Top differences between makeup brushes and nail brushes

You must have bought the 32 pieces makeup brush set from us. Would you ever use these brushes to apply nail polish and beautify your nails? Even if you do so, you cannot use them as nail brushes because nail brushes are entirely different from your regular makeup brushes. This article explains the differences between makeup and nail brushes to clarify the matter.

How do nail brushes look?

nail brushes

Nail brushes are also known as paintbrushes because you use them for painting your nails. Paintbrushes need long handles to grip them comfortably and get a complete view of the nail when painting them. On the other hand, makeup brushes do not have long handles because they need not have to.

Nail brushes are split into three components, the bristles, the ferrule, and the handle. Usually, nail brushes have synthetic fibers. However, the best quality and most expensive nail brushes have kolinsky sable hair. Kolinsky sable hair is obtained from the tail of the kolinsky, a weasel species. It is amongst the most expensive animal hair used for making brush bristles because the kolinsky is generally isolated in Siberia and North China. The kolinsky sable hair has a pale brown color with a dark yellowish tinge and has darker tips. It is one of the softest animal hair and is used for preparing oil painting brushes.

The ferrule is usually made of copper and is fixed to a wooden or acrylic handle. Wooden handles are good because they offer flexibility. At the same time, acrylic handles are extremely convenient to wash. Besides, acrylic handles do not get moldy. On the other hand, wooden handles give an excellent grip and allow perfect control to paint your nails beautifully. So, users prefer both acrylic and wooden handles. But, costs wise, acrylic handles are cheaper than wood.

Difference between makeup and nail brushes

While nail and makeup brushes look similar in many respects, they are different because they perform specific activities. For example, nail brushes are extensively used for painting your nails or applying acrylic nail polish. On the other hand, makeup brushes are primarily confined to your face and neck area. Therefore, the structures vary. Users should know the primary differences.  

  • Makeup brushes are available in varying sizes because they cover large areas of your face and neck. On the other hand, nail brushes cover small areas like your nail surface. Hence, nail brushes are usually uni-dimensional and have similar shapes and sizes.
  • Makeup brushes have short and long handles, depending on where you intend to use the brush. For example, the kabuki brush has a short handle, whereas the foundation brushes have medium-sized handles. At the same time, eyelash and eyeshadow brushes have comparatively longer handles. Nail brushes have long handles because they give you a better view of the nail surface you paint on.
  • Quality-wise, a nail brush is better than a makeup brush because it requires greater concentration on smaller areas. Makeup brushes work on larger surface areas of the face. But nail brushes do not have the flexibility. So, they must be of the highest quality.
  • Makeup brushes have more prominent bristles because you need them to apply your makeup product extensively over the face. On the other hand, nail brushes are delicate and have smaller bristles because you expose these brushes to small areas.
  • The regular makeup brush bristles are made of animal hair or synthetic fibers, depending on user preferences. However, nail brushes are usually made of kolinsky hair. First, this hair is soft and smooth. Secondly, it is very delicate.
  • Regular makeup brushes are comparatively less expensive than nail brushes because nail brushes use kolinsky hair for their bristles. However, Kolinsky’s hair is rare and difficult to obtain because the kolinsky weasel usually lives in Siberia and North China where it is freezing cold. Therefore, manufacturing companies incur more costs importing kolinsky hair for nail brushes.
  • Nail brushes are sturdier than regular makeup brushes because they remain in contact with liquids for extensive durations. Therefore, the hydrophilicity of the synthetic bristles in nail brushes is considerably higher than that of makeup brushes.
  • The synthetic fibers used in makeup brushes differ from those used in nail brushes. The nail brush synthetic hair has to stick together because it can damage the nail artwork if it spreads out as quickly as the makeup brush synthetic fibers. Therefore, the synthetic hairs on nail brushes tend to gather together.     
  • Nail brushes are available separately on the market. Therefore, they never form a part of the regular makeup brush kit, even if you purchase the 32-piece makeup brush kit.
  • Nail brushes require more detailing in their manufacturing process. Hence, they take more time to produce and cost more than regular makeup brushes.
  • Makeup brush manufacturers are more than nail brush producers because the job requires more specialization. As a result, it can be a challenge for small companies to procure the required raw material, manufacture these nail brushes, and break even by effecting good sales. Therefore, you never find small manufacturing companies attempting to produce nail brushes.

Can you use the makeup brush as a nail brush?

Generally, you do not use a makeup brush for painting your nails because specific nail brushes are available. Secondly, makeup brushes like foundation or kabuki brushes have more fibers, making them impossible to use as nail brushes. However, the eyeliner brush has tightly packed bristles and long handles, making it as close as possible to a nail brush. Therefore, you can use an eyeliner brush as a nail brush. But a specialized nail brush is always better.

At the same time, you can use the nail art brush as an eyeliner brush if necessary. But the only concern would be that the nail brushes have more extended handles than makeup brushes. Therefore, using these brushes on delicate areas like your eyes might be challenging.

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