A detailed guide on the difference between blending brush and tapered blending brush

Every woman would love to have makeup and look gorgeous. However, a beginner can feel alarmed at the various types of brushes available on display. Of course, you need not use all the brushes for your makeup. But everyone needs to know how to use a blending brush because this tool is crucial to give them a nice and cohesive eyeshadow look. This article discusses different types of blending brushes, their differences, and their utilities.

What is a blending brush?

The blending brush is a small but essential makeup accessory for blending and buffing eyeshadow colors. This brush is also handy for bronzer, highlighter, and eye contour. Generally, the blending brush has tightly-packed synthetic fibers that do not shed. Therefore, it is easy to wash. Cleaning the brushes regularly after use is essential to prevent skin irritation and acne problems. Users should know the blending brush structure to derive the best out of these products.

The Blending Brush – Structure

Makeup brush manufacturers are meticulous when manufacturing blending brushes because these tools are used for delicate purposes like integrating eyeshadow colors and blending different makeup products to create a fabulous look.

Queen Brush is one of the most reputed makeup brush suppliers producing all kinds of makeup accessories. We use high-quality synthetic fibers to create the bristles for these blending brushes. Synthetic bristles mean we do not use animal hair. So, our blending brushes are vegan and cruelty-free.

Our makeup brush manufacturing factory observes the highest hygiene levels and ensures every bristle strand is sterilized to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our sterilization process makes these brushes the best to use for sensitive skin. The soft bristles allow for easy application, even if you have acne or pimples. In addition, they do not harm the skin or injure your face.

We manufacture an exciting range of blending brushes. Let us discuss the different types of blending brushes on the market.

Different types of blending brushes

Depending on the arrangement of the bristles, blending brushes are classified broadly into two primary categories, the rounded blending brush, and the tapered blending brush. Let us discuss these two categories and understand the difference in usage.

types of blending brushes

· Rounded Blending Brush

As the name suggests, rounded blending brushes have round or dome-shaped bristles densely packed together to give them a smooth look. The fluffiness allows you to apply makeup effortlessly and blend eyeshadow colors to perfection. Three sub-categories of the rounded blending brush are available to enhance your eyes every time you use them.

a. Dense and Rounded Eye Blending Brush

These excellent makeup tools are the most commonly used blending brushes because they work with all makeup products, including powder, cream, liquid, and gel. The benefit of using dense and rounded brushes is that they are ideal for quick applications and cream-eyeshadow looks.

b. Large, Dome-shaped Eyeshadow Blending Brush

The dome-shaped eyeshadow brush is handy for delivering a perfect seamlessly-blended look. The dome-shaped bristles ensure no undesirable edges in your eyeshadow makeup because they can effortlessly sweep around the edges to make your eyes look more beautiful.

c. The Fluffy Rounded Blending Brush

The best aspect of the fluffy rounded blending brush is that you can use it without any makeup product. These brushes are perfect for blending eyeshadow colors already applied using different brushes. In addition, you can use this brush with a transition shade to blend your eyeshadows beautifully and ensure no harsh lines.

· The Tapered Blending Brush

The tapered brush differs from the rounded brush in its bristle shape. The advantage of tapered blending brushes is that it allows you to apply concentrated color into the creases and enhance your eyeshadow’s beauty to the next level. While rounded blending brushes are available in three categories, four types of tapered blending brushes help you get the best eyeshadow makeup.

a. The Fluffy Tapered Blending Brush

The fluffy tapered blending brush is similar to the soft rounded brush because it is handy for use with and without makeup products. The tapered ends allow you to draw precise lines and blend the colors beautifully to ensure perfect eyeshadows.

b. The Small Tapered Blending Brush  

Eyeshadow blending is the most delicate of all makeup operations. So, using the right brush is crucial for a perfect cosmetic procedure. The small tapered blending brush is an excellent accessory because it has a small tip to enable absolute precision and deliver a cut-crease look.

c. The Petite Tapered Blending Brush

The petite tapered blending brush is smaller than the small tapered makeup tool. So, it is a perfect accessory for blending the eyeliner on the eyelash line. The small tips ensure precision and allow you to integrate the edges and give your eyelashes a beautiful wing-like shape.

d. The Tapered Duo-fiber Blending Brush

The name suggests that this unique tapered blending brush has double fibers. The white threads at the top are comparatively less dense than the tightly-packed black bristles at the base. This unique feature allows this brush to blend any eye look. Users can handle this brush differently to get the best blending look. For example, applying more pressure allows blending multiple colors, while pressing the brush lightly around the eyebrows helps to fade colors seamlessly.

Primary Use of the Blending Brush

The blending brush is ideal for mixing eyeshadow colors and delivering a seamless look. Blending the colors and makeup products in small circles is necessary to eliminate the harsh lines or edges affecting your overall appearance. However, using a blending brush requires experience. Much depends on the pressure you apply when using these brushes. You can hold the brush close enough to the bristles to generate more pressure when required. On the other hand, holding the makeup accessory lower down on the handle allows you to apply light pressure and enhance mobility.

Wrap it up

Blending brushes can enhance your makeup and make you look more beautiful. They help to spread the product and integrate the colors to ensure a flawless appearance. We have discussed seven different types of blending brushes while explaining the difference between a rounded and tapered brush. Each of the brushes has its importance in ensuring perfect makeup.

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