Why custom makeup brushes cannot be cheap

Makeup brushes are essential cosmetic accessories required for almost every makeup procedure. So, consumers always look for quality in these products. To meet the demand of these consumers, the brand owners look for custom makeup brushes.

The best feature of our OEM makeup brushes is their top-class quality. Besides, we offer the facility of customization where the buyer can order these makeup accessories according to their specifications. However, while our pricing structure is reasonable, buyers find that the custom cosmetic brushes are comparatively more expensive than our regular products. Therefore, this article discusses why our custom makeup brushes cannot be cheap.

No Compromise on Quality

At Queen Brush, we never compromise on quality. Each makeup accessory is carefully crafted from the best materials to ensure a first-class end product. Since we manufacture our regular makeup brushes in bulk, we can be flexible with their pricing. However, it is not so when we offer customization services.

Customization is Personalization

personalization for custom makeup brushes

Buyers can ask, ‘What do they gain by customization?’ Every country has its specific preferences. So, a buyer from the US has to cater to the requirements of its customers, whereas a European buyer might have varying needs. Queen Brush allows the facility of customizing the products according to specific tastes. So, customization is personalization. In simple words, we can say that customization gives our products a personal identity to suit the individual preferences of customers from specific regions.

What do we do when we manufacture custom makeup brushes?

We offer buyers the facility of specifying their requirements before placing the order. For example, buyers might require a specific wood quality for the brush handles. Similarly, they might insist on high-grade metal for the ferrule. They might need animal hair or explicit synthetic materials for the bristles. Customers can specify their logo and design their private-label makeup brush. They might also require specific colors. While we provide the best quality, buyers have their demands. We commit ourselves to satisfy them.

We procure these raw materials specifically for customizing the makeup accessory. The process incurs additional costs that naturally pass over to the buyer. Though the custom makeup brush can be more expensive, we ensure that the buyer is thoroughly satisfied with the product.

Buyers have unique requirements for custom makeup brushes.

We have noticed that buyers have unique requirements. So, a makeup accessory customized for the US market might not necessarily satisfy the demands of the Asian market and vice versa. Therefore, the materials used for a specific order are not used for catering to other orders. There can be trademark violations if we do so.

Besides, we manufacture more custom cosmetic brushes than ordered because they compensate for the individual pieces or batches that do not pass our stringent quality norms. Some pieces can become defective during the manufacturing process. There can be damage to the goods during packaging or transport. The customer might require some sample pieces for exhibitions and trade fairs.

Some customers order extra pieces to distribute as corporate gifts during festive occasions. Therefore, we generally purchase more raw materials than required for a specific order. These additional costs add up to the final pricing of the product. Hence, our custom logo makeup brushes cost more than our regular products.

Customized orders take time to prepare.

Personalized orders entail much communication between the buyers and us. The customers might not be satisfied initially and can suggest changes to suit their preferences. We carry out such modifications to the utmost satisfaction of our customers. This to-and-fro communication consumes more time. Hence, it adds to the production costs.

Personalized orders need more resources.

As a manufacturer, we commit ourselves to cater to our customer’s requirements. So, it entails utilizing more resources from our side towards development, research, procurement, and other activities connected with manufacturing. It might require engaging specific professionals to design the product. Customizing the product has higher risks because of the complexities involved in the design and manufacture. Buyers might need multiple versions of the same product with minor tweaks in the design and materials used in the manufacture. These activities increase production costs, making the end product more expensive.

Add-on features cost more.

Customization is preferable because it enables manufacturers to understand their customer’s preferences better. Therefore, it allows them to offer add-on features that the customer might like. It helps in boosting customer satisfaction and retention. Besides, it enables the buyer to stand apart from their competitors. However, these add-on features require a higher initial investment, increasing production costs.  

Ways to reduce costs for custom makeup brushes wholesale order

We have seen that product customization requires using additional resources and personalization. As a result, it increases the procurement costs for the buyer. Naturally, therefore, the selling price increases. So, let us discuss some tips to help buyers reduce their procurement costs.

Customized orders in bulk reduce production costs for custom makeup brushes.

Generally, we advise our customers to order their personalized makeup brushes in bulk. It helps them in various ways. First, a bulk order requires raw materials procurement in bulk. Second, we save time in preparing the molds, and thus, we use fewer resources. Third, it reduces production costs. Finally, automatically, the benefit passes on to the buyer.

Repeat orders can save money.

As manufacturers, we have done the initial spadework for the customized order. Therefore, similar subsequent orders do not need more time researching, developing, and designing the product. Of course, there can be minor tweaks to the design. But it does not require consuming more resources. Thus, it saves the manufacturer and the customer time, reducing the production costs in the bargain.


Queen Brush takes great pride in offering the facility to customize the products according to the buyer’s specific demands. It helps the customer cater to their local market needs better. However, personalized orders require more preparation time and resources at the manufacturing end. While we ensure high-quality manufacturing at all times, the customer’s requirements might need various improvisations in the makeup brushes to enhance their quality. These factors increase production costs, making custom logo makeup brushes more expensive than our regular makeup accessories and products.   

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