All you need to know about goat hair makeup brushes

The makeup brush industry has been moving fast toward synthetic makeup brushes. The reasons are simple. Synthetic makeup brushes are inexpensive. The raw materials are immediately available. And they don’t hurt the ecosystem. But still, brands do need goat hair makeup brushes.

We will discuss in this blog post what goat hair makeup brushes are and why some users prefer them. We will also see different grades of goat hair and how they impact the quality and pricing of makeup brushes. Moreover, we will find out how you can get your personalized goat hair makeup brushes wholesale.   

What goat hair makeup brushes are

goat hair makeup brushes wholesale bristles

Goat hair makeup brushes have bristles that are made from the hair of a goat. The goat hair just like natural hair is soft and fluffy.

Some luxury makeup brushes are goat hair makeup brushes. It is because beauticians and professional makeup artists prefer them. The brushes apply makeup in a seamless manner and can be good for precision work.

Goat hair makeup brushes and synthetic makeup brushes

Goat hair makeup brushes have goat hair as their bristles. Goat hair is porous. This means that goat hair absorbs the product. As a result, goat hair applies powder and foundation products seamlessly. The cosmetic procedure with goat hair makeup brushes is non-blotchy and perfectly airbrushed.

Anyway, there are some limitations to using goat hair makeup brushes. Goat hair makeup brushes are not compatible with liquid, cream, and gel makeup products. Goat hair just like other natural hair is prone to bacteria and germs. As goat hair is porous, the makeup product they absorb may not go away even after washing. Moreover, some users can be allergic to goat hair.  

Most modern users use synthetic makeup brushes for their cosmetic procedures. The bristles in the case of synthetic makeup brushes are nylon, wool, or polyester fibers. Though synthetic makeup brushes are not as porous as goat hair makeup brushes, they are just perfect as goat hair makeup brushes.

Synthetic bristles gravitate toward each other. They also form a single mass when collected in a bristles knot. So, they also apply makeup in a perfect fashion. In addition, they can also apply cream, gel, and liquid makeup products. Synthetic makeup brushes can be cleansed and washed easily. Users can easily disinfect synthetic makeup brushes.   

Why goat hair bristles shed away

Goat hair just like human hair is prone to shedding no matter how much you care for them. The processing of goat hair always requires additional steps for us as a manufacturer to make sure the hair got bristles don’t fall out.

We apply the best adhesive glue to make the goat hair remain stuck to the ferrule. We even rotate the goat hair makeup brushes as a quality assurance check until they shed away the broken hair that has made its way to the hair knot. We don’t want our makeup brushes shed away their bristles in the hands of our customers.

But still, goat hair bristles shed away. They are also prone to deformation. This means they can not retain shape for longer time periods. As a result, goat hair makeup brushes prove to be less durable than synthetic makeup brushes.

Goat hair grades that you need to know

There can be different grades of goat hair based on their quality, processing, and source. For example, the hair obtained from the old goat is coarser than the hair obtained from the adult goat.

Moreover, there are differences in the quality of goat hair based on which body part of the goat they are sourced from. For example, hair from the chest of a goat may have high quality than those obtained from the shoulder of a goat.

We as manufacturers generally classify goat hair into four grades: XGF goat hair, ZGF goat hair, HJF goat hair, and BGF goat hair.

XGF goat hair is the most premium and the makeup brushes using XGF grade are the most expensive ones. XGF goat hair is super soft and was traditionally used for calligraphy.

ZGF goat hair is the same in quality as XGF goat hair. The makeup brushes with ZGF goat hair are expensive too.

HJF and BJF goat hair grades are also high-grade. But the makeup brushes with HJF and BJF goat hair bristles are fairly priced. Many brands prefer HJF and BJF for their goat hair makeup brushes.

To give you a pricing idea, we can say that XGF and ZGF can be extremely expensive for your wholesale goat hair makeup brushes. If a makeup brush set that has 12 pieces costs 10 USD using HJF or BJF grade, the makeup brush that has the same amount of pieces can cost about 20 USD with XGF or ZGF grade. It is when there is no difference in materials except goat hair grade.   

What to specify for goat hair makeup brushes wholesale order

Before requesting a quote, you need to be crystal clear with your requirements. Your makeup brush business needs proper homework.

  • You need to define the goat hair grade to the suppliers.
  • You need to define the ferrule material. The ferrule can be aluminum, brass, copper, nickel, or plastic. The material mostly used for the ferrule is aluminum.
  • You need to define the handle material. The material can be wood or plastic.
  • You need to define the dimension, size, and color scheme for your custom makeup brush with quantity. It would be great if you have a makeup brush mockup.
  • And if you are looking for goat hair makeup brush sets, you need to tell the supplier what makeup brushes you want to include in the kit.   
  • The suppliers would also want you to send the brand logo and packaging design. They would also like to know if you need makeup brush packages.

Request for Quote

The supplier will be able to communicate with you properly if your requirements are clear. Please note that the lead time for goat hair makeup brushes can be longer. It is advisable for you to ask the supplier lead time too when sending a request for a quote.

Placing goat hair makeup brushes wholesale order

Before you finally place the order, it is very necessary to vet the supplier’s profile completely. You may endanger your business existence if you enter into a contract with the wrong supplier.

How we can help

We are a Shenzhen-based qualified makeup brush manufacturer with industry experience of more than 15 years. Our B2B buyers come across the globe. With an extensive experience in the industry and dealing with international clients, we have come a long way. And still, there’s a long way to go. You may download our catalog to see the exciting range of products we offer. You can also send us an inquiry for your goat hair makeup brushes wholesale order.     

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