All you need to know about eco-friendly makeup brushes

Everything that we consume eventually becomes trash and thus affects the ecosystem. Makeup brushes are no exception.

There have been many awareness campaigns of late about environmental protection and sustainability. And your brand can’t simply afford to overlook the demand for eco-friendly makeup brushes.

In this update, we will discuss the environmental impact of makeup brushes. We will then explore eco-friendly makeup brushes and see how you can import them for your cosmetic brush line.

The environmental impact of makeup brushes

To understand fully the environmental impact of makeup brushes, we must know the materials used in the manufacturing of makeup brushes.

There are three major components in a makeup brush. These components are a makeup brush handle, ferrule, and hair knot. Each component has different material.

With reference to material, each component has multiple options available for private label makeup brushes. Let us study each component separately.

Makeup brush handle

The makeup brush handle is the part by which a user grips a makeup brush. All makeup brushes have handles that are made of wood, bamboo, or plastic.

Wood: Wood is bio-degradable. So the wood tends to decompose naturally when it is buried in a dump or reaches a landfill. But the problem with wood is the cutting of trees and forests for its procurement. And deforestation is a serious environmental concern that is not to be trifled with.  

Bamboo: Bamboo sticks are grown easily. Actually, bamboo is a type of grass. The wood in bamboo sticks is hard but the stems are hollow. Bamboo sticks form eco-friendly makeup brushes. The procurement of bamboo sticks doesn’t cause deforestation and they are decomposable. Anyway, the bamboo stick handles aren’t as sturdy as wooden handles.

Plastic: Plastic is lethal to the environment. It doesn’t decompose and remains in the environment for years. Paradoxically, plastic is inexpensive and its production has been soaring since 1950. The year 2021 recorded a plastic production of 390.7 million metric tonnes which was 4% more than that of the previous year.  

The plastic when dumped releases toxic substances and if it reaches water bodies it disturbs marine life to a great extent and thus affects the entire ecosystem. And if we incinerate the plastic, it releases harmful substances into the air causing air pollution.

The good thing about plastic is that it can be recycled. But only a small percentage of plastic is recycled. 9.2 billion tonnes of plastic were produced in the time period 1950-2017. 7 billion tonnes of it ended up as plastic waste. (Source: UN Report)

The makeup brushes with plastic handles don’t form eco-friendly makeup brushes. Eco-friendly makeup brushes are plastic-free.


The ferrule is the part of a makeup brush that holds the hair knot and makeup brush handle together. The ferrule can be plastic-made or metallic. Metallic ferrules are more recyclable than plastic ferrules. So metallic ferrules from eco-friendly makeup brushes.

Hair knot

Bristles make the hair knot. There are many types of bristles. But the bristles can be broadly divided into synthetic bristles and natural bristles.

Natural bristles: Natural bristles are obtained from the skin/fur of the animals. These animals are usually goats, squirrels, weasels, horses, and badgers. Each animal’s hair has its unique characteristic and thus serves a different purpose.

Natural bristles are perfectly biodegradable. The problem with natural bristles is that they aren’t vegan. The procurement of natural bristles mostly involves the cruelty factor.

However, there are certain ways that aren’t cruel. For example, an animal may shed hair naturally. The hair can be trimmed from the outer fur of goats or other animals.

Natural bristles are eco-friendly as they decompose. But their supply chain could involve cruelty. So a distinction needs to be made between eco-friendly products and vegan products.

Synthetic bristles: Synthetic bristles are plastic fibers. Plastic fibers are generally bad for the environment. But given that they are vegan and good quality fibers can be recycled, synthetic bristles are preferable for eco-friendly makeup brushes. A user must show responsibility to handle this type of plastic waste in an efficient manner.  

Eco-friendly makeup brushes

We so far discussed the environmental impact of makeup brush components. Based on the discussion above, we can conclude that eco-friendly makeup brushes have bamboo sticks, recycled aluminum ferrule, and recycled synthetic fibers.

If you don’t want to use recycled material for your makeup brushes, make sure that the material you use is highly recyclable.

Eco-friendly makeup brushes must also have eco-friendly packaging. There is nothing as bad for the environment as plastic bags are. You can consider cotton fiber or paper bag packages for that matter.

Why eco-friendly makeup brushes are important for your brand

The awareness programs related to environmental protection are driving consumers to shift their consumption habits. Moreover, the brands thrive on stories and values. So if you have vowed to veganism and sustainability, eco-friendly makeup brushes are for you.    

How to import eco-friendly makeup brushes for your cosmetic line

The first and foremost task to import eco-friendly makeup brushes from China is to find the right suppliers.

If you can’t visit the production facilities in person to place an order, there are several other options for you.

You can search the manufacturers on Web, Alibaba, Global Sources, or social media platforms. Profile vetting is crucial.

Sending RFQs to multiple suppliers is a part of the business. Comparing apples to oranges is not recommended. Discuss shipping methods, lead times, and transit times before you place any order.

How we can help

We are a qualified makeup brush manufacturer with over 15-year industry experience. We deal exclusively with makeup brushes. While we have plenty of makeup brushes to offer, we always welcome creative ideas. So if you need to buy eco-friendly makeup brushes wholesale, please send us an inquiry right now.

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