Badger hair types for shaving brushes

Badger hair is the most commonly used bristle on shaving brushes, and these badger hairs come in different qualities. This article analyses the four essential attributes of badger hair so you can decide which quality suits you best.

But what is the reason for different hair quality if these come from the same animal?

The answer to this question is part of the body from which it has been taken. Understanding the different kinds of badger hair is necessary for choosing the best quality badger hair for you.

Different manufacturers have different quality standards for measuring the quality of the badger hairs, and this quality may be dependent on the softness, water-holding capacity, or tips of the badger hairs.

Here, different qualities and standards of badger hair are explained concerning the origin, color, and quality.

Super Badger

super badger shaving brush


The super badger hairs are taken from the back of the badgers and are relatively softer than the other badger hairs. They have whitish tips and are not trimmed to maintain their peaceful nature at the top.


The color combination of super badger hairs is somewhat different and unique from the other badger hair colors.

The tips of the super badger hairs are whitish or silvery, while the mid-section is darker in color, and the lower ends are also white but relatively less than the tips.


The super badger’s silvery tips are so soft that it prevents any scratch on the skin and feels so comfortable on the skin. The tips are concise and completely natural, and no hair is trimmed. However, some manufacturers also treat it with colors to further enhance the colors of the tips.

Due to the delicate nature of its hairs and soft tips, it requires relatively more care than the other badger hairs. It needs to be appropriately dried and taken proper care of. 

As super badger hairs are relatively good quality badger hairs so are significantly more expensive than the other badger hairs.

Pure Badger

pure badger shaving brush

Pure badgers are the most commonly used badger hairs in shaving brushes and are the least expensive due to their wide availability.


Pure badgers are most readily available because the hairs are taken from all over the badger’s body.

The hairs in pure badger shaving brushes are taken from all over the body, including the badger’s abdomen, neck, and buttocks.


The color of the pure badger is available in a wide range of colors, but it typically ranges from dark tan to blackish silver.

This color variation is due to the relative abundance of different colors of badger hairs being put in the knot.


The quality of the badger hairs also varies depending on the type of hair in the knot. This variation is also due to the relative abundance of hairs from different body areas.

Pure badger hairs greatly vary in softness, coarseness, and the backbone of the shaving brushes. If you want to improve the quality of the pure badger, the price of the knot will also be increased.

Silvertip Badger

silvertip badger shaving brush

Silvertip badger hairs are considered the finest quality due to their soft tips and higher water retention nature, as they are fluffy in nature.


The silvertip badger hairs are popular due to their high quality, and this quality is because of their origin from where these hairs are taken from the body of the badger.

These hairs are taken from the neck of the badger due to the less availability of hairs at this point on the body. This also makes these shaving brushes a bit rare and a little more expensive because these kinds of hair are very good at producing high-quality leather.


As the name indicates, the natural tips of these brushes are silver in color and have a soft touch for a soothing effect on the face.

The color variation of these hairs is also in a wide range that falls between white to dark textures. The luxurious tips of these badger hairs are very soft and humble, which protects the hairs from breaking while used to produce lather on the face.


As already explained, silvertip badger hairs are considered the finest and best quality hairs due to the naturally soft tips, which help in the retention of more water and give a better shaving experience by providing more moisture to the lather.

Due to the excellent quality of these badger hairs, these are not so widely available, and less availability and high-quality leads to expensive products; ultimately, these badger hairs become costly in the market.

Mixed Badger

mixed badger shaving brush


As is evident from the name of the hairs, these badger hairs are mixed hairs taken from all over the body of the badger.

After preparing the pure, silver tip and super badger hairs, the left ones are added to this category. That is why these badger hairs are inexpensive and can be found easily.


The color combination of mixed badger hairs is similar to pure badger hairs but could vary due to the presence of different quality hairs.


The mixed badger is very popular due to their low costs of it. This badger hair can also show good results as it contains good quality hair. This is the reason for their popularity, as they offer better results and are inexpensive.

Synthetic hairs

Synthetic hairs are not the natural badger hairs but are also widespread in the market because no animal is harmed during its manufacturing. These hairs are getting better in quality day by day because several pieces of research are being done in the field.


The idea for its origin is present in the name as it is not natural because these hairs are prepared commercially. These hairs are also the most commonly used in every kind of brush.

These hairs are also inexpensive as the origin is not natural and could be prepared in any quantity per the brushes’ requirement.


Due to the synthetic nature of these brushes, they are available in every color. Still, due to the popularity of badger hairs, these are also manufactured in the same colors as badger hairs.


The quality of synthetic hairs varies from most minor to the maximum. The quality of these hairs is improving continuously with research that is taking place in this field. 

But synthetic hairs are improved so much that even the finest synthetic hairs are available at the quality of the best badger hair quality.

What are You Waiting For?

Different manufacturers have different standards for measuring the badger hair quality and assign other names to the same badger hairs.

So, the best way is to check the quality of the badger hair while buying them in the shop. Check for the tip softness, size of the knot, and backbone of the knot, and buy after thoroughly verifying the quality of the brushes.

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