7 best makeup brush cleaners to keep your brushes in top condition

Cosmetic makeup can enhance your overall appearance by several notches. So, every makeup kit should contain the appropriate makeup accessories, like different kinds of makeup brushes for different makeup procedures. While applying makeup is necessary, cleaning and maintaining the makeup accessories is critical. So, this article discusses the essential aspects of cleaning makeup brushes and the best makeup brush cleaners.   

The need for a makeup brush cleaner

Makeup brushes come in frequent contact with various cosmetic products, like powder, gel, cream, lotions, pressed powder, concealer, and many more. These products stick to the bristles and solidify if not cleaned regularly. First, these products can damage makeup brushes if not cleaned properly in time. Second, unclean brushes are unhygienic to use because of bacterial buildup. It can lead to clogged skin pores and acne. Therefore, every makeup maintenance kit should have a makeup brush cleaner to maintain and preserve this essential makeup accessory.

Different types of makeup brush cleaners

Multiple makeup brush cleaners are available on the market. Here are some exciting remedies for cleaning your makeup accessories.

1. Oil-based makeup brush cleaning shampoos

The accumulation of makeup powder and other products on the brush bristles can cause harmful bacterial buildup. Research has shown that nearly 90% of makeup accessories get affected by fungus and E-coli bacteria if not cleaned properly. Oil-based makeup brush cleaning shampoos contain natural ingredients like virgin coconut oil, a proven antimicrobial agent. This shampoo can penetrate the bristles and eliminate the most challenging makeup pigments sticking to them.

The oil-based makeup brush cleaning solution is ideal for conditioning brush hairs because they are made from cruelty-free ingredients. Besides removing makeup residue quickly, the liquid cleanser smells nice. This product is excellent for sensitive skin. It leaves the brush cleaner, softer, and shinier. However, the only drawback is that drying takes a long time.

2. Makeup brush cleaning solutions

Natural oil-based cleaning shampoos are excellent for makeup brushes but do not dry quickly. So, makeup artists do not prefer them if they have to reuse the brush immediately. The makeup brush cleaning solution is a better alternative because it does not take more than five to ten seconds for the makeup accessory to become dry after cleaning it.

These brush cleaners have a gentle formula that can kill 99.9% of germs instantly. Though the solution could be blue, they do not stain the bristles. In contrast, they remove stubborn waterproof makeup to clean the hairs thoroughly. So, you can dip the brush into the solution for about five seconds and remove it, allowing the liquid to drip down and dry almost immediately. Finally, this cleaning liquid leaves behind a sweet smell.

The advantages are that it is ideal for removing all makeup product residue, and it dries quickly. However, we do not recommend this solution for daily use. At times, it does not work well with cream-based makeup.

3. Makeup brush cleaning spray

Dipping the makeup brush in the cleaning solution can be messy, with the liquid spilling out of the bowl. A better option would be spraying the solution on the bristles. All you do is spray this brush-cleaning solution on the hairs and wait a while before rubbing off the excess solution on a dry towel or a paper napkin. The brush becomes clean and dry within a couple of minutes.

Though the spray does not dry as quickly as the cleaning solution, it is ideal because this procedure does not waste much of the cleaning product, especially as the spray is more expensive. Secondly, the brush-cleaning spray is perfect for traveling. You can cover the plastic bottle and take it in your handbag without fearing the liquid leaking.

The advantage of the brush cleaning spray is that it contains fruit and botanical extracts. In addition, the solution is TSA compliant and ideal for use on the move. However, the only drawback is its pricing. This product is comparatively more expensive than the cleaning solution or oil-based makeup brush cleaners.

4. Solid Makeup brush cleaner

While the makeup brush cleaning spray is TSA-compliant and ideal as a travel kit, there can still be fears of the liquid leaking out of improperly closed bottles. So, the solid makeup brush cleaner is perfect for use because there is no danger of spillage. The solid makeup brush cleaner comprises a soap bar with anti-bacterial properties to disinfect your brushes as it cleans them. Besides, the soap bar has conditioning properties to help keep your makeup accessories soft and supple.

Using the solid makeup brush cleaner is easy. First, moisten the brush and apply the soap. Next, lather it well and rinse your brush under tap water. The kit features a texture silicone pad that helps clean the gaps as you swirl the bristles on them.

This cleaning accessory is travel-friendly and helps remove stubborn residue. It includes rich ingredients to help the brush retain its sheen and luster. It is gentle to use. However, one should allow the soap to dry before stocking it away.

5. Brush cleaning gel

If you find the solid makeup brush cleaner messy to use, you can try the brush cleaning gel. The alcohol-free cleaning gel can remove the most stubborn makeup residue easily. It works best with makeup creams, lotions, liquid foundation, and even if the bristles are covered with powder.

This product is dermatologically tested and has a fresh soapy fragrance. However, the drawback is that this product is ideal for weekly cleaning.

6. Makeup brush cleaner machine

We have discussed different types of makeup brush cleaners that require manual cleaning. Let us discuss a mechanical process using a makeup brush cleaner machine. The machine consists of a plastic bowl to where you add soap and water. Dunk the makeup brushes into the bowl through the rubber holder with differently-sized holes to accommodate all kinds of makeup brushes. Spin the machine to clean the brushes. These machines double up as makeup brush dryers. It does not take more than 30 seconds to dry your cleaned brushes. The device works on two AAA batteries.

7. Makeup brush cleaning mat

best makeup brush cleaners mat

The makeup brush cleaning mat is an excellent makeup brush cleaning accessory. The silicone mat has suction cups that can help remove makeup residue from different makeup brushes. The suction cup absorbs all makeup products, including lotions, powders, and creams. Besides, the silicone mats are convenient to clean. Using the mats is comfortable. Pour some cleaning solution on the mats and gently rub the brush on them. The residue sticks to the mat. Then, you can rinse the brush and allow it to dry.

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We have discussed seven incredible solutions for cleaning your makeup brushes. We advise buyers to stock up on these accessories along with their makeup products.

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