All you need to know about squirrel makeup brushes

Squirrel makeup brushes are always valued among makeup enthusiasts. It is because they have a delicate touch and distribute makeup products evenly. No wonder squirrel makeup brushes are luxury makeup brushes and are expensive.

In this update, we will discuss the features of a squirrel makeup brush. We will then discuss the types of squirrel hair bristles that you must know as a buyer.

What are squirrel makeup brushes?

Squirrel makeup brushes have bristles that are obtained from the fur of the squirrels. The squirrel hair bristles are known for their softness and delicacy. The squirrel makeup brushes have a delightful touch that outclasses the touch of other makeup brushes.  

Features of a squirrel makeup brush

  • Squirrel makeup brushes have the softest bristles.
  • Squirrel hair bristles are canonical in shape. This means that bristles tend to taper at the tips. So squirrel makeup brushes have a gentle touch.
  • Squirrel makeup brushes pick the makeup pigment, holo onto it, and distribute it evenly. Thus squirrel makeup brushes give an airbrushed look to the users.
  • Squirrel makeup brushes are considered best for powdered makeup products. They don’t overapply color. Squirrel makeup brushes pick pigment less when compared to goat hair makeup brushes.  

Negative points about squirrel makeup brushes

  • Squirrel makeup brushes aren’t compatible with liquid makeup products. Like all natural hair bristles, squirrel bristles are porous. And they would absorb the liquid makeup.
  • Squirrel hair bristles are prone to germs and bacteria. They are also difficult to wash and disinfect as the product reaches the inner bristles of the makeup brush when they are used.
  • Frequent washing deteriorates the quality of squirrel makeup brushes.

Cosmetic grade squirrels

It is important to note here that all squirrel hair bristles can’t be used for makeup brushes. This means that the squirrels you see normally might not be cosmetic grade.   

Below is a list of some specific squirrels whose bristles are used in the making of makeup brushes.

Gray squirrel

The gray squirrel is a specie native to U.S. and Canada. The gray squirrel has distinctive gray bristles and it has usually long bristles on its tail.

The makeup brushes using gray squirrel bristles are fine and soft. In addition, gray squirrel bristles can be used for all types of makeup brushes.

Please note that the gray squirrel is the same as the eastern gray squirrel. There is no distinction between them.

Blue squirrel

Blue squirrels are a sub-species of gray squirrels. The only difference is that blue squirrel has blue hair bristles. However, gray squirrels are more common.  

Blue squirrels also have bushy tails like gray squirrels.

Kazan Squirrel

Kazan squirrels are mostly found in the forests of Russia and Kazakhstan. Kazan squirrels have reddish-brown fur.

The bristles are long and thus every type of makeup brush can be made using Kazan squirrel bristles. Kazan squirrel bristles are super soft. Kazan squirrel makeup brushes are rare.

Red Squirrel

Red squirrels are mostly found in the U.S. and Canada. The red squirrels have short bristles that are reddish-brown. The red squirrel is sometimes also named the pine squirrel.  

The red squirrel bristles are good for eyeshadow brushes and all those brushes whose bristles are short. Red squirrel bristles are fine and pleasant to touch. Red squirrel bristles makeup brushes are the most expensive.

How the squirrel hair bristles are obtained for makeup brushes

There are many ways in which squirrel hair bristles are obtained.

The squirrel hair bristles can be obtained by gently combing and plucking the bristles from the tail of the squirrel.

Another method of obtaining squirrel hair bristles is euthanizing the squirrels. This process of obtaining squirrel hair bristles involves carefully skinning the squirrel and removing the hair from the hide. The hair is then cleaned, sorted, and cut to the desired length before being used to make the brushes.

It is important to note that using animal hair for makeup brushes is a controversial issue. There are related laws and regulations in many countries that guide the process. But there have been cruelty reports.

How the squirrel hair bristles are processed

The cut-off hair tip becomes itchy. So the brush makers tend to keep the squirrel hair bristles as unprocessed as possible. The quality brush makers know the craft and they never cut the natural bristles.  

As far as the color of squirrel hair bristles is concerned, it is usually kept natural. There are options for dying these bristles too. But that reduces the quality of a makeup brush. It is just like dying a human hair makes it coarse.

So the option is available to make the bristles give a uniform look by dying them. But you need to be mindful of the limitations and quality degradation.

Squirrel hair makeup brushes pricing

Squirrel makeup brushes are luxury makeup brushes. The raw material for squirrel makeup brushes is difficult to acquire. Also, the process requires skillful and experienced brush makers. That makes the squirrel makeup brushes expensive.

It is important to note that the material for the makeup brush handle and ferrule also counts for pricing. Moreover, the price varies for squirrel makeup brushes with different bristles lengths and densities.

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