Can makeup brushes get mold? Learn how to fix it.

Would you prefer to have a slice of moldy bread for breakfast? The answer is an emphatic NO. But do you know that your makeup products and accessories, like makeup brushes, are equally vulnerable to getting mold? The chances are high. In that case, are you not risking your health by applying your makeup using brushes contaminated with mold? Yes, you are. So, this article discusses how your makeup brushes can get moldy, and the preventive steps brush manufacturers and users can take to tackle this problem.

A Journal of Applied Microbiology 2019 research report shows that 70% to 90% of cosmetic makeup products and accessories are contaminated with mold, fungi, and bacteria. Let us examine the causes of mold formation before discussing the preventive measures.

Causes of mold formation on makeup brushes

One can attribute mold formation on makeup brushes to various reasons, ranging from substandard products to using makeup accessories past their expiry date.

· Using products past their expiry

Every makeup product and accessory has a specific expiry date. Manufacturers recommend discarding the products subsequently. But if you keep using them past their expiration, they become vulnerable to getting mold.

· Substandard products

Makeup products made using substandard materials can attract mold more quickly than accessories manufactured using quality ingredients. Some manufacturers might try to cut corners or use the wrong product formulation during manufacturing. These products can attract mold and bacteria quickly.

· Improper storage methods

Makeup products and accessories last longer if users store them properly. For example, exposing makeup foundations or liquids to air and moisture for extended periods attracts mold formation. Similarly, unclean makeup brushes are vulnerable to mold and bacterial contamination.

We have seen the causes of mold formation on makeup brushes and other products. But how do we identify whether mold is growing on our beauty products?

How to identify mold formation

We can easily see mold formation on our bread and other foods because of the greenish tinge. However, identifying mold formation on makeup products is more complex. At times, the mold color blends with the product’s and remains invisible. Mold can also form on the container sides and lids. They might also occur deep inside the products or hidden between brush bristles.

So, the easiest way to identify mold formation on cosmetic products and accessories is by using our olfactory senses (sense of smell). Mold releases an earthy smell to indicate something is wrong with the product.

The impact of mold on our skin

Using makeup products and brushes contaminated with mold can cause allergic skin reactions, rashes, itching, acne breakouts, and severe irritation. These reactions can trigger asthma symptoms if you are asthmatic. In addition, mold and bacteria can get into your eyes and infect them. You could inhale the contaminated products leading to respiratory problems and other health complications.

How to fix the problem

Both manufacturers and users can take remedial measures to fix mold formation. However, while makeup brushes and product manufacturers can ensure quality, users are responsible for their maintenance.

· Manufacturer’s Responsibilities

  1. Makeup brush producers can ensure the manufacturing of their products using high-quality ingredients that do not easily attract readily.
  2. Usually, all manufacturers follow hygienic practices to ensure their products are mold-free before dispatching them to buyers.
  3. They should follow strict quality control requirements at every stage, from raw material procurement to the actual dispatch.
  4. Every product and accessory should necessarily include the expiry date. It is better if manufacturers include the precautionary measures that users must take to preserve their makeup accessories and prevent contamination.

The procedures we follow to make sure only the sterilized brushes are dispatched

We at Queen Brush do not stock up on the raw materials unless we get a confirmed order for makeup brushes. It ensures that we use fresh materials for carrying out our orders. Stocking up inventory is one of the primary reasons for their contamination. We store our raw materials in a dry environment that discourages mold formation. In addition, we sterilize our equipment at every production stage to prevent bacterial contamination.

The quality control regulations at our makeup brush factory are stringent, and we never compromise on this aspect. Even after manufacturing the brushes, we pack them hygienically and have desiccants in each packet to repel moisture contamination. In addition, every makeup accessory package/batch has the expiry date mentioned clearly on the product cartons.

We have understood the manufacturer’s responsibilities regarding the maintenance of proper hygiene. However, let us see things from a user’s viewpoint and understand how they can contribute towards appropriate hygiene.

· User’s Responsibilities

  1. Store in a dry place: Continuous exposure to moisture is primarily responsible for mold formation on makeup accessories and products. We recommend that you store your cosmetic products in a cool and dry place. However, many people keep them in bathrooms, one of the most vulnerable places, because of the humidity levels. They are the ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and mold. We include this precaution in all our product packages and manuals.
  2. Be aware of the expiry date: While makeup products include preservatives to prevent mold formation, they do not offer this protection forever. Therefore, manufacturers include the product’s expiry date on the package. Using these products and accessories is not advisable after their use-by date. We recommend that users can set up reminders on their smartphones that can prompt them when the replacement is due.
  3. Purchase trusted brands: Hundreds of makeup and accessory brands are available. First, users should go for trusted manufacturers who follow hygienic manufacturing and storage practices. Secondly, they should avoid DIY products that usually do not follow proper hygiene and quality norms.
  4. Clean and dry the products after use: Makeup brushes can get dirty after every cosmetic procedure. The powder and liquids can stick to the bristles and provide a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. So, we recommend cleaning the brushes after use. Drying the bristles is essential because the moisture trapped in the bristles can also encourage mold formation.

While storing makeup products and accessories in dry places is critical, we suggest inspecting the accessories before using them. It can help to detect hidden growth inside the products that can affect the skin.

Wrap it up

So, can your makeup brushes attract mold? The answer is YES. However, we can take appropriate measures to prevent mold contamination. Makeup brush manufacturers should introduce and follow strict quality norms to keep away moisture and avoid contaminating their products. Users should be more careful and follow strict hygienic practices and maintain their products and accessories in clean and dry conditions.        

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