Foundation brush with a hole in the middle – A unique makeup tool but highly versatile

Every woman who has undergone a makeup procedure must have used a foundation brush because this tool is essential to create the perfect base for an exemplary cosmetic procedure. So, foundation brushes have existed for a long time now. There are different variants of foundation brushes to cater to specific purposes. We devote this article to discussing a unique makeup accessory, a foundation brush with a hole.

  • Why does a foundation brush need a hole?
  • Is it different from the regular foundation brush?
  • What are its advantages and disadvantages?
  • How do you use a foundation brush with a hole?

 You might have such questions in your mind. Read on to see the mystery unravel itself.

Usually, foundation brushes have dense bristles made of synthetic hair. These hairs are packed densely and feel soft and fluffy. Therefore, applying makeup comfortably over extensive facial areas like your cheeks, temple, chin, and nose becomes convenient.

While foundation brushes are the most versatile makeup tools, they have some drawbacks. All foundation brushes are not ideally suited for applying cream or liquid foundations. Some brushes are exclusively used for applying powder alone. The foundation brush with a hole at the center allows you to apply liquid foundation and powder equally efficiently.

The foundation brush with a hole – The structure

foundation brush with a hole in the middle

This makeup tool is unique because it features a narrow hole at the center of its bristles. The hollow space allows you to pour a few drops of foundation liquid into it and apply liquid foundation effectively. You can also add some cream or gel to the reservoir and use the brush in short circular motions, enabling the makeup product to buff into the skin flawlessly.

This makeup foundation brush with a hole has straight synthetic hair packed densely along the ferrule’s circumference, leaving a small reservoir at the center. Usually, makeup brush manufacturers import synthetic hair, but we have our synthetic fiber manufacturing facility in our factory. Hence, we offer indigenous synthetic hair on these foundation brushes with a hole.

This unique makeup tool has a lightweight wooden handle, making it easy to grip and apply polish. The metal ferrule adds to its sturdiness and also makes it attractive to look at. The synthetic bristles are placed at a concave incline that ensures the liquid does not spill out of the brush when applying foundation on your face. In addition, our high-quality synthetic strands do not give off any odor and do not shed, even with continuous usage.

This brush has a variant where it has an angled top instead of a flat top. This makeup accessory is ideal for applying foundation to hard-to-reach areas like the nose bridges, under the eyes, over the upper lip, and below the ears. The angled bristles allow you to draw precise lines and spread the foundation uniformly.

The foundation makeup with a hole – How to use

The ideal way to use this brush is to fill the hollow space with your liquid or cream foundation product. Then, as you press the bristles against your facial areas, the liquid spreads to the strands and allows you to apply the foundation seamlessly.

One of the exciting aspects of this particular makeup accessory is that you can use it without filling the reservoir with liquid or cream. Under such circumstances, you can use synthetic fibers to pick up as much makeup powder product as you need and buff it into your face. So, it is a multi-functional tool that can help you get a smooth and buffed-out finish. In addition, the unique placement of the hole ensures a no-mess flawless foundation application across your face, resulting in perfect makeup.

The highlighting feature is that this unique makeup assistant can apply cream and powder foundation simultaneously if required. So, you blend liquid, cream, gel, and powder products beautifully on your face to enhance your overall attraction quotient.

Since the bristles are densely packed, they do not shred with rough usage. The fluffiness ensures a smooth makeup application.

We suggest using this special brush in slow circular motions and gradually letting your skin absorb the liquid and powder applications. You can increase the application speed after the product spreads over your face. As a result, it ensures perfect blending as if you use a beauty blender sponge application.

The foundation brush with a hole – The advantages

Users should know the advantages to get the best out of this multipurpose foundation makeup brush.

  • The most significant advantage of this unique makeup accessory is that it delivers an exemplary makeup application. Besides, it is as flexible and versatile as using your hands to apply makeup.
  • The fluffy synthetic hairs absorb makeup beautifully. So, this brush saves money by consuming minimum makeup products.
  • The brush hole dimensions are perfect for holding small quantities of liquid foundation that should prove sufficient for a single makeup application.
  • You can apply all kinds of foundations using this brush.
  • The soft bristles suit all skin types, including those with the most sensitive and allergy-prone skin.
  • This makeup tool has dense hairs, ideal for applying foundation over extensive facial skin areas and concealing all imperfections like acne and pimples.

The foundation brush with a hole – The disadvantages

Though this makeup tool has a few drawbacks, users can experience problems if they are unaccustomed to this brush. It takes practice to blend the foundation liquid as it flows out of the hole. Hence, we advise users to start with a few drops of foundation liquid until they get used to the brush’s functioning. Subsequently, they can increase the quantity accordingly.

How to order this foundation brush with a hole?

You can order your foundation brushes with a hole in bulk from us. We manufacture these multi-functional makeup tools in the most hygienic surroundings using high-quality, sterilized synthetic hair. Thus, we ensure top-class quality in each of our products. In addition, facilities like personalizing your consignment make it an attractive deal at the most reasonable prices. Send us an inquiry now for your personalized makeup brushes.

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