Are silicone makeup brushes better than traditional makeup brushes?

silicon makeup brushes

Excellent makeup can enhance your overall appearance considerably. However, much depends on the makeup tools you use for applying your products. While some people prefer animal hair brushes, a specific category would love to use synthetic bristles, like nylon. Other new products have forayed into the cosmetic world. They include sponges and silicone brushes.

So the debate between synthetic fibers and silicone makeup brushes remains as to which of the two is a better option. This article compares the various makeup brushes and helps users decide whether a bristle facial brush is better than silicone makeup accessories.

Synthetic bristle facial brush Vs. Silicone makeup brush

Synthetic brushes have their plus points, whereas silicone accessories have their benefits. So, let us see how they square up with each other in providing the best makeup results for the user. This comparison should help wholesale makeup brush dealers know the latest trends among people and order their requirements accordingly.

1. Compared to synthetic silicone brushes feel gentle on the skin.

The prime difference between silicone brushes and synthetic bristles is how they feel on your skin. Initially, bristle brushes can be stiff because of their firmness, primarily if you use them for the first time. But with usage, these tools become softer and are highly convenient for cleansing your skin and applying seamless makeup. The secret is in getting used to synthetic bristles and using them correctly.

On the other hand, silicone brushes do not have any bristles. Instead, these brushes have minute nubs made of silicone. Anyone can tell that silicone feels gentler on the skin than any other material. So, a silicone brush is better suited to provide a smooth and soft makeup experience.

2. Synthetic bristles are the best for a deep exfoliation procedure.

Exfoliation involves removing dead skin cells and other debris that clog your facial pores. This dirt settles on the face, especially the T-zone area, and can cause skin problems like acne or pimples. So synthetic brushes are best equipped to deal with the exfoliation procedure because of their firmer bristles.

The sturdy bristles are perfect for scraping the skin of all the debris, including bacteria and germs. A silicone brush can also help remove oily deposits and dirt from the face, but synthetic brushes are better equipped.

3. Silicone resists bacterial buildup better than synthetic bristles.

While bristles are excellent for scraping dead cells and bacteria from the skin, they are more prone to sustain germs and bacteria than silicone brushes. Therefore, washing the bristles with anti-bacterial soap becomes paramount.

Secondly, frequent washing of synthetic brushes makes them vulnerable and prone to damage. They start losing their shape and becoming clumpy. As a result, they allow more bacteria to stick to them. So, replacing the synthetic brushes every three months becomes essential.

On the contrary, silicone brushes do not accumulate bacteria and germs. Washing these tools is easy, and there is no danger of the silicone nubs clumping together and losing shape. Besides, replacing silicone brushes should be easy because they are more inexpensive than synthetic brushes.

Which is the better option?

Choosing a makeup brush is entirely the user’s preference. So if you are comfortable using synthetic bristles, we advise you to stick to them. But if you like variety and love experimenting with cosmetic procedures, you can try silicone brushes. Though silicone brushes are not as versatile as synthetic, they have a dedicated market. In addition, silicone brushes are priced cheaper than synthetic bristles and require less maintenance. So both silicone brushes and synthetic brushes are good options.

Let us now see some of the advantages of silicone brushes and synthetic bristles that should help you make the right choice.

Some advantages silicone has over synthetic.

  • Silicone makeup brushes are non-porous and hence, resist bacterial buildup. In addition, research has shown that silicone is 35 times more hygienic than nylon bristles.
  • Silicone is super-soft and hence is gentle on your skin.
  • Silicone products last longer than synthetic bristles and require less maintenance.
  • Compared to synthetic bristles, silicone is waterproof.
  • Silicone brushes are cheap and light.

Advantages of synthetic bristles over silicone

  • Synthetic brushes are perfect for deep cleansing the facial areas because their firm bristles can brush off dirt and germs comfortably from the skin.
  • Today, manufacturers use the latest technology to make synthetic bristles as soft as silicone nubs. So, they are perfect for use on gentle and sensitive skin.
  • Synthetic brushes are multi-purpose brushes because they have extensive uses. In comparison, silicone brushes have limited usage. The eyebrow brush, eyeshadow brush, and lip brush with silicone heads are not as versatile as synthetic bristles.
  • Much depends on how you use the synthetic bristles. These brushes are soft on the skin, but mastering the technique is crucial. Otherwise, users can find it challenging.

Manufacturer’s Outlook

Silicone brushes are easy to manufacture and considerably cheaper than synthetic bristles. Besides, silicone brushes do not need high levels of quality maintenance as their synthetic counterparts because silicone does not become moldy. Cleaning silicone brushes is more convenient than synthetic bristles.

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Silicone brushes are comparatively a more modern trend than synthetic bristles. They have benefits like being super-soft, easy to use and maintain, and available at lower prices. On the other hand, synthetic bristles have advantages like being excellent for exfoliation and versatility. This article should have clarified these aspects and made it simpler for you to choose the correct option.

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