Practical Option

Opting for travel-sized brushes can be a game-changer for makeup enthusiasts on the go. These miniaturized tools offer practicality without sacrificing the quality of application. Let’s delve deeper into why these compact wonders deserve a spot in your travel bag:

Compact and Convenient:

Travel-sized brushes are designed to be portable. Their shorter handles make them ideal for packing in your makeup bag or even in your purse. Despite their reduced size, these brushes maintain the effectiveness and precision of their full-sized counterparts.

Bundled in Sets:

Travel-sized brushes often come in sets, providing you a range of tools for different makeup application needs. From foundation and blush to eyeshadow and liner, these sets ensure you’re prepared for any makeup situation. Plus, they often come with a handy case for safe and clean storage.

Quality and Performance:

Don’t let their size fool you. Travel-sized brushes are usually manufactured with the same attention to quality as full-sized ones. Many leading makeup brands offer travel versions of their best-selling brushes, so you don’t have to compromise on your makeup application while on the move.


Travel-sized brushes can actually be more hygienic than lugging around your regular makeup brushes. As they usually come with their own case, they are less exposed to the dust and dirt that can accumulate in the bottom of a makeup bag.

Looking After Your Brushes Post-Travel

Ensuring your makeup brushes’ longevity and performance requires a careful post-travel care routine. Unseen bacteria, makeup residue, and oil build-up can cause skin problems if not addressed timely. Let’s take a closer look at how to effectively care for your brushes after traveling:


Your brushes have likely picked up dust, bacteria, and makeup residue during your travels. Make a habit of cleaning them after you return from a trip. Use a gentle makeup brush cleaner, or a mild shampoo will do the trick. Make sure to clean the bristles, but avoid wetting the ferrule (the metal part) as this could loosen the glue holding the bristles in place.


After washing, gently squeeze out the excess water from the brushes and reshape the bristles. Lay them flat on a clean towel to dry naturally. Avoid drying them upright as water can seep into the ferrule, potentially damaging the brush.


Once your brushes are completely dry, store them in a clean, dry place. If you’re not traveling again soon, avoid keeping them in a closed case where they could potentially develop mold. A ventilated makeup brush holder is a great option.

Regular Maintenance:

While it’s important to deep clean your brushes post-travel, regular spot cleaning after each use is also recommended. This not only extends the life of your brushes but also prevents any buildup of bacteria and makeup product that can cause breakouts.

Remember, the condition of your makeup brushes can significantly impact your makeup application and skin health. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help keep them in their best shape for years to come. These practices not only uphold your brushes’ performance but also prevent potential skin issues caused by dirty makeup tools.

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