Contour Brush – Add dimension to your face and enhance your makeup

Who doesn’t like a flawless makeup procedure that could make you look like a diva? While you have multiple makeup tools to enhance your overall facial appearance, the contour brush has a special place in your makeup armory. This blog discusses the contour brush, its unique design, its utility, and why it is essential to have this brush in your kit.

A contour brush – Unique in its way

Women new to makeup procedures might not be aware of the contour brush and its utility. But this brush plays a significant role in enhancing your makeup quality and giving you a complete look. It helps shape your facial lines precisely, uplift the cheekbones, and give you a confident-looking appearance. In addition, this brush changes your facial features by highlighting the crucial areas and allowing you to lift your gaze and look at people in their eyes. Thus, your well-sculpted face gains prominence and gives you the confidence to face the world.

What does the contour brush look like?

The contour brush differs from your other makeup brushes because it caters to specific tasks. Generally, the ideal makeup kit contains two contour brushes.

1. The Flat contour brush

As the name suggests, this makeup brush has a flat structure and comprises densely-packed bristles that help effective contouring along the forehead, jawline, cheekbones, and nose. As a result, this brush uplifts your facial structure and gives you a sculpted appearance

2. The angled contour brush

angled contour brush

On the other hand, the angled contour brush doubles up as a blending-cum-contour brush. It has an angled top surface with medium-density bristles that help blend makeup products on your face and effectively contour your face shape. This brush is excellent when used with a highlighter shade, as it can give your face a glowing appearance.

How do you choose the proper contour brush?

Contour brush manufacturers focus on quality and style when designing these exquisite brushes. Contour brush wholesalers and users should look for the qualities that differentiate a high-quality contour brush from the cheap models available everywhere.

  1. The best contour brushes are soft and smooth to the touch. The bristles are packed tightly and do not shed quickly. Besides, these brushes have a comfortable grip. So you must pay attention to the strands and ensure they are firmly packed and feel soft on your fingers.
  2. The right way to check whether the brush strands shed is to hold the bristles with one hand and comb gently downwards. Loose strands can fall off easily. However, a robust contour brush will not shed a single hair.
  3. Users should check whether the fibers are cut neatly. The ideal way to confirm it is to sweep the brush on the back side of your hand by drawing a semicircle shape. It will show whether the brush bristles are naturally flared.

So, the contour brush bristles are the most crucial aspect one must consider when purchasing these makeup tools.

  1. Contour brush manufacturers use animal hair like weasel, mink, or pony for preparing contour brush bristles. These bristles are of exceptional quality and have a superior texture. Professional makeup artists prefer animal hair contour brushes because of their premium finish.
  2. However, synthetic hair contour brushes are also popular. The best contour brush manufacturers use nylon or other artificial fibers. These brushes have stiffer bristles compared to animal hair. But these brushes allow perfect contouring of your face makeup. Besides, they are priced lower than animal hair brushes.

Contour Brush – Plays a significant role in the makeup application

The contour brush is an indispensable component of your makeup kit. These brushes play substantial roles in defining your facial makeup.

  1. The contour brush modifies your facial features and defines them beautifully. The angular contour brush allows for easy makeup product application. The flat contour brush is also excellent for expressing your facial contours.
  2. The contour brush highlights the cheekbones and lifts your facial appearance to give you a confident look. This brush can also define your nose and jaw lines to shape the shadows beautifully. The flat brush heads do a better job than the angled brushes.
  3. The contour brush is similar in size to the blush brush but has a flat head. The well-rounded bristles allow perfect contouring around the cheekbones and make you look mature. In addition, the contour brushes give a three-dimensional effect to your face if you use them downwards from the temples to the cheekbones.
  4. The angled contour brush is flexible to grip and double up like an eyeshadow brush.

Contour Brush – Double up as a highlighting brush.

One of the best features of the contour brush is that it can act as a highlighting brush. The unique shape makes it ideal for giving your face a soft and glowing effect. This brush illuminates the high points of your face and makes them look prominent. You can also use this brush to enhance your cheeks with a blush. Thus, this contour brush is a multipurpose makeup tool.

Queen Brush – Call to Action

Queen Brush manufactures an excellent range of contour brushes to suit your face contouring requirements. We use synthetic fibers to manufacture high-quality bristles. But if the contour brush wholesalers require animal hair, they can order their requirements accordingly. In addition, we ensure the highest quality standards by manufacturing these brushes in the most hygienic conditions.

Our brushes come with wooden, bamboo, or metal handles, depending on user requirements. Wholesalers can choose their color options and share their needs with us. The highlighting feature of our contour brushes is the customization or personalization of our products. Contour brush wholesalers can share their brand logos and taglines with us while ordering these brushes. We emboss your brand logos on the handles to make them look distinctive.

Final Thoughts

Contour brushes significantly shape your facial appearance and give you a well-sculpted look that can add to your confidence levels. So, order your contour brushes from Queen Brush and add dimensions to your face to enhance the overall makeup procedure.   

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