Makeup brush retractable – Nothing can beat its versatility

A makeup brush kit is an indispensable accessory in every woman’s travel bag. Rarely do you find women venturing on trips without their makeup paraphernalia. But it can also be challenging to carry all your brushes while moving. Moreover, cleaning and maintaining these makeup accessories can get unnerving. Besides, you risk damaging the bristles because they remain exposed. Under such circumstances, a retractable makeup brush proves handy. So, what is a retractable makeup brush, and how is it beneficial? This article dwells on these aspects.

Retractable Makeup Brush – The Structure

makeup brush retractable

As the name suggests, the retractable brush has an arrangement that allows the bristles to retract into the stem tube whenever you do not use the accessory. The stem containing the strands is enclosed in a tube that can draw the hairs inside when rotated in the anticlockwise direction. So, the brushes do not remain exposed to the environment and collect dust or other impurities. This arrangement helps maintain the hygiene factor.

This unique makeup accessory differs from other makeup brushes because of its retractable action. The brush has an aluminum or metal handle enclosed in a metal tube. Users can rotate the tube and the handle simultaneously in opposite directions.

Alternatively, some manufacturers provide an arrangement that allows pulling the inner tube to cover the bristles whenever you do not need to use them. Either way, it protects the strands from being exposed and getting damaged. Thus, it becomes super convenient to carry the brush wherever you want.

According to the user’s preferences, the bristles are made of goat hair or synthetic fibers. Usually, the bristles are packed tightly to give the brush a fluffy appearance. A good-quality brush does not shed hair or poke at your skin when using them.

This makeup accessory has no other parts like metal ferrules or wooden handles because they affect its retractability.

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Makeup Brush Retractable – Is it a good buy?

A retractable makeup brush has its utilities, pros, and cons. So, one should consider all these aspects before deciding whether it is a good investment. So, let us begin by discussing its utility aspects.

· Retractable Makeup Brush uses

  1. The retractable makeup brush is a versatile makeup accessory because you can use it with all makeup products, like powder, creams, gels, liquids, blush, etc.
  2. It is a flexible arrangement where the user need not use the entire brush for makeup application. For example, powder applications require users to use more bristles. On the other hand, they can use a small portion of the strands for applying liquids and creams on the face. Blushing requires you to pull out the entire brush from its retractable tube.
  3. This makeup accessory is excellent for picking up pigments and blending them uniformly across your skin.
  4. Since the handle is small, it is most convenient for blending and blushing. However, you cannot use the regular brush for delicate jobs like defining eyelashes or applying eyeshadow. Instead, you need a specific retractable eyeline brush or eyeshadow brush for sketching your eyelashes.

· Retractable Makeup Brush Advantages

  1. The retractable makeup brush has multipurpose utilities because you can use it with various products in different ways.
  2. The most significant benefit is its retractability. This function protects the bristles from damage. As a result, you can affix the cover and carry it in your handbag without worrying about the makeup residue sticking to other items.
  3. You need not use the entire bristles at a time because the retractability feature allows you to expose the required amount of hairs based on your requirements.
  4. The soft bristles make it an excellent product for applying blush across your cheeks without harming your skin.
  5. This makeup accessory is ideal for use when traveling. The brush becomes a compact item when retracted and closed. So it is convenient for packing.
  6. The handle length is perfect for a touchup procedure.

· Retractable Makeup Brush Disadvantages

  1. The retractable brush structure can be bulky because the arrangement requires the brush to retract into the tube. Therefore, a slimmer design would have been beneficial.
  2. Compared to other makeup brushes, the retractable brush is expensive.
  3. Though the retractable makeup brush is a versatile accessory, it is less popular than regular brushes.
  4. Usually, the retraction mechanism does not fail. But if it does, the brush can become unusable.
  5. Removing dirt from the retractable tube is challenging, especially if it gets lodged in the gap between the brush stem and the tube.
  6. The regular retractable makeup brush is not ideal for delicate jobs. However, it is excellent for blending and applying foundation and blush. Retractable eyeline and lip brushes are available to cater to these specific jobs.

Is a retractable brush a good option?

Let us look at this question from the manufacturer’s and user’s viewpoint.

· Manufacturer’s viewpoint

Retractable brushes take more time to manufacture because it requires greater detailing. We advise our buyers to spell out their requirements clearly because the raw materials necessary to manufacture retractable makeup brushes differ from our regular products. These brushes need metal handles and tubes with threads to allow the bristles to retract. We produce an extensive range of retractable makeup brushes for our clients. In addition, we offer personalization facilities where buyers can print their logos on the products. So, it is a good buy from the manufacturer’s viewpoint.

· User’s viewpoint

The retractable makeup brush is the most versatile of all makeup accessories. You can use it for multiple purposes and with different products equally well. In addition, the retractability option lets users cover their brushes and pack them into travel kits. Portability is the most significant benefit for users, who can use it anytime to touch up their makeup. Despite these products being more expensive than regular makeup accessories, it is a good buy. So, you can bid goodbye to traditional makeup brushes and have these retraction options in your repertoire.

Wrap it up

A retractable makeup brush is an excellent makeup accessory because of its versatility. In addition, it is one of the most convenient brushes because users can customize it to suit their preferences. So, this makeup accessory ranks among the best makeup tools users can have in their makeup kits.      

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