Factors that contribute to makeup brush quotes

Buyers are very particular when it comes to ordering makeup brushes from suppliers. While brush quality cannot be compromised, pricing is another aspect buyers look for before ordering their requirements. But do you know that the makeup brush pricing depends on multiple factors? It includes manufacturing costs, raw material costs, logistics, and many more. This article discussed the different factors that affect makeup brush quotes.

The general psychology of buyers

Makeup brush manufacturers should know the general psychology of buyers and understand what goes into their minds when ordering makeup brushes. Undoubtedly, the brush quality is crucial. However, other factors also weigh in heavily. The following aspects can help understand buyer psychology and enable sellers to act accordingly.

· Choosing the price

Buyers usually do not stick to one makeup brush supplier when ordering their requirements. Instead, they obtain quotes from at least ten suppliers because it gives them sufficient leeway to finalize the best option that benefits them. Usually, they ignore the highest-priced two or three quotes. Similarly, they eliminate the bottom two or three options because they consider low prices as low-quality products.

So, it leaves them with four or five makeup brush quotes in the middle. However, they are not aware of the different aspects that go into the pricing. These factors include the manufacturer’s location, accessibility to raw materials, transportation, and logistic facilities, and the quality of materials used in production.

· Quality of raw materials

Raw materials constitute the maximum part of the makeup brush cost. For example, animal hair bristles are more expensive than synthetic bristles. Plastic ferrules and handles are the least expensive. On the other hand, metal ferrules and wooden handles are comparatively higher priced. These factors affect the makeup brush’s pricing.

Similarly, different types of makeup brushes are priced differently. For instance, foundation brushes costs differ from that of eyeshadow brushes. Secondly, personalization options like logo printing, specialized designing, packaging, and other factors define the makeup brush’s pricing. Therefore, these factors also play a crucial role in the makeup brush quotes.

· Factory location and accessibility to raw materials

Generally, Chinese makeup brushes are good in quality and reasonable with their pricing. However, the pricing depends greatly on the manufacturing unit’s location and accessibility to raw materials. Usually, the Yangtze River and Pearl River delta regions are ideally suited for manufacturing makeup brushes. Therefore, most makeup brush manufacturing industries are in Guangdong, Shenzhen, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu.

Compared to Zhejiang and Jiangsu, labor costs are higher in Guangdong and Shenzhen. Also, the designs and quality of makeup brushes manufactured in Shenzhen and Guangdong are better than those manufactured in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Therefore, the brushes made in factories located in Guangdong and Shenzhen are more expensive.

Secondly, the factory’s proximity to the shipping ports is critical in the makeup brush’s pricing. For example, Zhejiang Ningbo is close to Ningbo port and Shanghai. Therefore, if you are Japanese buyer that transportation costs from Zhejiang to Ningbo port by boat and Shanghai by air are considerably less than the costs of transporting products from Guangdong and Shenzhen. Because the distance is short.

· Other costs that determine the makeup brush quotes

Makeup brush quotes contain specific terms buyers should understand because these terms affect the quotation pricing. The payment modes also determine the makeup brush quotes.

a. Advance payments

Sellers offer exciting discounts to buyers who make the payment in advance. These discounts can reduce the quotation price considerably.

b. Payment on delivery

At times, the buyers and sellers can agree for payments to be made before receiving the shipment from the buyer’s port. Such payments are known as payments on delivery. Usually, sellers offer smaller concessions to buyers compared to advance payments. These concessions affect the overall makeup brush quotes.

c. Payment after a specific agreed period

Reputed buyers usually do not make advance payments. Instead, they negotiate with the sellers to obtain a grace period for payment. Under such circumstances, they enter into agreements describing the grace period after which the buyer can pay the invoice. These agreements also include conditions that sellers can charge interest on a mutually agreeable rate for the grace period. This interest component affects the makeup brush quote price.

d. Ex-works price (EXW Price)

Ex-works price denotes the pricing of the makeup brush as it exits from the seller’s manufacturing unit. The buyer bears every cost incurred after the brushes’ dispatch from the factory. It includes transportation (local and international), customs duty, insurance, and transportation from the buyer’s port to the final destination. Since the buyer bears these costs, they are not included in the makeup brush quote. Therefore, the makeup brush quote comprises the wholesale price.

e. FOB Price – Free-onboard price

The FOB price includes the wholesale price of the makeup brushes, the local transportation costs, and the transit insurance from the seller’s factory to the dispatch port. The buyer bears every cost incurred after the delivery of the consignment at the seller’s port. It includes customs duty, transportation costs from the seller’s port to the final destination, and insurance. The makeup brush quotes do not contain these costs because the buyer bears them.

f. C and F Price – Cost and Freight Price

The C and F price is more than the FOB price because it includes all costs incurred by the seller in transporting the consignment from the seller’s factory to the destination port. It includes the freight cost. However, it does not include insurance and may or may not include the transportation costs from the buyer’s port to the financial destination. It is indicated on the invoice if it does not include the final transportation cost from the buyer’s port to the final destination.

g. CIF Price – Cost Insurance and Freight Price

The CIF price is higher than the C and F prices because it includes the cost of insurance for the consignment. This price is the highest of all the quoted prices because all costs of transporting the makeup brushes from the seller’s factory to the buyer’s destination are borne by the seller.

Final Thoughts

We have seen how various factors affect the makeup brush quotes. Accordingly, buyers can seek quotes from the sellers by specifying their requirements. To sum it up, the makeup brush structure and quality are crucial pricing aspects. Besides, the makeup brush quotes include specialization and customization costs. Furthermore, discounts and interest also affect the quotes. Similarly, the other aspects that affect the makeup brush quotes include transportation and insurance costs. As a makeup brush factory, we can offer you all kinds of quotations for your needs. So please send us your inquiry right now!

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